How did you get here? Well, we’re asking that question too.

If you think you understand the word ‘otaku’ (Because we’ll make a safe bet that you don’t understand it) this blog may be a good place to check back on in the near future. Why? Because willingly or not, your blog may well be featured.

Welcome to what can only be described as “an internet version of Battle Royale” only we are 桐山さん and you are all class 3-B. Enjoy.



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2 responses to “How…?

  1. A potential problem with your premise here just occurred to me, and I mean this with no hard feelings, strong judgments, or other un-pleasantries: language is constantly evolving. I myself constantly find this argument turned against me when I correct people’s grammar or diction, telling them that they’re wrong, something can’t be different than something else; as such, I feel the pain of being subjected to the uncertainty of “evolving language.” I personally don’t like the concept that there can never be a definite correct answer for issues of communication, and I often stand and defy the ideas, for instance, that “like” is a harmless particle, or that “whom” has no place in the English language.

    That said, it is very true that grammatical and dictionary conventions are little more than arbitrary rules laid down to aid at the educational stage, not to govern the world of practice and experience. The sad fact is that most people will agree that words shift meaning over time, and that along with social and cultural evolution, so must there be linguistic evolution.

    The word “otaku” can, as far as I can tell, mean anything its employers wish it to mean, so long as that meaning is captured by their audience.

    Again, this is not meant to be a wrench in your plans—I think what you’re doing is great fun and games and all that good stuff—but merely something to chew on.

    Keep it up!

  2. It seems someone made this same point in less colorful terms on your About page.

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