In Development Stage…

Hello, we’re here to give you an exclusive insight into how we’re progressing with this little project of ours.

The about page is up, we strongly recommend that you read it and…well, get a fucking clue. Now would be the best chance to prepare.

Seriously, we found loads. We knew that there were many wannabes, but we hadn’t calculated just how many. You’ll all be featured too; communities, blogs and websites alike. It doesn’t matter, we just have more to work with and more wannabes to set straight.

>For those who keep poor Client/Server Side  software to track your visitors: fuck you too. They suck and we hop and bounce from anywhere and everywhere.

>lol gordonator

All in good time. Your blog will be featured too, just give us time; we’re working on the list. If we wanted to say something nice, it’d be that we’re happy to see not everyone buys into this fake otaku bullshit, we’ve seen a few blogs so far who definitley get the “OK” from us. Question is, will it be yours?

You can expect our list of guilty parties in a few days or so. Maybe less! The excitement is brewing!


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