The List of Competitors

It’s here. Incomplete, but here.

We’ve got a pretty big list so far, but it’s nowhere near complete.  This list is the list of websites that we decided we’d enter into the ‘Otaku’ Elimination Game. Confused? Go here.

The list uses the following syntax:


Not on the list? We won’t be starting until Friday the 6th of November, so we will add more until then. And we’ll keep adding. There were a lot of sites, and some were too awful to even bother with, so don’t cry if you didn’t make it in. Posting a comment with a link to your blog will ensure you a place on the list. But you are basically asking for trouble. Here goes: AKA Yamada Atsushi Choo – APPROVED – ELIMINATED – APPROVED – APPROVED – APPROVED – ELIMINATED – APPROVED – APPROVED – ELIMINATED – APPROVED – APPROVED – ELIMINATED – APPROVED – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED Macdonald – ELIMINATED ELIMINATED – APPROVED – ELIMINATED – APPROVED – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED – APPROVED Actar – ELIMINATED Bush AKA ClearTranquil – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED – APPROVED – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED – APPROVED Fang – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED – APPROVED – ELIMINATED殿 – APPROVED reikon – APPROVED’ – APPROVED – APPROVED – APPROVED – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED – APPROVED – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED Queen – APPROVED soda – APPROVED – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED

http://www.meidocafe.jpmelonpan – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED – APPROVED – APPROVED (Because we can) – APPROVED – APPROVED – APPROVED – APPROVED‘Onii-chan’ VonSchilling Maughan – ELIMINATED – ELIMINATED minor – APPROVED – APPROVED – ELIMINATED

Try not to take the order of which the sites were placed too much to heart. Shit was shuffled and appended, some are directly taken from lists of affiliates, wheras others are not.

If you’re on the list, sit tight, it’s just a matter of time before we publically humiliate (or maybe praise) you and your blog. Once again, all details can be found on the About page. Do it.



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67 responses to “The List of Competitors

  1. I would like to be flamed too! This sounds fun.

  2. I’d like to toss my blog in there too. Just let me get rid off all mention of the word ‘otaku’ on the blog first

  3. CCY

    How curious. I look forward to a massacre.

  4. Ah, why not. Please flame me as well.

  5. Hmm, I seem to be driven by some masochistic curiosity to see myself being verbally abused. Is it too late to ask for my blog’s inclusion?

  6. I am going to enjoy my blog’s being flamed immensely, I feel.

    Also “Panther”, not “deathseeker”, bitches. And there is no “publically”; it is “publicly”.

  7. Kojima has a question for everyone here:

    “Didju rike it?”

    And me too, please. :D

  8. Wait, is it too late to be DESTROYED? I’m feeling masochistic :|

  9. NoDeath

    Are we allowed to nominate others? I don’t run a blog myself seeing as I know how dull and inane most of the shit I’d talk about would probably be. Being a lazy fuck also helps. However, I know a number of blogs that aren’t on your list that I’d be interested in seeing your, perhaps aggressive, thoughts on.

  10. Lets see:

    1. You host this little elimination on a shared blog. (Lame)

    2. No dedicated domain or hosting. (Super Lame)

    3. You act as if you have some semblance of authority on what constitutes a “real” Otaku blog. (LO Fucking L)

    4. You list a bunch of blogs that are already similar and a few that aren’t even blogs. ( Massive FAIL)

    5. Your domain uses the word otaku. (ROFL)

    I’m not into dickwaving contests, so why get so hung up on a trivial point regarding correct usage of the word “otaku”, which is either sad or fucking stupid depending on this last Jager shot I’m downing.

    Later on, fucksticks. I expect my “blog” to be included and eviscerated for no reason, all the while I’m laughing all the way to the bank.

  11. Awesome. F***ing A.

  12. The most fascinating part about this list is that most group blogs are listed with only one owner. That is even more fascinating than the fact that I know perhaps 20% of these blogs although I still do my daily round on Antenna.

  13. Haha, awesome shit. How could I pass on this?

  14. Constructive comments (or flaming) are always welcomed. Does only 5 posts gives you enough content to bash on?

    If so.. where do I sign up? Xp

  15. How are you going to review when it’s dead for months?

  16. lol, should I be relieved our blog wasn’t listed?

  17. O hai.

    I must be so unknown I don’t even pop up on the radar. Or too horrible, like a Lovecraftian horror best left unspoken of. (YES I AM TOTALLY ASKING FOR IT. FAIL ME NOW)

    Also. is owned by 2 people. JP Meyer and Hinano.

    RIUVA is owned by tj_han, and not Tripeman.

    The More You Know. :3

  18. This seems like it’s less than 120 blogs, whereas I’m pretty sure there are over 400 in the ‘sphere at large.

  19. lol I frequent lots of the blog in the list. Good luck guys *thumbs up at Snark in particular* ;)

  20. thtzab

    Why is moe sucks not on this list?

  21. oh god, ANN is going to be a complete massacre!!!
    Should be interesting to see how well off Danny Choo gets as well!!

    And Random Curiosity is run by Omni. Divine is just another writer on the blog. And not a particularly good one at that…

  22. so is that the cool thing to do now? attentionwhore by creating some spinoff the animu blog awards? okay have fun :D too bad only blogs that have been around for a year or less will actually give a damn!

    if you really want someone to get their panties in a bunch you should add to your list!

  23. I am a sheep! I’m following these bloggers, and they led me here…I’m also sort of a masochist and I want to feel the flames!

  24. Yi

    Interesting. I guess I’m under the radar. Can I throw in my blog there as well?

    • Guy

      Under the bus, into the honeypit, where’s ‘there’?

      If you’re throwing your blog, can I pick up the hits? :D

      • Yi

        Haha, I guess I should be more specific in my language.

        Can my blog, Listless Ink, be part of the elimination game as well?

        And Guy, sorry but I would like to keep my hits. ^ ^

  25. Guy

    Considering I’m linked by half a dozen of these blogs, I’m a bit surprised I don’t already appear there.

  26. Hey, I don’t mind being on the list but you could’ve spelled my nick right. Oh well, all according to keikaku. Hurr durr.

  27. Okay, this just stopped being stupid and actually FUN. I have never been more excited about getting my ass in the slow-cooker.


    Also, I didn’t know you could nominate blogs.

    Since we’re sending people to the proverbial nth layer of blogging hell… – DarkMirage – Owen S/saturnine

  28. Ok, so I’m on this fucking list thing, despite the front page post from weeks ago saying I don’t call myself an otaku.

    Still, I’m game. Looks like it’ll be fun.

  29. Always game for a good slagging match. Count me in. :)

  30. It’s quite surprising he hasn’t been found yet:

    Take him in, kthx.

  31. Oh please if you ever do this again add

    Seriously, someone blogging about “turning into an otaku” and acting like they are the original finder of things that are so old school, makes me want cry. And then they have the nerve to start recommending Japanese language sites like they know it all.

    It really is rather painful to see.

    • Turning Otaku

      wow, there’s a difference between recommending sites and thinking that you’re the best… and I’m not an otaku, and otaku is someone who is obsessed with something, I’m not really into anime and dolls as such. And another things everything I say is MY OPINION and not what I believe to be fact.

  32. I have heard of about 15 of the x amount of blogs that you listed, and you missed some of the biggest ones (If you don’t know them, I’m not going to tell you). Fortunately, I don’t have a blog, I have a self proclaimed ISSS, which is better than a crappy blog, simply because Eye Sedso.

    I’m sorry, but this shoddy list means that you are eliminated.

    (at the same time, I find this kind of interesting.)

  33. wah

    I left a comment but it ate it.

    Anyway, flame me. My link is in the URL field.

  34. hahaha I’m looking forward to my blog’s public flogging. Great stuff, guys.

  35. Hit me up. I’m lookin forward to how the Waffle blog will be done in. :O

  36. I almost feel bad about the blog I’m working with missing out on this. Oh well guess we’ll see how these turn out.

  37. hmm, i decided to be on this ride as well, and not just a bystander. include me in, will you?

  38. Include me too lol.

  39. Eh? But mine isn’t much of an “anime” blog. Oh well, it’s up to you if you want to add me to the list, though.

  40. Hint

    Learn about animenano.

  41. has an okatu section. Go for the kill!

  42. Oh dam, long list. Although you guys need to pick up the pace or you’ll never get finished. Frankly, the list of ‘serious’ anime blogs out there is probably growing faster than the speed of your judgment being handed out…

    I haven’t been around long nuff, but I’d like to submit my friend’s blog at

  43. Regnard

    This was written by me for shiny page hits last year lololol. Add it to the list and rouse my masochistic tendencies!

  44. Arpeligo

    Not mine, but after seeing the new frontpage of it, this needs to be nominated.

  45. Eri

    Nice! It’s cool to see many sites I know are on the lists but the most interesting ones aren’t yet judged >_< I wanna know, wanna know!!! And when my own blog gets released in a couple of months I think that I'll be eliminated in the nick of time xDDDD

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