Round One: It Begins! Fakers, Australians and more!

Wow! We got here without being prematurely flamed or whined at. That’ll change soon as we contact the authors of the four blogs featured today to congradulate them on being featured.

We wanted to start with a bang but also wanted to hold some of the good ones until much later in the game. This week is essentially full of no-name jobbers, as we took on jusuchin85’s irritatingly standard ‘Otakuism, Everyday!‘, Steve’s greatly misdirected auTAKU blog, Nekosasu’s dry thinkbox (Your CSS can’t save you) and then continued the massacre with Anime². Let’s get ready to rumble.

Otakuism, Everyday!

Well, what better way to start the blog than to really target the problem with the so called ‘Otaku’ scene today, Otakuism Everyday is your standard WordPress blog ran by jusuchin85. If you like reading inane opinions on anime you should have just been watching, or if you’re truely interested in hearing about dull snippets from Jusuchin’s life (Such as, how he’s oh-so-addicted to twitter) then this truely is the blog for you. Anyone else with a smidgen of intelligence however, will look elsewhere.

Failure, Everyday!More tragedy, more sorrow. jusuchin85 hasn’t closed his blog.

The ‘computing’ category is a short laugh too, as both of the posts are about twitter:

All of the 'Computing' PostsWe had no idea that microblogging had anything to do with real computing.

And this brings us to the next point, the use of the word ‘Otaku’. As if the title of the blog itself wasn’t irritating enough, jusuchin uses bullshit words such as ‘otakureans’ (Who apparently are great users of twitter. How we laughed.) to describe the fake scene he participates in. By all means think up a creative name for whatever it is you guys want to call your weak fandom, but don’t put Otaku in it.

We’ll lay this down for you right here, jusuchin85: You are not otaku, your blog does not convey anything even remotely otaku, stop throwing the term around as if it has any relevance to you, your blog or your peers, it does not. You’re what, 23-24 years old? And you still can’t see how you’re incorrectly using the term? Terrible.

The man himselfNever one to shy away from the camera

Don’t worry, we’re not going to comment on your appearance (It’s not like we expect anyone to keep up appearances anyway) but get that room sorted out, and don’t use as inspiration. With our incredible google skills (we only use public available information) we also found you on the SuSE and Ubuntu  forums. Choose a better distro or stay with Windows/OS X if you want to remain in userland forever.

Severe misuse of the word ‘Otaku’, being affiliated with equally dull blogs, there’s no way we can pass you on this one:

Otakuism Everyday by Jusuchin85 – ELIMINATED

Always a shame to have to eliminate something. Ah well, it certainly won’t be the first. Take a lesson from our blog, jusuchin85. We call ourselves otaku, but we have the obsessive compulsive dedication to call ourselves such, dig it?


Well, out of the entire list, we do have a few odd ones that are just a little different from the rest, but this is a good thing. If everything was the same as the majority of blogs we featured, we’d end up eliminating everyone, and we don’t want to have to do that.

Anime²The frontpage. Yep.

Anime² is an odd blog, and proof that too many cooks don’t always spoil the broth. We’re actually pretty damn impressed that even with four authors in the medley (Gargron, Aizen, Llora-chan and Ammy) they didn’t manage to fuck the blog up, and completely avoid using the term ‘Otaku’. We liked the use of the term ‘Anime-addict’, one of you guys needs to run with that and spread it to anyone who will listen.

What else can we say here? In all honesty, we weren’t interested by the blog, but that’s entirely subjective and we’re not going to hold it against you.  Gargron didn’t do a bad job in making the skin either, we won’t comment on how you wrote the CSS though, seeing as all these blog platforms screw the original code up anyway. Remember not to get too close to Danny Choo; the general trend is that the closer you get, the more of a faker you become. It’s like radiation, or something.

Er, struggling to find anything else to say about Anime² now. We’ve got no option but to pass it really.

Anime² by Gargron, Aizen, Llora-chan and Ammy – Passed

Now don’t drop the ball on us. You’re the first guys to pass so far and you’re a true rarity; set the example for the others.


What do you get if you take Danny Choo, put him on wordpress, take away his sociability, make him australian and take away the free handouts he gets? You (kinda) get Steve, lone author of auTAKU, another wordpress abomination self-described as “An Australian Otaku blog”.

auTAKUUsing katakana to hide the fact you don’t know your Kanji won’t get past us, Steve.

Steve has a plethora of interests, including drawing, music, kung fu, photography and writing. Truely a creative soul, Steve unfortunately neglects his interests in anime and Japan as he fails to correctly identify the term ‘Otaku’. We could ramble on for hours about this, but we don’t need to point it out really; it’s just wrong right from the word “go”.

Steve has flickr, facebook, twitter…the typical ridiculous web 2.0 tools that no doubt Danny Choo uses. He also uses a Mac, an iPhone, and a Panasonic Lumix. We thought all the sheep were supposed to be in New Zealand, but maybe our geography just isn’t good enough.

We don’t like sheep; they’re irritating to deal with, but they all go to the slaughter eventually.


Finally, we’re onto our last blog for this week and it’s truely underwhelming. We’ll try and make it as interesting as possible…

neko’s thinkbox

We have such a desire just to fail this place right now from the sheer monotony of it. If anyone, anywhere was under the impression that neko’s thinkbox had anything worth visiting for, they were severely mistaken. The combination of the same old figures, awful anime reviews and other news that you couldn’t give a fuck about just makes our job about 5 times worse. How can you really call it a ‘thinkbox’?

Cat Litter tray of the Internet - Okay, it's not THAT badWe liked the budgies, that was about it.

We can say many bad things about this place; many of them revolving around just how pointless it was to create when there are about 1000 others just like it around the internet. And no, you do not have anything ‘unique’ about your writing style, so don’t even try to pull that card on us. Here’s the story of how nekosasu (See: dull anime fan) created his thinkbox:

  • nekosasu likes the same run-of-the-mill anime and characters as everyone else
  • nekosasu gets into it so much that he buys figures of dull run-of-the-mill characters from the aforementioned run-of-the-mill anime
  • nekosasu just happens to have a camera capable of taking clear pictures
  • add a watermark, bog standard logo a twitter page and shove it all on a blog.
  • neko’s thinkbox is born

And the saddest part? There were probably 5 other people, all from various corners of the world doing the same thing, thinking they were creating something unique or special; and thus the abomination known as the ‘otaku’ scene is born.

We’ll give nekosasu some credit: he doesn’t use the word ‘Otaku’ much and doesn’t affiliate with Danny Choo, so we won’t complain too much. We’ll fail you for now, nekosasu, but the door is open once you do something a bit different with your blog and drop any use of the word ‘Otaku’. Who knows, maybe you could even try actually living up to it and go full on with your interests. The choice is yours.

neko’s thinkbox by nekosasu – ELIMINATED

And that concludes Round One. It wasn’t that interesting really; one person stayed in, two were kicked out and as for you nekosasu, well you have a tiny glimmer of potential, but we’re too kind with our words really.

Until next time! As always, any comments are more than welcome, and this week’s contestants will all be contacted about their participation via email or blog comment. For those on the list: this is a small example of what we eliminate people for, there is still time for improvement, do it while you have the chance and maybe you can stay in the game and earn the title of being one of the few REAL otaku in the english language scene today; a prestigeous title indeed.



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11 responses to “Round One: It Begins! Fakers, Australians and more!

  1. I have a flickr account? That’s news to me.

    I’ll also dispute that you think I’m a sheep to Danny Choo’s shepherd, but in light of the New Zealand joke I’ll forgive you.

    • Oh, we’re forgiven? That’s so nice of you. We didn’t realise we were in the wrong in the first place.
      Don’t take it too hard, a single sheep is not far from the flock. There will always be more where you came from.

      • Considering I’ve been using such products since long before I heard of Danny Choo, yes – in that case you were wrong.

        But never mind, I haven’t taken it too hard. I am, as you suggest, grateful to have been made an example of.

  2. hey, now come on! i’m an aussie. what’s wrong with sheep? they can be quite warm on those cold nights.

  3. Aww, mine is the first to be reviewed? Thanks mate! Deserve every bit of attention! Awesome!

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  5. Guy

    In a way, I agree, the second most important thing for a blog, is that it’ll give the readers something that they don’t get all over the place.

    The first is to reply and interact with your readers when they come, ‘natch.

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  7. papanurgle

    you guys should do this guys blog, like seriously. he lists DC as “the worlds greatest otaku”

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