To Our Fan Club

We’re gonna ramble on a little bit here, so kick back and relax.

When we created this blog, negative attention was destined to reach us, but we didn’t really expect any positive comments, or rather we didn’t expect people to be so vocal with them. Scamp was the first to write a nice post about us in his blog, so it was only natural we added him to the list too. But hey, he’s in our good books…for now. But wow, we had no real idea we’d be writing this post, and certainly not this soon. We’ve spread like wildfire, burning a hole through the blogosphere, and we haven’t even gotten started yet.

Also, jusuchin took it really well, we hope you’ve learned something, but it can’t be easy to be the first. Thanks for rolling with the punches, and we’re genuinely grateful for that.

We saw a bunch of other responses in the forms of comments and posts, some made us laugh others we just didn’t quite understand. I think we really found some Masochists in the scene, surprising to see so many wanting to take part. We’ll add most of them sometime between now and friday.

This just in: We won’t be adding NotCliche. Reason: We refuse to believe this is anything but nekos thinkbox under a different name. What on earth.

Either way the feedback has been great; good bad or indifferent, and we’d like to take this time to say that we’re not a flame blog and we’re not a hate blog. It’s cool you find it funny to see others get broken down, but we’re not doing this for kicks, we have a message to get across, and as long as you’re acknowledging that, let the good times roll.

Remember, ignorance is not an excuse. It’s all very well to say you were doing something before you knew about Danny Choo or whoever it is you idolise, and that may be true, but did you not look at both of them and think “Hey, this is almost too similar, I’ll do something a little different to make my blog better/different”. It’s common sense and originality really. You may think this is directed at you, Steve (And it is, a tiny bit, but we know Australians just don’t give a fuck) but there are far far worse offenders out there, and we definitley got them listed down.

Also, we don’t really care about your blogging skills unless they’re particularly amazing/terrible, it’s more about content simply. We care about how you mislabel yourself and we do get annoyed by seeing the same old content, but apart from that we’re not dictators. Put a giant cock on your frontpage if you want, but don’t put a picture of Miku on it and try passing it off as an ‘otaku cock’. Getting the hang of this now?

Oh, and dear humberto, we’re so sorry you’re not featured on the list, please don’t cry. We use a standard wordpress blog because everybody else does and the point was to create an even playingfield. And lets be honest, this isn’t some business venture, it’s a standard blog. Why would we waste time and money on maintaining a server we couldn’t give much of a fuck about?

Of course, humberto is just angry really. We plan to feature his competitors such as animeblips and ANN, but we saw his awful .biz site and decided against it. Here’s a tip: learn how to maintain a website and learn some CSS/HTML (and of course get an idea of user interaction) before you start to act as if it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Your ‘site’ is a glorified blog on a .biz domain and you expect us to take it seriously? You can’t even live up to your motto of “Providing complete coverage of Japanese Visual Culture.” This speaks volumes about your ability to do anything worthwhile. Think about that.

We are the authority on otaku (Not ‘otaku’), that’s why we can make this blog and criticise others. Collectively between the group who run this place (6 contributors and a few others hanging in the sidelines) we’ve attended every single comiket since the late 80s and the majority of wonfes’ since ’96. We have one member who currently works in Akiba and two who have worked there at different times. And not for any big sellout companies either. Danny choo boasts about his connections with various big players such as GSC, Cospa and so on. But just by Gamers relocating in Akihabara we’ve seen the closure of 5 other smaller shops that we really loved and it did make us sad, but we’re rambling. We have a post planned to give you an insight as to just why we’re doing this.

Oh and don’t forget what we’re about. We see a lot of these complaints about how we’re not providing enough constructive criticism. We never said we would from the beginning, others are just lucky enough to get it. This is no popularity contest, Chikorita167. Do you think we frequent any of the blogs we have listed?

Fuck gargron too, we were waiting for your proud speech and we get this? Well, we just can’t please everyone. And DDoS? We’d never stoop so low, don’t take us for Anonymous. But lets forget that, we promised an even playing field, and we’ll deliver (Hence the wordpress). We also hope that in our next posts you learn some more and get your history straight. Lucky Star? What credibility did you have anyway?

Well, we’ve rattled on but we hope we made our point clear. Those who think we are simply trolling do so on the basis that they cannot accept ideals aside from their own. We didn’t want to have to waste our time on something like this in the first place, but because of this polluted scene we decided we’d do it if nobody else would. It may seem easy enough to those who spend more time blogging than actually taking part and watching anime, but I personally have to gather comments, opinions and IRC logs, translate the majority of them, and then centralise it into a readable document. Then we have to follow up the comments and the hate, be grateful! We can think of 100 other things we’d rather be doing right now.



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36 responses to “To Our Fan Club

  1. “I think we really found some Masochists in the scene, surprising to see so many wanting to take part.” <——————-

  2. Masochist? Possibly.
    Personally I believe in the power of criticism as nonconstructive as it may be. Just look at most comments on blogs, they’re either repeating the same thing stated in the post or making a futile argument such as “nobody cares what you think!”. Compared to that, I’d rather have someone flame my site as pretentious asshattery.

  3. I know I described myself as a masochist on one of my comments here, but I think ‘whore’ might be a more apt descriptor. I’ll support any venture that entails the possibility of more hits for my blog.

  4. Ah so there is more than just 2 or 3 of you. Thank god for that. That means the chances of you all burning out are slim, which is something I thought might happen.

    People have sat up and the eyes of the aniblogsphere is on you now. If you fuck up in the next post then this project of yours is doomed

  5. NoDeath

    You guys are doing something something different and stirring up some shit in the process – of course people would want to see how it turned out. Most of the anime fans I know are nice people and wont devolve into spiteful anger at a little provocation – stoop to the level of their attackers, one might say. As you can probably tell, I don’t fully support everything you’ve said but I feel the reasons behind them are, if not admirable, at least interesting.

    I have two main problems with you:

    A) You remain anonymous and wield your almighty gavel upon the anime community, yet you claim not to be Anon or any such trite bullshit. If you want me to take you seriously, stop doing you best to prove the greater internet fuckwad theory and give us your names – or at least your fancy made up internet ones. Your calling out the blogs for their lack of quality yet you don’t show us your own which I expect would adhere to the higher standards you speak so passionately about.

    B) You seem to have a huge problem with the word ‘otaku’ and its use, you spend a lot of time pointing to what you believe it isn’t, yet you don’t clearly define what it is. 「おたく」- written in Hirigana to indicate it as the slag term meaning geek as opposed to「お宅」- meaning either home or an impersonal honorific for addressing someone in the second person. There are two main ideas on its etymology one involving Akio Nakamori’s essay 『おたく』の研究, the other involving animators working on Macross. I’m not going to go any further into the history here, for those interested, google is your friend. The word has a very negative connotation in Japan, meaning someone who is almost obsessive about their fandom. Its now become a loan word used by western fans and lost most of the negative connotation seeing as over here it’s more or less only the fans that even know about it. Your problem, unless I’m mistaken is that its not an exclusive enough club. Only the ‘true’ fans should be able to call themselves such. Bullshit.

    After reading over my post I see I’m being mostly negative and that’s not quite what I’m after. I admit that when I first saw what you were doing I thought of you as a bunch of assholes being assholes for our entertainment. As I said earlier I understand your message, at least in part, and I find it admirable. Your rather blunt way of sending your message is entertaining and I’m going to keep reading your posts.

  6. CCY

    >>We can think of 100 other things we’d rather be doing right now.

    You’ve got to watch your hyperbole more carefully than that, but maybe that balanced sort of tone was never the thing you were looking for …

    Well, I look forward to an interesting backstory, and maybe a more interesting spectacle here.

    Although I find it interesting you are finding the reactions quite easily for someone who does not peruse the otakusphere. I guess it’s only natural when, I imagine, you are more intrigued by the reaction than the actual evaluation myself. I am the same way.

  7. loldebi

    So we got to know a few reasons. The arguments are quite understandable, and this act makes you some sort of Antiheroes.
    But hey, thinking about this all is rather interesting.

    I’ll keep watching this lulz from the audience seats – at least that long until I’ll also get nominated (which’ll probably happen soon, SOON… selfPWN)

  8. Damnit! I guess I won’t be getting flamed now.

    I’m still pretty interested in how this thing goes, so I’ll hang around and see. I don’t really mind if you don’t add the whole of NotCliche in anyway, but I was hoping you guys could give me some “advice”.

    Oh well! xD

  9. Point taken. Like NovaJinx somewhere up there in the comments, I appreciate criticism. It wouldn’t even be fair to say that what you mentioned with regards to my blog in this post isn’t constructive, to be honest.

  10. I’m really surprised everyone’s getting their panties in a bunch over this. If you can’t handle criticism, you shouldn’t be in the writing game. Personally, I think this is a great project, and I hope you guys keep it up.

  11. I’m enjoying this ride. Good for laugh but kinda send the right message too. I myself have been blogging for the fun of it since 3 years ago and don’t really give a damn about statistic but it is fun when people read the shit you wrote from time to time XD

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  13. I’m actually quite pleased with how this is coming out like you (the collective “you” anyhow) mentioned and that some of us are looking at this as a chance to improve.

    Your anonymity certainly helps in that you’re able to be more frank about things and as long as you do so in a way that’s responsible (which has been true so far), I think it’ll be worth it to the community at large.

  14. Asceai

    What you’re doing isn’t really much more than harassment. The reason given on your ‘About’ page: “There are too many people out there claiming to be otaku and not being able to back it up. There are hundreds of blogs out there ran by people claiming to be ‘otakus’ but instead posting their awful photos of the same saber figure over again. Please, leave the scene and never come back, you are not otaku and you never will be. Do not ever give people the false impression that you are.” simply doesn’t stand up.

    There are people on your list who are not otaku, do not think of themselves as otaku, do not call themselves otaku and don’t even use the word ‘otaku’ anywhere on their blog. You’re the people who went and decided such-and-such a person is ‘otaku’ based on the fact that they have an interest in a couple of areas you tend to classify as ‘otaku interests’, but you have the gall to rail on them for not being otaku? They don’t want to be!

    Yes, we get it. You’re the wotaest wotas around. Akiba didn’t even know what hit them when you arrived. You fap to eroges with one hand and compose drooling emails to your favourite idols with the other. But you can express this in a way other than railing on everyone else for not meeting your definition of ‘otaku’.

  15. Ayaneko

    Oh you faggots, you!
    Sure I don’t have a blog but most of the blogs that I visit are here and I must say, you guys are cracked up.

    What’s the whole point of Otaku Elimination anyway? Do you really know what ‘Otaku’ means? I don’t effin’ care if you guys are just doing this out of boredom but really, your opinion is yours and ours is ours. At least have respect for that.

    One thing is, why be such a critic? Are you the god of all ‘otakus’ that you feel the need to lecture those who misunderstand what the real meaning behind the word otaku is? Oh god, that’s some serious case you’ve got there. Sure you guys went to your monthly check up with your psychiatrist? :)

    It’s not like you guys are perfect enough to tell the whole world about one blog’s incompetence. Dude, nothing’s perfect. Accept the fact, move on and do something productive. This? It’s just no good. Don’t even think that the reason why people bash you or gives you high stats is because you’re popular. They’re laughing at you and not with you, clear?

    Say.. do you even have a blog? If so then you would understand that most of us here make blogs because we want to express their thoughts on various things. I think the blogs up there sure are happy to get flamed or what so. Of course, why take a shit like this seriously? *laugh*

  16. You know, if you actually said something about your definition of ‘otaku’, it may help a lot.

    And no, reading my articles about otaku does not make one an expert on the otaku. :P (j/k, I don’t.)

    Unless you’re Patrick “Patty Mac” Macias, Matt Alt and that other guy.

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Can’t be.

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  18. Oh, are you guys British by any chance?

    + lol @ increasing number of visitors. This sure is fucked up.
    I’ll look forward to the next round.

  19. If you would give constructive criticism, then it would be something, but you don’t tell what and how could be improved. You want to eliminate, that’s the problem.

    Also, did you think you could ‘buy’ my tolerance? My opinion stays no matter how much you approve me or not. Also, I don’t like anons. You can say ‘we are not 4chan or 2chan anons’ but what’s the difference? What in the world would tell people you are different if you are anonymous?

    And at last on my Lucky Star ‘theory’. It’s common sense, or knowledge if you want. The ‘Being an otaku’ episode of the Anime3000 podcast discusses it more detailed, try listening to it.

    But what is good is that people can laugh. At you, yes, but laughing is laughing — it’s good.

  20. this is interesting. As much as I disagree with the whole concept of what you guys think “otakuism” is, I think overall this is a pretty cool idea you guys have going.

    I think you guys yourselves need to define what “otaku” is, because it’s not very clear, and I think it’s intentional just so you can get away with anything. :P

    I am curious if I’ll pass or be eliminated. ^_^

  21. This is…interesting. Very interesting. I might have something to say about this later.

    But for the record, I’m not feeling any of the rage that many of your detractors seem to feel. While I’d certainly like to see some evidence to your claims of being more “otaku” than us, you’ve convinced me to not dismiss you as a group of trolls. I’ll give it some thought.

  22. After reading your little tirade (especially your little bit towards me :)), it’s painfully clear to me that you guys are nothing more than weeaboos that obsess over the definition of otaku without even giving your definition.

    Why not actually do that instead of weak-ass trolling and harrassing others? Oh wait, you guys are anonymous fucksticks in need of a powertrip to get your 15 seconds of fame, since your criticism boils down to: “your blog sucks because of you using this character in your header” and other such inane shit that doesn’t even matter.

    I’m glad my site isn’t featured, because it has nothing to do with your oh-so prized “otaku subculture”, its just a newsfeed with random posts here and there to break up the monotony.

    Good on you for trolling me though, that’s always fun.

  23. Seinime

    Wow, all the hate and all the swears. Commotion is always interesting and kicks things alive.

    Of course if you utterly destroy my blog I hope you guys will be popular enough then do give some extra hits since my day will be brightened up. Of course I’ll also be there to land the finishing blow on what I created.

  24. This seems like pointless trolling. The point of your whole site claims to be about how people use otaku incorrectly, but some sites on the list never use the term. People are just blogging about their interests, and you guys are just labeling them an otaku on your own. In your first round, you admitted that the only site that passed did not use the term otaku at all. So again, what’s the point? It’s surely not to correct the use of otaku.

    Stop trolling. Stop being full of yourselves. If you want to prove your point by example instead of dragging unrelated people into it so you can ridicule them and feel good about yourselves. If you guys think you’re so good, reveal yourselves and show us how an otaku blog should be done.

  25. I’m fine with this blog as long as they label me an otaku. If they don’t, this blog is a fraud.

    Oh wait, I’m not on the fucking list. Then I just don’t care until I am.

  26. u

    this is the only worthwhile anime blog

  27. Shouldn’t you put the list in another page, and cross out the ones you’ve judged? Since leaving it waay down there is a bother. And you’re bound to have more posts than your main page allows for one page.

    Also, use tags. Adds anticipation and such. Or was that suspense?

  28. xaueious

    Two suggestions from a non-blogger who is just a fan of anime in general:
    This coming from an engineering background. It would be helpful if you did this more objectively. You can use a CLEAR LIST of criteria and a DECISION MATRIX to tally up scores. Google it up and I’m sure you guys can make some good use out of it.

    Please make a list of blogs that pass so the rest of us can actually use this precious evaluation data.

  29. The Mighty Commix

    “We have one member who currently works in Akiba and two who have worked there at different times.”

    Wow. That’s impressive. I wonder where they work?

    I mean, there are a lot of shops in Akiba. I wonder if he works in a shop?

    He does, doesn’t he? He works in a fucking shop.

    It’s all starting to making perfect sense.

    The online anime community is being judged by some fat fucking virgins that work in cunting shops. Fucking store clerks, making themselves feel superior to some 15 year olds with wordpress accounts.

    I wondered where I’d heard the tone used on this website before.

    “Worst. Anime. Blog. EVAAARRRRR!!!”

    You sad fucking cunts.

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  31. I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted paychecks.

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