Round Two: A dull day in blogville

Well, after a full week of waiting, we can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed about the selection of blogs that were picked. We’re not joking, most these blogs were so lacking of mention that they probably wouldn’t even notice they got featured, but at least it gets the boring ones cleared from the list.

It truely is a black and white week as we feature TaRzAn’s viEw of tHe wOrLd, The Alphanox project by kirapika and Blueplains’ anime source. But never fear, we decided we’d turn the heat up and set ablaze to reasonably notable blogger Kodomut and his self titled abomination. Let’s get the party started.

My viEw of tHe wOrLd

We’ll start by saying that TaRzAn’s view of the world is clearly a disturbing one. We’re not sure quite why his blog title bears a striking resemblance to a ransom note, but we do think it’s pretty damn retarded. View of the world is another one of those blogs we look at and wonder just how it got onto the list in the first place.

my view of the worldA mundane layout indeed. But we’re not ones to talk.

This might be one of the shortest entries yet; Tarzan hasn’t blogged that much and he’s mainly busy anyway, so we didn’t have much to work with. Aside from a small portion of anime related posts, he also likes to post about various items of clothing. Well, it’s original, so we can’t find fault with that.

Well, staying true to ourselves we have no option but to pass TaRzAn’s blog. We seriously considered eliminating him for the sheer lack of anime related items on his blog (Thus making him irrelevant to the game really) but he’ll make an easy competitor in the second half of the game (Oh yes, we said second half indeed).

In a noble attempt of not doing anything at all:

My viEw of tHe wOrLd by TaRzAn – PASSED

Well, in the words of Mark Twain: “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” A number of people here would do a world of good if they just paid attention to this really.


When you label something as a project, you’re basically creating some kind of meaning or purpose just by titling it as such. However, in the case of Kirapika’s ‘project’ we fail to see any real mission statement or long term goal to be achieved from her blog.

We’re not sure how old Kirapika is, but her tendancy to talk like a young girl is somewhat irritating at best, but she’s not the only one; almost every blog with a female author seems to have an overdose of hyperactively written text followed by comments about how they ‘fangirl’ various series/characters/etc. Yes, apparently ‘fangirl’ is a verb now.

alphanox*AAAAAAAAAAA* Macromedia Flash Object! *AAAAAAAAAAAA* We don’t give a fuck about your video!

We can’t be too harsh really; we’ve seen far worse female bloggers out there who are twice as annoying as Kirapika and it’s just a matter of time before we see more and more. Basically, there is no real reason in visiting the Alphanox Project. You would either have to be:

  • Somewhat mentally deficient
  • Trying to get an internet girlfriend
  • In need of being smattered by hearts and capital letters.

We’ll give her some credit though; the blog does actually look nice and it’s easy to read and browse through. We thank ZenVerse for the Lunated theme he created, but Kirapika deserves a mention for having a clue about user interaction.

No wrong usage of the word otaku, generally not actually that bad of a blog. We begrudgingly say:


So far, it’s been a pretty successful post, right?

Blueplains’ Anime Source

Let’s get this first thing out in the open; we don’t really care about semantics and we’ll be the first to admit that we mess up our grammar, spelling and vocab sometimes, but we try to keep it to a minimum. Blueplains (This is his name, or is it Roy?) did it right in the title of his blog. Forgive us if we’re wrong, and null and void our point if we are, but shouldn’t it be: blueplains’ and not blueplains’s ?


This post is kind of irrelevant in a way, blueplain/Roy hasn’t posted in months and his original intention of ‘blogging every day’ (as seen on his exciting twitter page) seems to have been dropped within the first day of declairing it. Well, time is not wasted as we saw some critical errors on the blog, ones that gripped our stomachs and made an angry bile brew up in our mouths, ready to puke out pure rage.

Fuck.For those that can’t see: “I also do other little shenanigans as well like photography and talk about my life being an Otaku

blueplain1“Being an Otaku is a person making love with Japan or at least interested in Japanese related things”

What the fuck!?

This is bullshit

Right. No. Just No.“He’s Danny Choo and is the most famous Otaku in the world.”

No. He’s not an otaku to begin with. Your blog is a fucking waste of our time and you never update it anyway. Get out, stay out. Never come back.

gordon can fuck off

Fuck you gordon.FUCK YOU. Do not encourage this shit you copycat waste of space. You are marked, hear us? MARKED. You will never leave our list and we can’t wait to smite your name with ‘ELIMINATED’ just like we’re about to do with Blueplains:

Blueplains’s Anime Source by Roy/Blueplains – ELIMINATED

People like this aren’t even worth the constructive criticism we are able to give. Our advice here is that if you start making claims like this, just stop. Stop everything.


We all know our readers were waiting for this one. Upon a casual glance at Kodomut’s haven, we can tell something exceedingly obvious. There is no way that Kodomut comes from anywhere except Singapore. We see hundreds of the same old Figures+Photos blogs from all over the world, but nobody can quite overkill it like the Singaporeans. We’re not saying all of them (We have one in OEG staff) but one hell of a lot of them.

Kodomut is high up on the food chain in the hierarchy of Danny Choo’s loyal subjects. So it gave us great pleasure to take him down.

It's saber AGAINHell yeah we’re up to date.

Of course Danny Choo’s feed is right at the top of the page sitting just below the banner. We personally cannot wait for a Mirai dollfie of our own; we need a speedbag in the luxurous OEG offices to get our rage out when we see blogs like Blueplains’. Seriously though, isn’t she the most punchable-in-the-face mascot you’ve ever seen?

Kodomut’s ego trip extends to go so far as to write in third person about himself. Unfortunately for him, his only merit is that he’s pursuing a degree in management, which means he has to go on and on about his own potted history of how he came to bring you the awful and how he enjoys taking photographs.

Ah, but Kodomut is a good soul really:

“Other than taking photos of figures, Kodomut enjoys telling stories to children and has been telling stories on a weekly basis to the local library (Yishun) since January 2009. The interest for storytelling is evident in the nendoroid stories which is told by nendoroids.”

That’s great Kodomut, really great. And I’m sure that the children enjoy it. But, those children don’t read your blog so don’t patronise your older readers with stories about cat food.

Basically, any monkey with an expensive camera and a few figures can post like Kodomut. He posts about 4 large pictures (No doubt to show just how expensive his camera is) and then puts awful captions such as “You will make great cat stew!” or “Aaaaahh!!”.

Oh and Kodomut also has a link to Garage Kit shop E2046. Wanna know why? Because everyone else has it. Surely George (Guy behind E2046) must realise that out of all his affiliates, not even half of them are buying anything because they’re just following a trend. Wanna know something else funny about E2046? George asked blogosphere nice-guy Meronpan for a link exchange, but was turned down because he doesn’t agree with the sale of recasts! What a hero! That alone took him off the list as far as we were concerned.

Back to Kodomut. We wish we had more to say really, but how can we comment further on a blog that gives the impression of being robust whilst in actuality only serves as an image dump and an ego stroke? We’ll tell you it straight Kodomut: we’ve seen your pictures, you’re a good photographer, you’re an EXCELLENT storyteller. Is this what you want to hear? Will you go now? Don’t tell us anymore about Saber the nendoroid riding a bunny rabbit, we want to wait for the movie adaption. Stop stop stop. Your blog only serves as a purpose to say “Look, I know Danny Choo and sometimes he comments on my blog!” and otherwise suck up to him. Oh and as always; learn what it means to be otaku before wrongfully labelling your affiliates ‘Otaku comrades’. Some of them don’t even want to be called that. Is insulting your acquaintances really a good way to make friends? by Kodomut – ELIMINATED

Whew! What a day! I wonder how Kodomut feels about the fact he just lost to a hyperactive fangirl and a guy who blogs about denim jeans. I guess all the photos in the world couldn’t save him.

Well, it’s been a week since we started and the hearsay has been immense. We’ve gotten all kinds of reactions, and we wish we could reply to all of them, but…we don’t want to. However we will organise a Q&A session, where you can send all your questions via email and we’ll do our best to reply to them in a single post. More about that when we decide we have the free time to do it.

We also decided we’d follow lolikitsune’s advice and post more, maybe. 4 blogs a week will always be the minimum but we may well just need to let off some steam before then. Until next time.

EDIT: Also, let us take the time to talk about the list. There has been a lot of people crying about how they aren’t otaku yet they’re in the list. You’re in the list because you’re an anime blogger. If we wanted a list of people to eliminate, it wouldn’t be much of a game, so we need the people who don’t use the word incorrectly for balance and to set an example.



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34 responses to “Round Two: A dull day in blogville

  1. abdul

    Don’t kill me for asking but what’s a recast ?

  2. That guy whose comment is going to get ignored because of the tl;dr thing.

    My consciousness can simply not accept the fact that there are still people who voice their thoughts, no matter how anti-mainstream they may be, have the balls to post them, and give substantial arguments on top of it all, while still making it all sound like Encyclopedia Dramatica’s article on Dollfies an animu.

    That wasn’t even close to a compliment or a suck-up, but rather a firm handshake and a mutual salute.

    In the past 15 minutes I read all your articles and I thought that somebody out there actually gets it for once. I cried a little inside.

    This is not about criticizing emotionally disturbed people’s blogs or wasting your time on helping improve them, but rather opening the DC’d eyes of all the bloody gordonators and kodomuts out there, who by some unexplainable tun of events now represent the otaku(god forbid) community.

    I’m also happy that you mentioned Meronpan. I did not expect that in the least.

    Whatever, rant is up to here. I’m just glad that not all is lost.

  3. Blueplains must think otaku have Krauser-like powers. Only Krauser can make love to intangible objects like countries in addition to his conquest of Tokyo Tower and other famous landmarks. D=

  4. Guy

    A couple of things:

    1. I find it amusing you keep bemoaning the list and the blogs you’ve chosen. You can always change what you blog about; you do the choosing, you do the blogging. Don’t pull a Shinji on us, c’mon.

    2. You’re moving the goal-post. Before you’ve said otaku are about dedication, about single-mindedness devotion. Now it seems that if one isn’t an otaku but doesn’t claim to be one they get an automatic pass (whereas before it was said to be taken “into consideration”), and now also seems to be more of an economical axe-grind. Kodomut certainly seems to fit the otaku definition you yourselves have provided, the failure he has is that he bores you and/or is affilitated (?) with Danny Choo, he does not fail by your own criteria.

    Unless the criteria is purely arbitrary, and is only there to retroactively justify whatever decisions you wish to make, in which case, just post “Fail/pass” and dispense with the useless verbiage. And if the verbiage is worth anything, adhere to it.

    P.S. The s’ or s’s depends on the name, with modern names you could go either way, with a preference for s’s, and with names from other languages or older names, just s’.

    • Guy always has very reasonable things to say. I agree with point 2. You guys are moving the goal post. That sorta ruins your credibility, and definitely makes your criteria arbitrary.

      Keep moving your goal post, and we’ll all just basically lose interest. Then the real failures will be you guys. Don’t let that happen this early in the game.

    • He failed the criteria by using the term incorrectly. Also, passing the first round does not make one otaku, we don’t need you to dictate our blog. You can either go away and not read it or you can set up a blog about us if you so desire. We chose the second option and maybe you might want to do the same; you seem to have a bad enough case of verbal diarrhea to do so many times over.

      • At this point, I’m only hoping that round 1 is filtering out the incorrect usage of otaku, and round two is were the real elimination takes place. In any case, I’m still giving you guys the benefit of the doubt. Just be aware that everyone (and I do mean everyone) is waiting for you guys to make a single fatal misstep.

      • Ahahahahahahahahaha.

        At this point, ignorance is NOT an option.

        You guys are already famous for being bigger egos than even Colony Drop (who, apart from one guy, seem to be a decent enough bunch of people).

    • You guys could have also said something constructive. Your argument about Kodomut isn’t very objective either.

      With that Kodomut section you guys sound like a old fart of a cranky university professor who buries himself behind books.

      • The fact of the matter is that Kodomut sucks and isn’t an otaku. We have to forgive the OEG its failures to communicate; the staff is apoplectic and thusly bad at coherence. Here’s the low-down on why Kodomut fails the initial guidelines (the goal post hasn’t moved):

        P1. Danny Choo commercializes and consumerizes “otaku.”
        C1. Danny Choo isn’t an otaku.

        P2. “Danny Choo” is more than just the person.

        P3. Kodomut subscribes to Choo’s “otaku.”
        C2. Kodomut is a cog in the Choo machine.
        C3. Kodomut is part of “Danny Choo.”
        C4. Kodomut is Danny Choo.
        C5. Kodomut isn’t an otaku.

      • I do get those three major points. I just like a little constructive comment to go with a lashing, much like wrapping a slice of lemon around a brick that’s going to slam into someone’s head.

  5. I’m just actually surprised by how much DC-suck ups there are around in the ‘sphere. Guess I just never paid attention to it before.

  6. “However we will organise a Q&A session, where you can send all your questions via email and we’ll do our best to reply to them in a single post. More about that when we decide we have the free time to do it.”

    Lol! Your email is gonna get flocked.

    Although, to promote transparency, I suggest asking readers to post the questions in the comments instead.

  7. Yi

    It seems to me that the only criteria for passing only on the use of the term otaku. It certainly fits the name of the game and I actually kind of agree with that purpose. It certainly got me to check my own usage of the term on my blog.

    Given that, that pretty much makes the pass/eliminate thing really simple, and all the other stuff to be quite irrelevant. In the end though, I suspect it’s that other stuff that people like to read. The stuff that pokes fun at each blog and mocks sites.

    It really does deserve a chuckle or two.

  8. this made my morning! thanks for the laugh man and who cares about the details… just enjoy this goddamn thing while it last!

  9. First time going here and well.. I’m surprised. I was hoping that my irritatingly girlish blog would be eliminated right away.

    Yeah, I guess you could label me as a fangirl and I’m just using my blog to express my feelings about stuff. I don’t really care of the whole popularity thing, like I said.. it’s like my online diary (in this case for anything anime-related). Isn’t that what a blog is for in the first place?


  10. Haha, haven’t heard of these blogs at all though. Still, good job.

  11. i highly doubt that a Nikon D40 is expensive.

  12. DemonickAngel

    eh ok……

  13. Shit is starting to get real here.

  14. OEG. Stop sucking up to me.

    Also, fix your fucking grammar. It’s pissing me off.

  15. Wait, so is My viEw of tHe wOrLd eliminated or not? It has a big ELIMINATED mark on the blog roast listing. Or is this one of those quantum states where it’s both PASSED and ELIMINATED at the same time?

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