Round Three: Extreme Drama, Famous News Sites and More Irritating Mac users? Just as planned…

Okay, so once again we’re back. It feels like it was an eternity but it was just a week. Maybe we should start doing this more regularly. Bi-weekly?

The Q&A hasn’t got many questions yet so keep them coming in, we’ll answer everything we can.

So what’s new this week? Well, many of you will know about AFA, the biggest shitfest anime festival held in Singapore. If you don’t know about AFA, allow us to give you some knowledge.

AFA stands for Anime Festival Asia. Now, you would think that when talking about an entire continent, it would have to be one fucking impressive undertaking. But no, last time we checked, Japan was in Asia, and the AFA doesn’t come close to even the Akiba Game Fair in terms of quality.

The basic rule is that if you’re on our list, there’s a good chance that you’ll love the AFA, and we can bet anything that the sheer number of bloggers attending will result in everyone taking pictures and blogging on their macbooks while they look at boring figures and say “omg fate-chan has oppai!!! i will take a picture and post it on my burogu! :3”

In other words it will be absolutely shit, and completely overkilled with the same guests and the same merchandise, oh and you can also visit the ‘Moe Moe Kyun!’ maid café, full of singaporean and malaysian girls trying to be Japanese, while many Singaporean men take pictures of nendoroids in their food. What on earth makes these people think they’re otaku?

Oh, and the icing on the cake is that Danny Choo will be attending and giving a speech. What is he giving a speech about? Who cares!? It’s Danny Choo! He could stand up and say “I pushed 臼井儀人 off that cliff a few months back! It was me!” and still make a room full of Singaporeans happy.

Seriously though Danny, this is the biggest indication that you’re a sell out of them all. You attend shitty festivals you have no relevance to (Born in the UK, originally Chinese and living in Japan) but you can’t be bothered to attend Comiket? You don’t care about  the TGS? Even Americans fly over to the TGS. And this man calls himself ‘otaku’. Sad. We give our personal permission for anyone attending to heckle Danny Choo and ask him what makes him so ‘otaku’ anyway. Bonus points for anyone who shows him the OEG face to face on their macbook.

Anyway, we’re digressing.

This week looks to be reasonably fun, we targetted the Microblogging Master aznn3ss with ‘Just as Keikaku‘ we continued the rampage with なんでやねん? by sk-殿 we annihilated local blogging bitch SiRiRu and her Randotaku blog, then finally we finished up by giving incredibly famous anime news website Anime News Network a good smashing.

So on with the show!

Just as Keikaku

We realise now, that as the game progresses, we’re starting to tread on more toes and hit closer to home. We can’t remember for sure, but we think aznn3ss knows about the OEG, so he’ll get great pleasure from reading this.

So, we’re sure you’re dying to know, just what is Just as Keikaku?

Uh oh…

You’re too fucking right it’s disgusting. That sentence alone is enough to make our collective blood boil. When aznn3ss says he plays eroge, he even admits himself here that he can’t read them. Why? We’re guessing that you don’t buy them either. So in other words, you download eroge that you can’t read or understand, just to click at high speeds and watch the pictures, maybe stopping to listen to the BGM. It’s not a crime, but it’s cringeworthy.

“2D waifus”? This would be promising if it wasn’t basically shorthand for “Anime girls I post pictures of”. We saw one blogger on our list who (on first glance) seems to actually hold true to this original phrase. No prizes on guessing what grade we’ll give him.

Writing a blog is hard. It’s difficult. We have a blog; it’s called The ‘Otaku’ Elimination Game and it really surprises us at just how much time it can take to compile a post. We were initially impressed by the bloggers, as their sheer number of updates must have meant they worked hard. But no. As Just as Keikaku demonstrates; anyone can be a blogger with a paragraph of text, some images, links and an embedded youtube video.

People ask us for constructive criticism, we never said we’d actually give any, but here is some serious feedback: Write more. We don’t care about the anime blogosphere too much really, but to write just about a paragraph is disgraceful really. You may as well close your blog and just use twitter.

aznn3ss also provides a few download links to some music, showing us that he is incredibly cheap and likes to live on the wrong side of the law. We’d love to know just how much money aznn3ss would get fined for having all those ero-games “wrapped up nice in snug in their own little rar archives”…

Oh and “rar archive” doesn’t even make any fucking sense. Dolt.

We’re tired of going on about this place really, we could draw many examples of aznn3ss’s stupidity, but we’ve already proved our point.

We despair upon seeing this poll

Come on, it’s cool you want to show us just how much you love the series and all, but a poll is meant to produce some kind of feedback and interaction from your readers. It just makes you look stupid.

An obvious one we have here; misuse of  ‘otaku’, questionably legal material on his own blog and other moronic stuff. Not to mention a terrible blogger.

just as keikaku by aznn3ss – ELIMINATED

Right, we all know you’re waiting for the final two, so let’s get going.


sk-殿’s blog is a real dry lake as far as…well, anything is concerned. He’s a 20 year old Malaysian with a liking for Kotomi by the looks of things. We won’t complain, sk; there are many worse characters you could have picked.

If you have trouble sleeping, you may want to use なんでやねん to help you. Its dull interface, uninteresting writing and characterless author will send anyone to the land of nod. Here are some images of this incredible blog:


We couldn’t believe it either.

Well, our hands are tied. He doesn’t misuse the word ‘otaku’ and I suppose he seems like a decent enough person. But honestly, do you really need all that Apple hardware? Does it make you feel elite? Once again, we despair.

なんでやねん? by sk-殿 – PASSED

If this were a race sk, you sleepwalked over the finish line.

Now, here’s where the fire starts!

Anime News Network

In retrospect, adding non-blogs wasn’t really a good idea. They’re not as fun or as personal as blogs, so we can’t help but feel as if we’re calling out into the dark with this one. Actually, we were surprised too; beyond the exterior of a reliable and steadily maintained news network lies a whole new world of moron column writers and general half-wits.

We don’t need to show you pictures, we’re sure you all know about ANN. It’s an incredibly frequently updated anime news website with an elitist community and a lexicon of terms that they don’t understand. Elitists will never seem to go away, but the lexicon is just embarassing. Check out these gems:

“Moe is a Japanese term used in connection with manga or anime to describe something precious, usually (but not always) the ideal of youthful and innocent femininity. Written with the kanji for “to bud or sprout” (萌), the concept covers a range of ideal behaviour for youthful female characters in manga or anime. To be moe, a character can be eager or perky, not overly independent, and call forth a desire in the viewer to protect them and nurture them. The term is also used to describe any preciously cute item; there is an animal mascot character store in Tokyo called Moe.

There is a lot of debate over the crossover between moe fandom and lolicon. While the crossover exists among fans and products the two genres are not synonymous.”

A few people have asked us what we think of the word ‘Moe’. It’s a feeling, we’ll leave it at that for now but we went indepth a little bit on our Q&A. Basically, don’t look to ANN for definitions. Although we will say that their entry on ‘Otaku’ has improved and actually holds an amount of truth in it.

The ANN lexicon page is a joke, with definitions ranging from poorly phrased to just flat out wrong. “Onomatopoeia” is also in there, that’s just an english dictionary word, are your readers really that stupid? The lexicon itself represents the general ANN approach to everything: provide false or otherwise heavily opinionated information and deem anything that says otherwise as wrong by the general elitist quality of writing in the columns.

The ANN world is a world of subtitles, dubbing and english voice actors and it’s not one we really understand, but their community makes ridiculous claims about what ‘Otaku’ means yet they have to explain to their readers what ‘Akihabara’ is.

Among some of the riveting articles we found, we discovered ‘Hey! Answerman!’ a column where an American who may have lived in Japan for short amount of time tells you the ins and outs of our culture, or how about Anime News Nina; a weekly webcomic used as a carrier for a number of ANNs elitist ideals.

Spend any amount of extended time on ANN and you’ll find that the same anime titles keep cropping up everywhere, most of these are either highly sponsered series being sold by american companies, or the most obscure title ANN can find in an attempt to look elitist and knowledgeable by choosing a niche title nobody knows of.

All of the above was written a few months ago, and we have to say that ANN has since improved and isn’t half as bad as it used to be. Also, the sudden termination of this review has nothing to do with the big payoff Christopher Macdonald just gave us. Nothing.

Anime News Network, by not really being a blog has to be eliminated by us really. But it has nothing to do with the content. Move along, there is nothing to see here.

Anime News Network – ELIMINATED


We’ve obviously had our feedback, we’ve gotten a lot of hate and (surprisingly) a lot of love. Generally we don’t care, but when SiRiRu decided she would give her pearls of wisdom to the situation, we decided we’d make an example out of her and rip her to pieces.

We’re usually rude, but we’re not often crass. This time, we’re going to be crass for just a few seconds as we say: “SiRiRu is a stupid bitch”

It didn’t feel good stooping to flame levels, but it was a factual statement for sure.

We did see your post about us Siriru, for all who want to just laugh at the sheer stupidity, allow us to link you here:

In this highly entertaining post, Siriru attempts to call us out and act like a bitchy teenager whilst saying that there is no way we’ll read it anyway. It just seems a bit counterproductive for starters.

“Well, personally, I think the Otaku Elimination game is just a play to get people looking at their websites.”

At our website? You mean blog right? At the blogs of the people on the list? What?

First of all, hits and visits are pretty useless when we don’t have any content aside from that of which you visited to see. We’re not affiliated with anywhere else on the internet either. And for the others? Why would we be trying to get them hits? They’re popular either way so we don’t care how famous they become for being featured in the ‘game.

“It claims to make constructive criticism, but it seems more like it’s just bashing anime blogs, instead of really giving them criticism.”

We never claimed to make constructive criticism and we never even pretend to give that illusion. There has been a lot of misconceptions about this and it just shows that people are so egotistically wound up in their perfect blog that they think that any criticism must be constructive. After all, WHO? would criticise your precious blog without being nice. I’ll tell you who: Us.

Let’s make a big jump back to our first post where we featured Steve. He was (obviously) a bit annoyed but we saw a comment by him (somewhere) that said about how there was no way you couldn’t call the feedback he got constructive. People are expecting spoon-fed niceties, we do not offer that service. Anyone with half a braincell will be able to pick out what we don’t like about their blog and begin to change it if they feel it’s a problem like we do.

The long and the short of the matter is that we just fucked up your comfort zone and you don’t like it so you whinge about constructive criticism at us as if we care. We do not. There’s something constructive in all of our posts, if you can’t find it then it’s your fault for not having the common sense to see it.

“You guys basically bashed on Seinime’s Website as well.”

No we did not. Seinime did it all on his own as what was described as a  ‘pre-emptive strike’. We had nothing to do with that and we found it quite amusing. You’re making enemies for yourself by stirring up a shitstorm among your readers. The more you say things like this, the more we begin to inadvertantly dislike seinime and the more we will rip into him. He won’t like us for doing it, and he won’t like you for instigating it (which is exactly what you are doing). Be careful with your words and be careful what you publish. You are in middle school and you may think that your childish finger pointing is harmless, but we are adults who do not take kindly to that kind of behaviour and we will be quick to show your shit-stirring behaviour to anyone and everyone who comes within a 5km radius of you and your blog and expose you for who you really are and what you are really like.

This made us laugh and I mean, we couldn’t type for laughing. Here, SiRiRu is so stupid that she doesn’t even read Seinime’s post properly and thinks that his parody of us was actually our words! Yui for the saimoe winner? Get the fuck out. Enjoy the comedy drama, brought to you by the OEG:


(Me: Looks fine to me)

“Stop trying. You’re not impressing anyone. HALLOWEEN IS OVER ALREADY, GET ON WITH IT. What colors could possibly be worse than orange and black. And not all people like Taiga and Toradora. Yui soooooooooooooooooo should’ve won. Even then, who gives a shit about your stupid banner. Also, STOP CHANGING THEMES. Pick one and stick to it, my eyes will hurt once you get to your 12823461874617341368th theme. The poll also asks some stupid same old otaku questions that any other blog might ask. Get some originality.”

People have different opinions than you do, you know. Taiga won the Saimoe Competition because people liked her more then Yui. Unless you’d like to argue with the tons of people that actually voted for Taiga in the Saimoe competition, then shut the fuck up. Also, some people actually like the colors orange and black, as well as the header matched the Halloween theme in October. Maybe you guys at OEG should just shut up about the theme changing, since you guys don’t change your theme at all, and the white is already starting to hurt my eyes.

It seems the Otaku Elimination Game is just to bash others’ blogs, not give them constructive criticism. Maybe you guys should just stop making claims about giving criticism and just say that you enjoy bashing anime blogs all the time. Almost the comments on the OEG website are negative. They just flame and the guys at OEG just feel happy that they’re getting tons of visitors on their site. They seem to be spending so much time getting angry and giving insults at anime blogs, they’re not giving out any contstructive criticism. If you want some nice constructive criticism, just ask some friends or others to looks at your website and see what they say. Don’t rely on the OEG to give you statements on what to improve on.

And for you effing fags at OEG, your opinion is yours, our opinion is ours. I don’t care if you’re doing this just out of boredom or because you enjoy harassing others, but maybe, and just maybe, you can actually help people on their website to make it better. If you guys want a person’s website to be as good as you say you want them to be, then just fuckin’ help them, give them advice, something.


Laugh-out-fucking-loud. Just by not reading one post properly, SiRiRu throws a complete bitchfest about something we didn’t even do! She was angry, opinionated and probably crying. All in all it was a good day for the OEG and we didn’t even have to do anything!

Look here, SiRiRu. All in all, your blog is a joke and there was no way you were going to ever pass with a name like that. You pass us off as a flame war because you don’t agree with us and didn’t see past the wall of anger you surrounded yourself in. You watch generic anime, run a generic blog (that you clearly don’t have the dedication to update) and yet still try and use the name ‘Randotaku’ (Which we can only assume is Random+Otaku and ironically, your blog is neither) as if it says something about yourself. It does, but we can assure you that it doesn’t show anything intelligent.

“If you think I’m not a real otaku, I don’t really care, okay. Your opinion is yours. Mine  is mine. Okay? Done.”

No it’s not done, we’re not finished with you. Stop trying to use your ‘opinion’ as a means of trying to keep the otaku name for yourself and inadvertantly bend the truth. It does not belong to you, it does not describe you, it has nothing to do with you. You may as well have called yourself ‘Doorframe’ as there really is no difference in terms of relevance.

Once again, your so called ‘opinion’ (Because it’s funny how these things can quickly turn into ‘fact’) only serves as your defence mechanism to protect your world of lies from the people like us who rip it to peices and burn all its inhabitants and their families, and that goes for everyone else too. Not to mention we’ve already thoroughly proved that your opinion is both uneducated and completely devoid of the truth.

“Also, I don’t care if you call me an otaku. I do stay at home a lot. :3”

You’ve completely missed the point. You’re beyond fixing. You are a broken toy discarded by the OEG Staff after we played with you, broke you and then threw you away like a used condom. Goodbye.


We are the final word. We are the arsonists. But sometimes, fires just break out around us and we don’t even know if we started them or not. Instead of running away or putting them out, we just throw gasoline around wherever we can and laugh manically as everybody inside perishes. And if you’re going to step up to us in a fit of teen rage? We’re just going to smash you down harder. Viva La Otaku Revolution.

It’s a hoot out there and we’re starting to forget just who we ripped into and what issues they have with us. See the list? We add to that whenever we feel angry enough so that we have something to chew on later. We rip the meat from the bones like we separate the fakers from the real deal. For every 1 or 2 possibly genuine otaku, there are about 20 wannabes who will step in and call themselves it first, most of the guys on the list are the survivors so far, if you’re really otaku then take the fight out of your blog and into theirs.

Stop the passive agression and start making your move. kodomut, gordonator, danny and the rest may have clever retorts for your attacks on them (if they can even compile a sentence, that is) but just call the OEG on the email we gave in the Q&A or just drop a comment and the calvary will come running and we will swarm them.

It’s an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth out there, but this time we ran out of eyes to jab out so we’ll go for the jugular and break the entire fucking jaw while you stab their toes. Keep to the rule, if they don’t claim to be otaku, they’re fine by us, as for the rest; let the war begin.



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40 responses to “Round Three: Extreme Drama, Famous News Sites and More Irritating Mac users? Just as planned…

  1. My interest in this has turned more to puzzlement. Not so much about your judgements anymore, but the strange rambling and weird analogies. :\

    I’m getting the feeling that you guys are on a strange power trip or something that I can’t understand at the moment.

    I do follow your ideals of how the anime community has mislabeled themselves as otaku, and that you hope to change that, but something tells me you’re doing it wrong.

    In the end, these people will just continue to blog and do their thing exactly as before. A revolution doesn’t happen alone. You need the full support of everyone. You’re definitely setting fires, and those fires are burning bridges you probably didn’t know you had or could use to help with changing the ways of the anime blogosphere.

    But in the end, I can’t think of a better way than to physically pull the plug on non-otaku people who think they’re otaku.

  2. Frickin’ lol.

    By the way OEG, don’t wet yourselves, but I’m typing this from a white polycarbonate Macbook with an EFF bumper sticker across the Apple logo.

  3. This post was fucking awesome. I don’t really know why, but I just got fired up.

  4. I seriously doubt any of these people will stop calling themselves an otaku because of this. But hey, it’s still mighty fine entertainment

  5. Bashing on ANN is like shooting fish in a barrel though I will say that I’m just a touch disappointed by not making fun of some of their staff members more. There’s one in particular who really deserves a good tongue-lashing but ehhh I guess Colony Drop already did a good one on her.

    Keep up with the entertainment!

  6. Well, I suppose pretty much everyone outside the US and Japan (and possibly UK) knows ANN is a bunch of faggotry as far as much of their posts go. I found it amusing how Justin Sevakis’ AFA travel blog said he was surprised how a country where everyone is watching pirated anime can have a vibrant anime fandom. Just shows how damn short-sighted he is.
    You think Singapore has no credible legal anime distribution? You’re most certainly welcome over to Finland sometimes. And our local fandom is actually a bit too vibrant for its own good right now. ANN treats the entire Western world as United States as far as anime is concerned. Nothing could be farther from the truth but hey, that’s ANN for ya. Oh yeah, and I totally remember how they called Sola a H-game adaptation…
    By the way, I’m indeed in Singapore to attend AFA at the moment. And thus far I love it. Then again, the only thing I have to compare it to are ten times smaller Finnish cons with barely any merchandise to look around for or any kind of industry involvement whatsoever.

  7. Ever since I’ve been reviewed on the first post, I can’t help myself but come back here and read the rest of your reviews on others. Really fine entertainment, and somewhat it enlightens me to refurbish my blog to make it the way I want it to be (and also for the benefit of the readers).

    Constructive criticism is good, but it depends on whether you tip-toe the fine line between hate-criticise or good-criticise (if there were such terms lol). I guess you guys are making your point across to the bloggers out there to what they are passionate about, not what they are “supposed” to write. Hope you get what I mean.

    Heck, to quote Scamp above “…I seriously doubt any of these people will stop calling themselves an otaku because of this…”. I even stop calling myself that in respect to the often misused / misinterpreted meaning to the word “otaku”.

    Thanks for the heads up, OEG gang. Your opinion on my site really gave me the knock on the head I needed. ^^

  8. I don’t know…SiRiRu mentioned somthing about your white background hurting her eyes. But research has proven that black type on white background is the easiest combination on the eyes…I’m lost. :P

    While I agree with a lot of what you guys are saying, but as Radiant mentioned above, what good does it make to label them as “eliminated” if you’re not going to physically remove them from the blogosphere? I think it would make much more sense if you labeled them as “failures” instead.

    I’m actually looking forward to the critiques of a couple of blogs on your hit list. :)

    • Orcinus

      That’s because truly eliminating them constitutes as a crime.

      • Really? I didn’t know that. :P

        The point is, they are just giving these blogs a grade of pass or fail of whether they are an otaku or not. So it should really read something like: Randotaku by SiRiRu – FAILED xxxx xxxxx. It’s just like a teacher marking a student’s work.

    • Orcinus

      So _how_ do you want the offending blogs to be physically removed?

    • Yi

      Elimination makes sense in that these blog are eliminated from the game. Elimination does not necessarily only mean complete evisceration from existence everywhere.

  9. Pyramid Head

    I CAME.

  10. Maybe SiRiRu thinks you guys are the writers of the blogs you are illiminating? That’s why she thinks the blogs will get more hits?

    Which is rather stupid because the only ones I’ve even looked at are the ones you let pass. Even then it’s just a quick glance.

    I am finding this all interesting, in part because what Japan’s view on otaku is and what the rest of the world thinks they are. It’s nice to see someone pointing out the difference in opinion.

    • It’s not the difference between what Japan thinks and what the West thinks. There are plenty of kids in Japan who think they are otaku but are at best just on the road to becoming one.

      • Miha is absolutely right. I think we highlighted this…somewhere. In terms of Otaku, they have people to look up to and get inspiration from, in the english-speaking blog scene there’s Danny Choo and that’s it, and he isn’t a good example by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Orcinus

        The only reason Danny gets to be the source of inspiration is because of the PR machinery he’s crafted.

        Don’t think for once either, that Alodia counts. She considers herself a gamer more than anything else.

  11. Another post that made my weekend. That biatch seriously has problems. Did she forget that this is the internet? *sigh*

  12. rawrcakes

    hmmm… i have something i have to admit…
    i love danny choo and i love macs, but i also love OEG….
    i think something is wrong with me… o.o

  13. I started to load up this website every weekend – a bi-weekly post would be a great idea! This website is great entertainment and could actually fix the misuse of the word “otaku” that’s in the anime blogosphere.

  14. Also, “He won’t like us for doing it, and he won’t like you for instigating it (which is exactly what you are doing). ” beware of my masochism.

    Also I’d like to apologize and use a phoenix down on Siruru’s blog as I asked to put it back up just for fun. And that was the killing point. Whoops, sorry.

  15. We had nothing to do with that and we found it quite amusing.

    – Glad you did.

  16. It was a fun read. By the way, Randotaku blog is so new (only 2 months old). Isn’t it too early to attack her blog? There’s plenty more out there that have been around for a while.

  17. Greatness. Just pure greatness.

  18. tetraacetylethylenediamine

    “For every 1 or 2 possibly genuine otaku, there are about 20 wannabes who will step in and call themselves it first”

    20 seems like a gross underestimate of what it would be in reality.
    Anyhow, keep up the good work. This is still a rather entertaining read.

  19. So wait, instead of being lulzy, it has pretty much degenerated into thinly-veiled hate?

    …That was quick D:

  20. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but what I read was

    “We’re jealous that Danny Choo goes to that small AFA thingy that nobody goes to, but not to te awesome Comiket/TGS that we attend”

  21. Ahhh, I must admit, you guys are lawls, and I fully support some ANN-bashing. I never even noticed the “Moe is… usually the ideal of youthful and innocent femininity.” WTF Moe does not only apply to females nor is it only used to attract male audience.

    Although I think you’re being way too harsh on the middle-schooler from Randotaku… I mean, give the inexperienced kid a break (<_< )

    "it has pretty much degenerated into thinly-veiled hate?"
    Yeah really…

  22. Fell

    “an American who may have lived in Japan for short amount of time tells you the ins and outs of our culture”

    “our culture”

    Do I understand you to assert that you are Japanese? It should not matter either way, but it does not seem likely. It seems less likely that you mean, when you say “our culture”, any other group (say that of otaku, whether self-styled or not.)

    And given your mockery of other Asians pretending to be Japanese, it seems unlikely that you are Japan-born or Japan-raised but not both, or that you were Japan-raised for the larger part of your lifetime.

    Least likely of all: that you accidentally let slip “our culture”; it was written with care and intent.

    You write English as a first language (Henry Higgins’ rule: Exceptionally skilled ESL students make distinctive errors and (more relevantly) avoid other distinctive errors.) but may have any level of skill in Japanese.

    Well, this foolish visitor looks forward to finding out what it was you good mavens were actually claiming.

  23. Fell

    Ah; now I understand your claim. I should have lurked moar.

    “We’re a handful of people from all across the world, predominantly Japanese, with a few ex-patriates in Japan handling translation & writing and some members from USA, Singapore and the UK doing research because of the large divide in culture and the fact that internet jokes can be difficult to understand without a full insight into the context of their use.”

  24. Hoteluri In Predeal

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    I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to brand new updates and will share this
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