Twitter Feed Is Up

We now have Twitter.


Live feed is directly on the right.



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9 responses to “Twitter Feed Is Up

  1. loldebi

    [insert huge expression of love here]

    awww …

  2. Followed instantly! <3

    …though I hoped you guys would tweet more.

  3. CC

    idk how to feel about this. ;_;

  4. I find having “Call out the posse — the Twitter posse” as a related topic ironically funny.

    Mental note to self: Go out more.

  5. I guess I’ll follow you :)

  6. Holy shit! WTH?!? I’m disappointed!

    Isn’t Twitter one of the (as you said before) “typical ridiculous web 2.0 tools that no doubt Danny Choo uses”?
    How can you guys use something like that?

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