Round 5: The Belated Bumper Edition

Round 5 is here! And this time, we’re getting experimental. We decided to do this week’s elimination in true blogging style; by picking subjects that ‘interested’ us. This week there is no random selection, we chose these on purpose because we wanted to. Of course, they were all part of the list and so on. For those saying “This will take years” don’t worry. It’ll only take years if we want it too, and at this stage, we really don’t want that. The pace will pick up soon, just keep following as normal.

Today we took out:

Sankaku Complex it’s minions and of course, Artefact himself.

Radiant Dreamer and his gallery

We made a special feature of Just Moe

As per request we walked all over Winterheim|hdd

We dissected The Scrumptious Anime Blog for all it was worth

And then we concluded our weekly reign of terror with

Wow! Look exciting? Well strap yourself in and hold on tight!

In round 5 we began to hit home. We’d reserved ourselves from attacking the people who comment on our blog with the knowledge we’d have to do it somepoint and that time is now. Let it begin.

Radiant Dreamer

We’ve met lots of singaporeans who claim to know everything about figures because they take pictures of them and collect them (And in many cases, not knowing anything about the characters of the figures they collect) but when radiant embarassed himself publically by trying to tell us what was what on the figure scene, we just /had/ to take him down a few rungs of the ladder. In fact, we pulled the ladder from him and watched him tumble down and break his legs upon impact. And as long as his body lies there; shaking and twitching, we’ll continue to dance all over it.

We’re not figure experts by any means, but a member of the all-singing all-dancing OEG staff sculpts garage kits as a hobby, and even they disagreed with you, Radiant. That’s gotta hurt, seeing as a large portion of your blog posts seem to revolve around figures.

From what we understood, Radiant is a singaporean ex-pat in Canada. The concept of this is brilliant. Two countries, equally full of shit-talking bloggers combining into one, if more singaporeans did this then we could start getting some centralisation instead of having to sidestep countries across the globe. It’d even make them a much easier target for when the Nation Elimination Game comes around.

What sets Radiant apart from the others is the fact that he has a wife (Apparently) and works as an artist in the video games industry (Apparently). We’ve seen your art, it’s OK. It’s probably better than what most of us could produce, but it’s not stunning and probably accounts for why we’ve never associated Vancouver with Video Games.

There’s a funny interview with Radiant by ‘tomopop’ (Some other place we’ve never heard of). Some of the quotes were great, nothing short of comedic:

Tomopop: “Where do the majority of your figurines come from? Animation, videogames?”

Radiant: “A lot of them are from hentai games that I’ve never even heard of, but I like the figures anyway.”

Right… “Hentai Games”… We actually were making an assumption when we said that Radiant had no idea of the characters he was buying, but as it goes, it wasn’t far removed from the truth at all. In fact we were 100% correct.

“With a modest collection of over 100 anime figurines from tv/film, video games, and Japanese culture, Dan Lam, an artist working in the Vancouver video game industry, has accumulated quite the toy shelf. It all began with a general interest in anime throughout high school, which escalated upon entering college to the point where the title of Otaku became appropriate.”

Uh oh, misuse of the dreaded ‘O’ word. Is 100 really that much? It would fill up one room at best, let alone any others. We wouldn’t call that otaku. He also uses a Mac book, peh. Despite not being Mac users we couldn’t help but think the broad, stereotypical generalisation that all Mac users were the same was an unfair assumption to make, but as a result of the OEG, we’re starting to see more truth in this than ever before. Radiant also sells his figures, because as far as he is concerned, Money > Merchandise.

This concludes it basically, Radiant really is no different from the likes of Danny Choo and Kodomut in that his thirst for taking pictures and blogging comes before the figures themselves, and that is most certainly not otaku at all. We saw some gross misuse of the word on his blog too. He talks about how his ‘wife’ watches anime, yet links straight to blogs such as “Pretty Asian Girls” right on the front page. Which tags itself as “Welcome to Pretty Asian Girls, a flickr weblog featuring pictures of the sexiest girls from Asia.” Some marriage that must be.

Simply stated, Radiant is not otaku and he never will be. He cares too much about his blog, taking photographs and engaging in ridiculous PR events to actually give a damn about his so called interests. I wonder who that reminds us of…

Radiant is a follower of the OEG and despite making comments such as:

I do follow your ideals of how the anime community has mislabeled themselves as otaku, and that you hope to change that, but something tells me you’re doing it wrong.

“It’s definitely a wake-up call for everyone.”

Let it be a wake up call for you first. Because you are certainly far from being otaku or even beginning to understand it.

Just be aware that everyone (and I do mean everyone) is waiting for you guys to make a single fatal misstep.

And just what are they going to do if we do happen to ‘Misstep’?

“Keep moving your goal post, and we’ll all just basically lose interest. Then the real failures will be you guys. Don’t let that happen this early in the game.”

Here, Radiant becomes under the illusion that he weilds some kind of power against us. How old are you again? Do you really have a job? We’re starting to heavily doubt you at this point. Surely nobody this childish would ever be in a professional position.

“Otaku choose to stay indoors” hmmm… now that I think about it, I haven’t left my house in quite a number of days, since I sit in front of this computer all day, and play video games, and watch anime…

I should go out… and buy some video games.

Aha, so you don’t have a job. Either that or you’re lying about the above. Which one is it going to be? And don’t worry, as we said above, you’re far from Otaku.

Radiant nominated many in his early comments, and his generally upbeat comments degenerated into telling us what to do. So what changed? Did your wife leave you? You nominate others on the list without caring if they wanted to or not. Regardless of whether or not we would have ruined them anyway, it isn’t exactly the nicest way to treat your friends now is it? It just goes to show what a childish, sad, little man you are. We’ll be sure to inform all those who you nominated exactly why we tore their blog apart and the person responsible for asking for them.

So there we go, just by simply observing Radiant’s blog, we made some shocking discoveries and tore him limb from limb. Just how much of his life is genuine? We can see he takes pictures of his figures, but how do we know about the rest? Even Danny Choo takes enough pictures for us to know just about everything regarding his life, but Radiant doesn’t seem to have that. We honestly doubt a large part of his reported life and as far as we’re concerned, he has lost all credibility.

Radiant Dreamer by Radiant – ELIMINATED

Boo-hoo. We know, you didn’t care about us anyway, we’re failures and this blog will fall etc. etc. We’ve heard it all before, so we’re pulling a Seinime and saying it all before you do. Excellent, now we don’t have to put up with your crying.

In fact, Radiant will probably get his blogging buddies to set up a small movement against us or something and try and upstage us. We’ll keep you posted on the details of that, because it’s sure to be a barrel of laughs.

Sankaku Complex

We didn’t want to pick on websites anymore. We did it with ANN and it just seemed pointless when we couldn’t personally single out people and have some fun. The same applies to SC, although upon closer inspection, we weren’t dealing with a website, we were dealing with a whole retarded community.

We are of course referring to 4chan, the derivitive of a derivitive from where SC’s retarded audience seems to originate from. If anything, 4chan cleared up a lot for us in terms of why we kept seeing the same kinds of phrases all across the blogosphere. We thought 2ch and 2chan could be stupid at times, we never realised how much worse it could be elsewhere.

We didn’t look at 4chan in detail, we went into the anime board and all we could find was just banter by SC readers. For those that don’t know of it, we can only describe it as many people talking, lying and generally trying to one-up their peers as if they were the experts of a certain subject.

The community of 4chan and SC is so retarded that any blog using language from either one is just going to be flat out eliminated and probably not even featured to begin with. You lost as soon as you came into contact with a keyboard.

Artefact trying to look intelligent and falling flat on his face in doing so. Thanks for the picture Danny!

Artefact is the real star of the show as far as SC is concerned, as one of our twitter followers was keen to point out “Artefag believes his blog is a ~news site~ and will rage if you refer to it as anything but.” there’s even a fun IRC quote where he kicks and bans a user for saying otherwise. The truth must hurt a lot.

<@Artefact> We are a "news site" and don't you forget it
< hyourou> it's a blog no matter what you say.
-!- mode/#sankakucomplex [+b *!*] by Artefact
-!- hyourou was kicked from #sankakucomplex by Artefact [hyourou]
<@Artefact> I'm serious
<@Artefact> "news site"
<@Artefact> Like Slashdot

Oh dear…

The process of SC is simple, copy content from Itainews and (if not done so already) turn said content into sensationalist rubbish. As a news website, SC is just hilarious. As far as we’re concerned, flat out lying isn’t really what we’d call news. We’d call that “flat-out lying”.

Danny Choo also (laughably) uses itai news as a source sometimes. Is it just the blind leading the blind here?

Speaking of which, because of some kind of petty arguement, DC refused to link to SC after Artefact lied a little too hard, which instead of gaining views as intended, it instead lost Artefact a large amount of audience. “Epic fail”. There, we said it.

Let’s face it, Artefact x Danny Choo was never going to work; Artefact was too stubborn, too racist, sexist and too obsessed with seeing his name in lights that Danny Choo simply felt threatened and angry that there was potentially a bigger player in the blogosphere.

But where does that leave us? Well, it’s clear to everybody that there is no way Artefact is otaku, and his users even less so. So I suppose you could say we’re doing this “for the lulz” (See where we’re going with this?).

Basically Artefact wanted to create an anime news site. Fair enough, but just how could he make it different from the other news sites? Well, Artefact was clever, Artefact used brain! Yes, Artefact seems to have mimicked many real newspapers in that his headlines are so controversially shocking that you just have to have a look, even if it’s just to write an angry response.

We call this trolling, and we would have thought that a community so obsessed with trolling would know better than to respond to the sensationalist bullshit that appears on the front page. We showed you a picture of Artefact above (Thanks again Danny!) and we can’t help but notice that he is gremlin-like not only in his appearance but in his feeble efforts to desperately scratch and squirm around the internet to dig up something that might get some attention.

It’s sad really, SC is probably on it’s last legs, and Artefact knows that no amount of pageviews will ever conquer the fact that it could collapse at any time. We’re certain that some readers are thinking “Well, the same applies to you”, but we beg to differ. Remember when we said that we were the tractor and you were the lambs? Well it still stands, you can run faster than us, you can duck and dodge us, but in the end we keep going and going until you can’t run any further, and that’s when the blood spills. We feel sorry for Artefact in that his news site has nothing more to offer than any other blog. In fact, even reading Danny Choo at least makes us angry. We’re eliminating SC on similar grounds to ANN, the stupidity is just an added bonus.

Sankaku Complex by Artefact – Eliminated

Easy enough considering it was such a big target on the list. Don’t worry, we’ll draw out the others to something much longer and more entertaining.

Just Moe

Just Moe is a strange choice, and probably seen as a small-timer considering some of the names we’ve featured this week. But we featured it with good reason.

First of all, just look at it. The moment you label your blog as ‘Moe’ is somewhat disconcerting. Seeing as most interpretations seem to be wrong anyway. If you’re looking at the homepage right now, there really are no prizes for guessing what page we homed in on right away.

Well, we were indeed shocked. tflops’s interpretation of otaku may not have been written by himself, but it showed a level of understanding at least. There were some points that made us go “Hmmm” but in general we couldn’t help but appreciate the level of understanding that radiated from the essay.

This is a very short entry, we’ll simply be watching Just Moe all the way until round 2 when we’ll be able to make a real decision.

Just Moe by tflops – APPROVED


Winterheim was featured as a result of nominating himself after we gave him the choice. His reasoning? He wanted to get it over and done with quickly. A fair claim, but could this just be another example of how masochistic the blogosphere can be?

Either way, Winterheim was one of those who blogged about us. Staying very neutral, we found it difficult to try and make any kind of retort towards it. However, it impressed us greatly that Winterheim went as far to correct previous misuses of the word. This is the kind of intuition we like to see.

We have to admit Winterheim, if you hadn’t changed that, we would of failed you. As much of an avid figure/anime/tokusatsu fan you may be, we wouldn’t call you Otaku by any stretch of the imagination. The sheer amount of time and effort spent on your blog is truely shocking, we’ve never seen such an amount of blogging related tools on either side of your blog. Truely someone who likes to stay in contact, we wouldn’t hesitate to label Winterheim as a blogging otaku. You may be ranked in a similar place to Danny Choo with this title, but you’ve given him a real run for his money.

Congratulations Winterheim, you passed this time as a result of your cultural awareness and you’ve gone through to the second part, in which we shall see just how otaku you are. You’ll be up against some real fanatics who slipped through the net, so now is the time to start getting down to some serious fandom. See you shortly.

Winterheim|hdd by Winterheim – APPROVED

That wasn’t so painful now was it?

The Scrumptious Anime Blog

What can we say about this place, well. When we first saw it we liked it a lot. The continual food-related themes running throughout were a nice touch, especially when it came to the rating system. We’ve seen so many idiotic fangirls now we were really glad to see some that actually had some common sense and could construct a decent blog about anime.

Unfortunately it seems that whoever is running the place has a real problem with PR. The blog is a pisspan of childish, immature name-calling and pathetic arguments. It was a place with potentially a lot of class and a friendliness, but instead it’s a mess.

We’d love to go on but what can we say, the framework is good but the authors are terrible, it’s as simple as that. Throw them out and replace them with people who can actually write. They did a peice on how they wanted the OEG to end, we think it was supposed to generate humour but we really didn’t understand it at all. Then it went on to to talk about sperm. What?

We rate the Scrumptious Anime Blog a 1.5: Nothing short of fodder. We also saw some misuse of the word otaku too, which we almost overlooked the first few times around.

The Scrumptious Anime Blog by Usagijen – ELIMINATED

Finally we’re onto a blog heavily questioned to us by our readers…

They say you cannot kill what is already dead, but we beg to differ.


Melonpan is a dutch fellow who used to run While we never saw it (we don’t google this shit) we saw his room on and we weren’t impressed. Melonpan gained fame from wondering around whichever dull scandanavian country he came from with a Nia body pillow. This of course made him an ‘Otaku Superstar’ of sorts. In reality, Melonpan pulled an awful attention seeking publicity stunt in order to get acceptance from his peers, there was no otaku in him to begin with.

As his credibility began to fade away, Melonpan decided to pull another attention seeking publicity stunt by ‘destroying’ his merchandise in a Dadaist frenzy and claiming to have quit the scene. We were impressed by this extreme show of passion, but later disappointed when we heard that it was all a cry for attention and mental help.

A dangerous fellow indeed.

Imagine the look on Danny’s face if you did this to his dollfie. Almost worth the criminal record.

Nowadays doesn’t exist, leaving someone of more worth to take the domain name. Word on the street is that Melonpan was having a child and couldn’t blog anymore, which means he had a girlfriend right from the word go and was betraying us all. Good riddance. by Melonpan – ELIMINATED

So there we go, Round 5 was action packed episode. With Radiant being torn apart and beaten by Winterheim and tflops, and us digging up Melonpan from beyond the grave to lay down some pain. We’ll update the list tomorrow, it’s getting too late to do it now.



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55 responses to “Round 5: The Belated Bumper Edition

  1. Just a curious question: What grades did you guys have in geography?
    Since when is Switzerland part of the Netherlands? And we here in middle Europe are Scandinavians?

  2. Guy

    The power Daniel has over you is very real, I’ve even covered it on my two posts discussing how to get more readership to one’s site.

    The power Daniel has over you, and the way in which you can fail (I read Daniel not as threatening you, but as urging you to be cautious) is when people get fed up, and stop reading you.

    A game is not a game until it is played, the box which we call a game and the rules which compose it, they are not a game until people pick them up.

    Likewise, a blog no one reads, it’s a private memoir.

    • I’ve looked through the readership post and no sign of Dan at all.

    • Guy

      Because it seems a couple of people had searched for these entries, I thought I’d link directly to them.

      Blog Success Part 1 deals with how to build your blog.
      Blog success Part 2 deals with how to get visitors, once your blog is up and running.

      Both also deal with the “pact” one makes with one’s readers.

      • A guy of sorts.

        “A game is not a game until it is played”

        Actually a game is just “a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators.”

        Right now The game is one in which websites on a list not deemed to be worthy by the players get eliminated until there is one left.
        The players are all of the writers here on the O.E.G. and the rules on which they judge websites are up to their own interpretation since they invented the game they set all the rules; and they do this for either their own amusement or our amusement I am not sure which yet.

        Good day,
        -A guy of sorts

      • Guy

        That was an analogy. The “Game” in the Otaku Elimination Game is nothing.

        The analogy was that a blog is not a blog, that it does not serve its purpose, when it is not read.
        The readers are as much a necessity as the authors.

  3. A bit of a slow week I think since there weren’t any unexpected hideousness in store this time like there was last week. I say unexpected because Sankaku sucking is something that most of the people I associate with are well aware of.

  4. Heh, kinda nice to see Sankaku up there. It’s just yellow journalism within the anime blogosphere. And yeah, despite whatever anyone says, it’s a blog. It posts news, yeah, but that doesn’t make it anything like Slashdot. In fact just the claim that Sankaku is like Slashdot made me snicker.

    And good job with, had totally forgotten about that nutcase. Sure gave me a few good laughs.

  5. >Nation elimination game

    I haven’t looked at the statistics yet, but I have this funny feeling there may be a sizable amount of Singaporean immigration into Canada, that’s why.

    Now, an interesting question would be in the portrait of the Singaporean blogger: Why they turn stale fast, why they imitate so readily, and the burnout that they go through.

  6. There’s something that concerns me here though; you mentioned that any blog that uses “4chan talk” will auto-fail. Care to elaborate? I think it’s rather unfair when judging English-speaking anime fandom because like it or not, 4chan and other image boards are so integral part of its cultural evolution and identity. I don’t go to 4chan and I loathe f/a/gs but as anyone who has read my posts can tell, I do utilize their jargon and memes a lot.

    I hope that you mean blatant meme spamming and Sankaku-style retarded use of funky terminology, that is indeed fail-worthy. But if you really rule out blogs by whether they make reasonable use of the slang that’s one of the definitive features of English internet culture, then I can only say:
    “‘O’EG, I am disappoint.”

    Go ahead, destroy me.

    • No, you’re spot on. It’s inevitably going to be on the blogosphere too, but blogs laden with that kind of thing is barely going to be considered. It’s as you said, basically.

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  8. OEG follower

    I know I missed the Q&A and all, but a thought just occurred to me.

    Say, you eliminate a blog for misusing the term, “otaku”. What if, after being eliminated, the author corrects himself, and begins to use “otaku” the right way (whether it be by dropping the use of the term, or becoming a “true” otaku)? What then? Does the blog simply remain eliminated?

  9. I know very well that our blog is a mess, but you didn’t exactly dissect it… and you obviously haven’t read Onani Master Kurosawa. I am disappoint T_T

  10. Couldn’t agree more with SC. The only reason I have them on my blogroll is for amusement. Some of the “news” were so effing blah, that it was hilarious. They are more like hentai-shit-shite than news shite, is what I think and they definitely deserved to be eliminated.

    Good job OEG

  11. This round was like, 90% PORNKAKU FAPLEX, material. THe other blogs got shunned so bad, the reviews on some of the blogs may be half-assed IMO.

    Better otakublog reviews plox.

    • yeah, it did seem kinda half-assed. :\

    • Actually, it was 50% Radiant, 45% SC, and 5% the rest.

      Also I think Shance wants to be spanked by the bad boys of the OEG so bad.

      • I just mean that since they deliver the goods, they should deliver it good. We can ratio it all we want, but we should also make sure the ratio works for everyone: the readers, the authors, the blogs being dissected, and the blog owners.

        If the discussion is meaty, I gobble it up without chewing. And of course, puking it up doesn’t disqualify.

  12. Wahaha melonpan, I only remember his crazy antics and had no idea that he “quitted” the scene. Also I had no idea Radiant was an immigrant to Canada, and yes a lot of SG’ers migrate to Canada.

    Nation Elimination Game – please eliminate SG first thank you. This place sucks.

  13. testing italics. Does this work
    this comment can be deleted.

  14. Message from OEG: Among other comments on the same post, Dan proceeds to tell us how much we made him laugh many, many times. It’s like saying “I don’t care, I don’t care about this at all! I’m not even bothered by this one bit!!!” – The more times you say it, the more increasingly obvious it becomes that you actually do care. Dan, if you’re going to lie once again, at least do it convincingly. Some of this is so childish it’s just painful to watch you scrabble around trying not to lose face. Just stop while you still have half of a reputation.

    Sweet! FINALLY! I do have to make some corrections/clarifications to your post though, cuz it seems you guys are vague for your own purposes.

    by picking subjects that ‘interested’ us
    Awww… thanks, that’s flattering. You don’t have to put it in quotes. You know you like it.

    we just /had/ to take him down
    I KNEW prodding you guys a bit would get you moving. Sorry, I was impatiently waiting for my verdict. //Lies

    his body lies there; shaking and twitching
    Yeah, from ROFLMAO. Keep reading.

    OEG staff sculpts garage kits as a hobby
    Three tweets doesn’t make much of a debate on who knows what about the figure scene.
    I’ll just blatantly attack you guys cuz you can’t defend yourselves without shifting your positions of being anonymous:
    “Your sculpts must suck!”
    Don’t take it personally though, I’m just having fun. :)

    is a singaporean ex-pat in Canada.
    WRONG. Observational skills fail. lol. Look harder.

    he has a wife … and works as an artist in the video games industry
    Yup. She’s pretty hot too, if you check out her pix. /*We’ll be the judge of that.*/
    Been working in the game industry for 6+ years now, check me out on the mobygames database.
    /*We saw this too, biggest title was a Spyro the Dragon game. Most of the others were the standard “50 Arcade classics” deal.*/

    We’ve seen your art Dan, it’s OK.

    Oh reminds me, shameless plug – Be sure to check out my cover art on the Europe release of Blazblue when it comes out!

    why we’ve never associated Vancouver with Video Games
    I warned you guys not to yap about something you know little about.
    One of EA’s first few major divisions was started in Vancouver.
    I worked for the world’s largest independant game developer, vancouver division.
    I can keep listing, but nevermind.

    There’s a funny interview with Dan by ‘tomopop’
    Yeah, that’s a pretty funny interview. I guess you guys couldn’t really find anything on my blog to pick at so you had to use an external random journalist interview by a random journalist who knew little about anime (Albert Art. Google him and you might find what he’s interested in) for the misuse of ‘otaku’.
    It’s okay. I know you were grasping at straws.

    Dan also uses a Mac book, peh
    Tis true! I’m mainly a PC guy though. I dread Photoshop on a Mac. I like my macbook cuz it’s sleek, and I can use it for simple stuff like reading your blog while sitting on the couch, sipping some iced tea.

    “Pretty Asian Girls”… Some marriage that must be.
    Yeah, you guys can only wish you had a wife like mine. ^_^ /*Sorry, we’re only interested in 2D, we don’t label ourselves as otaku for nothing.*/

    Dan also sells his figures, because as far as he is concerned, Money > Merchandise.
    Yeah. This way I can buy more figures to admire. I don’t have a lot of money, so that’s my way of getting more figures. /*You mean to tell us that 6 years in the gaming industry hasn’t got you anywhere financially? Once again Dan, choose where you want to lie and stick with it, because we just keep finding holes the more you do it.*/

    This concludes it basically,
    Wut?! that’s it? I was really hoping for a challenge. I’m actually kinda sad that you focused so much on the points of my blog I care little about, and didn’t mention anything on what my blog is about – anime figure photoshopping. I’m disappointed. :(

    engaging in ridiculous PR events
    lol wut? Where?

    Do you really have a job Dan?
    Like I said, 6 years in the game industry. And now, I’ve started my own company:
    Trickshot Games. Google it. Want a job? You might be good PR.
    /*Did anyone look at his site? Terrible. A free CSS template, and he couldn’t even be bothered to write pages for the Privacy policy and the Terms of Use. We were expecting professional; we’ve featured better looking blogs. Get Gargron to help you, he knows a few things about CSS.*/

    Did your wife leave you?
    Nope. Check my recent posts. She’s in there.

    You nominate others on the list without caring if they wanted to or not.
    Shows how serious I take your game. :) //Yet the point still stands…

    Just how much of Dan’s life is genuine?
    K, that’s the only real thing here that’s pissing me off – you calling me a liar.

    pictures for us to know just about everything regarding his life,
    Cuz I try to focus my blog on something interesting (figure photoshop), not my boring life. Duh.

    I had some good lols reading your post about me.

    Oh there’s more?!

    we’re failures and this blog will fall etc. etc
    I don’t think I ever said I wanted you guys to fail. lol.

    now we don’t have to put up with your crying.
    There are tears alright, from all the lols. But that’s about it.

    Dan will probably get his blogging buddies to set up a small movement against us or something and try and upstage us.

    Seriously, I’m not the kinda whiney bitchy insecure blogger you guys think I am. :P //Hypocrisy

    So did I take this personally? Nah. I never really refer to myself as an otaku, but I really am disappointed that you couldn’t find anything concrete to chew me out for.

    • Oh yeah, forgot to say. Keep the lols coming. I’m still watching you guys. :)

    • //Lies
      Truth. Just cuz I don’t talk about it doesn’t mean I lie.

      /*We’ll be the judge of that.*/

      /*We saw this too, biggest title was a Spyro the Dragon game. Most of the others were the standard “50 Arcade classics” deal.*/
      So you can use google! Anyway you guy are posting this after the fact.

      /*Sorry, we’re only interested in 2D, we don’t label ourselves as otaku for nothing.*/
      Oh okay. To each their own, I guess.

      /*You mean to tell us that 6 years in the gaming industry hasn’t got you anywhere financially? Once again Dan, choose where you want to lie and stick with it, because we just keep finding holes the more you do it.*/
      It’s not as glamorous a job as you may think. I do have bills to pay. It’s called wise spending.

      /*Did anyone look at his site? Terrible. A free CSS template, and he couldn’t even be bothered to write pages for the Privacy policy and the Terms of Use. We were expecting professional; we’ve featured better looking blogs. Get Gargron to help you, he knows a few things about CSS.*/
      S’okay. Was too busy developing an iPhone app.

      //Yet the point still stands…
      Sorry, I don’t know what the point is. You lost me when you started making fun of my other website.

      Am I bitching about you guys? No. Did I mention you on my blog and talk about how “unfair and stupid you guys are, whine whine bitch bitch”? No. I’m taking this with good sport. It seems to me that YOU guys are now being the sore losers.

      • … after all this and you guys still don’t really have anything on me. /*Why even visit the blog when you can’t even read?*/

        You’re right. I do care. I never really said I didn’t care. I just said I had some good lols./*Not as much as we’re having over you right now, I assure you.*/

        Let us make something clear, Dan. You get annoyed when we call you out for lying yet the way you approach the situation is visibly childish, there is no way we can believe that someone who acts as infantile as yourself could ever fulfill a professional position, and that is the genuine truth of the matter.

        If you don’t like it, we suggest you take a long, hard look at yourself and everything you’ve said so far and realise just where you’re going wrong. Younger bloggers have taken the situation much better than yourself and yet the more times you tell us you’re laughing at the situation the more apparent it is to us and many other people reading these comments that you’re getting more and more worked up, angry and defensive about the situation, and there is no way that’s a grown up way to respond. You’re just making yourself look worse. We’re giving you genuine advice here: Stop. Just stop while you still have a shred of dignity.

      • I cannot take any of your so called “advice” seriously having read all your blog posts. But, you guys do sound genuine with what you’re saying, so I’ll turn down the ridiculousness of it all.

        I really wanted to take this all lightheartedly, but you guys have chosen to take it seriously. If that’s what you guys want to do, then yeah, I’ve really got nothing to say.

  15. Eliminating Sankaku is like trying to eliminate THE SUN. Or tabloids in general. Doesn’t work, and when you realize that the only way to do so is with sheer force and a few shady deals cut with shady Russian hackers, it’s too late.

    And don’t blame 4chan for SC. 4chan is a completely different retarded barrel of monkeys. No seriously.

    Yes, the Internet thinks SC is a horrible place, so why give him more publicity? To be honest, at least bashing usagijen was worth a few chuckles. In summation, “HURR WE DON’T UNDERSTAND THE SITE AT ALL” was a lot more funny than the Sankaku bashing.

    • Unarmed truth will have the final say in reality.

      That being said, I can’t believe people who like to call out tards visit SC almost religiously for laughs. The guilt got too strong after I visited it a few times.

    • butts

      This is very much so. The connection between /a/ and SC as depicted in the article is factually false. There is rarely a blog they hate more. This goes as far as buying the domain and forwarding.

  16. was fun, no matter how otaku or not-otaku meronpan was. Btw, there is an archive of his blog here:*/

    But he didn’t care about backups, and now he shall be a lesson to everybody else. Backup WordPress.

    • Yes, it was. Melonpans blog was a valuable part of the European blogosphere, especially his style of writing was awesome.
      Btw: How many of his blog posts did the OEG members read?

  17. Nothing truly shocking this week. OEG seems to be hastily covering the last three blogs and not going into much details.

  18. Oh yeah, I forgot… all fun and games aside, I do have to thank you guys for featuring me. I got some good hits today. Keep it up, because you guys definitely are an interesting read.

  19. Yi

    Looks like someone took it really personally.

  20. This website is now the source of more entertainment that I can possibly have imagined. Keep up the good work, guys. Can’t wait for my turn haha

  21. Wow OEG. First you gang-rape a middle-school girl, and now you’re failing geography and observation left and right? Sigh…

  22. SC was the star of this post! Zing!

  23. Valence

    To any of the people who were blogged about: Chill? I mean, it’s nice to see some rebuttal but every single post? Just take it in good need to get worked up over it?

  24. Valence

    And yeah, Sankaku should have been shot down ages ago.

    • Preferably with shotguns, but since we have no method of kinetic energy transference via TCP/IP yet (aka punching someone over the Internet), they have to settle with… … … that.

  25. I’m probably not even going to get nominated, but I’m not exactly a nobody. My articles I write are just around, you know? Does winning a PS3 from a Sydney Morning Herald blogging competition count as me being considered as a significant new voice?

    I’m not really an otaku, even if I have Danny Choo’s feed on my sidebar, I just like to read him occasionally. I do have figures but they’re a bit more varied than just recent figures.

    I’m not sure if usagijen deserved the elimination she got, so I’m probably going to be eliminated on those grounds. That and since my computer died I haven’t been able to blog much anime. Done a bit of manga reviews though.

  26. Mmmh, your posts are becoming less amusing. I actually went through a full post this time without stifling a chuckle at all… damn.

    Also, too much time spent bashing other people’s life rather than their blogging. I mean, do you guys really have any right to judge that? Spare me the details of how horribly some of you probably fail IRL.

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