The ‘Otaku’ Elimination Game Weekly Awards 1: 2009/12/09

Welcome back. Welcome to a new section that we decided we’d do just for the laughs, if you follow us on Twitter then you may have seen us mentioning this new idea.

Basically we look at the previous week in the blogosphere and issue awards to whoever or whatever fits the criteria. Now, we thought up the awards and we’re always looking for new ideas, so if you have any there’s twitter and of course comments to share your ideas. We got some suggestions and some we kept, some simply inspired us.

Biggest Crybaby of the Week: Daniel Lam AKA Radiant

Some people just can’t give up. We always expected backlash, but we’ve never seen someone throw their toys out of their pram quite like Dan. He pretended to laugh, but was crying on the inside all the way through. Let’s be honest, if he really found it funny he would have dropped a comment and left just like the others. Instead, he threw a tantrum that even SiRiRu (A Young Girl still in school) would cringe at. Shame on you, Dan. Living proof that no matter how hard you fight back, the OEG will smash you down harder.

Biggest “Fail”: The Scrumptious Anime Blog

Scrumptious wins this award twice in a single post:


Falling flat on it’s face for thinking we spelled Humour incorrectly:

“Ohoho-humour~ trying to be British? Oh wait Singapore was under Britain’s rule for quite some time, my bad. As much as I’m tempted to laugh at one little typo they made, I won’t, because they didn’t really nitpick on our grammar and typos either. But that could also be because they didn’t really read our posts wwwwwwww”

Didn’t you read the Q&A? And you criticise others for not reading posts properly…

B) Attempting to ‘diss’ us and once again, falling down.

We got a pingback (That somehow didn’t even get past our spam net) of the scrumptious crew basically dissecting our “dissection”. It’s a bit like trying to lick your own elbow: It can only be done by a select few, and even then it still makes you look retarded. What they failed to realise was that their collection of (No doubt hilarious) images didn’t show because they hotlinked.

Er, yeah. Makes total sense.

The Che Guevara Award for Standing the Fuck Up: 21stcenturydigitalboy

21stcenturydigitalboy never shys away from confronation, he called us ‘assholes’ and called everybody else who wrote about us “Lame” all whilst listening to YO-KING; a man who never takes his sunglasses off, ever. digitalboy simply doesn’t give a fuck. Check out this post.

Funniest Moment: Gordonator thrusting his crotch into the head of a small child

We wanted to make a jab, but the more we looked at it, the funnier it was. If Gordon becomes a Danny Choo/Hard gay hybrid before we feature him, we might be tempted to drop him from the list.

And all in the name of charity! You can read the full post here.

Worst Post: Kodomut

It just made us want to sob really. One sentence and it’s clumsily written: “Rin tries to secure presents from Santa by mode of bribery.”

Best Post: 21stcenturydigitalboy

It may have been pretentious, it may have been daring, but most importantly it was true. We’d already written up Fuzakenna, but this gave us more to add. Now we shall wait for it to be selected randomly.

Failed to Make the Cut: Realtaku

It should have been so provocative to us, it should have made us eager to go in for the kill, but instead it was so bland that we didn’t even release it from the spam net when it washed up inside.

That concludes this week’s awards! Short though they may be, we still expect acceptance speeches from the winners. We will probably expand these awards so that we have a much more interesting range of nominees by next week. See you on round 6!



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31 responses to “The ‘Otaku’ Elimination Game Weekly Awards 1: 2009/12/09

  1. English Nazi

    Scrumptious’ fail was the most entertaining for me XD

    Nice awards :P

  2. foomafoo

    Scrumptious is not hotlinking.

  3. Guys, I hate to point it out like an ass but the reason you see that “no hotlinking”-image is because that screenshot is taken from an aggregator like Google Reader. So obviously you wouldn’t see the image there but it sure as hell appears on the site itself.
    Tsk tsk.

    • We followed the pingback, nothing more. If they were too incompetent to arange it correctly then it’s not our fault. We never had this problem with their previous pingback.

      • Some servers don’t allow image hotlinking, just FYI.

        That blog is hosted on the aggregrator’s server, which doesn’t allow image hotlinking due to bandwidth issues.

  4. Yeah, like many of the others echoed, it’s not hotlinked. Please do pay the site a visit rather than take unwarranted potshots.

    Also, please continue with the intelligent assholery since that’s what I’ve come to expect. Be thorough. Don’t drop the ball at this stage of the game :|

  5. No joke, I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud in my LIFE. Che Fucking Guevera, man. I’m in the hall of greats now *sunglasses on*

  6. news flash: linking to an image uploaded in our own blog is the new hotlinking. yeah.

  7. boy do I feel embarrassed! In hindsight… well hard lesson learned.

  8. I kind of wonder of these awards are compatible with OEG’s primary goal?

  9. oh also, the incorrect spelling typo wasn’t the humour, dear sirs. it’s the ‘peice’ which I just corrected in my excerpt of your ‘dissection’

    • You didn’t mention anything of that nature. Just accept the fact you lost and stop being jealous, because that’s all this boils down to in the end.

      • And henceforth OEG dissolves into a flame war fuelled by rampant teenage hormones, its posts thinly disguised as half-assed critiques rather than any true analytical opinion. Way to fail guys. Shame on me for having any hopes from the start that you guys were legitimately critiquing the blogs.

        • I’ve kinda come to the same conclusion now too. It’s becoming more and more apparent that this is the case.

          Definitely a hard lesson learned…

  10. mefloraine

    It feels more like you’ve forced these awards on people where they don’t fit than that you’ve actually “awarded” people with things that they’ve earned.

  11. Kairu

    That’s not ‘thrusting his crotch into the head of a small child’, it’s called, posing with a ‘small’ girl for the camera. What are you gonna do to make it ‘not’ look like that Gordon was ‘thrusting his crotch into the head of a small child’? Oh wait.. You could just kneel down or something like that right? /fail

  12. I’ve been thinking this about the comments in every post but, really, holy shit, why do the comments here suck so much? Why are you all getting so anxious over every little word? Why do you have to constantly announce or renounce your respect for the OEG, declaring something a flame war one second or immature another.

    Hint: you aren’t the judge and jury of the OEG. Your dissent is meaningless. Stop placing your ‘this has become shit’ comments as if they have some kind of relevant meaning to the discussion. The OEG can post whatever it wants, and it doesn’t need your approval, just as you wouldn’t ask for theirs.

    And Jesus fucking Christ you guys attack their shit like the fucking paparazzi. “THE OEG MADE A JUVENILE COMMENT! THE ARE NO LONGER CREDIBLE! OMG!” Imagine if your fucking readers did that shit to you. You make one shitty post or comment (and believe me, you’ve made them, and so have I) and then your entire reader base turns on you or disappears. You know as well as I do that your readers aren’t nitpicking your shit. If I sat around on any person’s blog nitpicking at their every post and comment, they’d fucking mark me as spam in a heartbeat with all the bitching I’d do.

    And it’s obvious OEG wouldn’t do you such a favor as blocking you, because it’s much more entertaining to watch you make a bunch of fucking idiots out of yourselves in these comments. You know what you look like? Snoody, pretentious pricks – and some of you are people I like I’m saying this about (>>Also, please continue with the intelligent assholery since that’s what I’ve come to expect. Be thorough. Don’t drop the ball at this stage of the game :| – Zzeroparticle, seriously, you sound like you are proclaiming yourself the manager of OEG’s quality or something.)

    This is a blog, man. They are going to post, they are going to do it their way, there’s no use in telling them how YOU want THEM to post. Because that’s not the fucking point. They don’t have to be ‘intelligent’ or ‘mature’ and they can start as big a ‘flame war’ as they want (When was it not a flame war anyway? How much flaming of Danny Choo and Singaporeans has happened here?) as long as they are being TRUE TO THEIR PURPOSE then they are trustworthy and the rest is bells, whistles, style, and personal opinions.

    Fuck, man. Read and be entertained, seriously. If this shit makes you so angry or disappointed or wanting to argue, just fucking stop reading. I know I’ve been ignoring the comments for this very reason – I’ll admit I made a mistake by reading the comments on this post and a bigger mistake by posting in reply, but I’ll get back to ignoring them now unless all the bitching finally stops.

    • Somehow, my spider senses tell me I should do otherwise, but to hell with it. My comment states what I want to see. So far, they have done a good job in keeping me entertained, but they’ve erred a bit. And if they continue to err, it’ll make me sadface, but I’ll shrug my shoulders and move on with life.

      Whether they choose to act on my feedback is their business; not mine. So that comment is there to tell them what’s getting me to come back and check this site once in awhile. If they decide not to follow my feedback, so be it. They have every right to proceed however they wish.

    • Yi


      “Fuck, man. Read and be entertained, seriously.”

      So true. Let’s all take a chill pill and be entertained by these posts and comments.

      • well, the problem is OEG is both humorous and serious at the same time, usually for its own purposes, so it’s hard not to get offended or go off on something when it’s neither here nor there.

        People are announcing and renouncing their support on OEG because OEG keeps going around being serious about their cause, yet their methods are so troll-like.

        Hard to support a worthy cause if the host is such an asshole. :\

        Hard to be entertained when doing so gets you shunned too.

        If OEG wants us to take them seriously, then they should post seriously.

    • I think if you make a blog that specializing at bitching at others, then others have a right to bitch excessively at you. The Golden Rule works the other way around too you know.

      You don’t provoke a flame war and expect it to be one-sided. That’s just retardation.

      Ugh, why did I come back here anyways.

  13. Regnard

    I like the figure+loot+image whore bashing.

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