Round 6: Silent Night

We’re back again and we’ve got a can of Round 6 to unleash on you. Actually, we’ll be honest, 100% honest: In an act of prolonging the suspense and drama of the game, we decided we’d have a more chilled-out session this week. The blogs randomly selected were some of the less notable/recognised blogs in the blogosphere (Sorry loldebi!) but even if they were bigger we would have chosen less notable ones instead. It’s a quiet night as we approach the nativity period.

Just Another LOLBlog

2 old 4 anime?


Just Another LOLBlog

We’ve faced some real challenges upon doing the OEG, but Debi’s LOLBlog was just doing the impossible. We don’t speak German, we don’t understand German.

Debi has been a follow of ours for a while now, and while we’d certainly not pull any punches for those that like us, loldebi is simply too polite, too helpful and too nice for us to find any old reason to pick on her or her blog. Appearance-wise it was all very standard yet clear, but we just can’t judge the content. The only mention of Otaku we could find was upon mentioning us, and very kindly she posted in english denying any misuse of term, and we’re inclined to believe her. Without further ado (And because we simply can’t read a thing):

Just Another LOLBlog by loldebi – APPROVED

2 old 4 anime?

2 old 4 anime is boring. There, we said it. Basically the blog revolves around BlueDrakon telling you how young-at-heart he is and how he stopped growing up at 17. We don’t know if this will burst your bubble or simply make you very happy; but in this business it just doesn’t matter how old you are. As cynical, bitter and acidic as we may be, we do know that you’re only ever as old as you feel and there will always be someone older than you interested in the same things as you.

Maybe we ruined 2old4anime’s main selling point. Whoops.

The content ranges from average to bizaare, just when you think it’s an anime related blog, Drakon throws in some pictures of naked people with Sushi on top of them. We will give one compliment though, he does seem to cover a wide(ish) array of different types of figures and toys; not just sticking to the same old GSC figures that we see on every blog. Our advice: start looking into some other stuff too, there exists a large world outside of figure collecting, go and find it.

We’d love to approve you, Drakon. However, you take lessons from angrymimi as to what “Otaku” is and you made alafista your featured blog. We know that being featured here doesn’t mean much to you, but take it as a lesson and don’t hang around with the wrong crowd.

2 old 4 anime by BlueDrakon – ELIMINATED

It was quite a slight mention, we know that. But let’s fact it, he’s not really major enough for us to think further. Just don’t take it too personally, think of it as guidance instead of an attack.


There is a strange feeling of immediate pointlessness reading a blog that calls itself “Don’t look!”. You’re not exactly selling yourself much here, jpmeyer. Basically the general theme is that they’re [jpmeyer and Hinano ex fansubbers who ramble on about whatever they basically feel like, only for their ramblings to seemingly fall on deaf ears. They did a post about the social underpinnings of otaku and they didn’t do a bad job of it. Although it’s fairly irrelevant to the OEG, it’s still true and provides a nice contrast of what the word means in Japan and what it means abroad. We recommend you read it.

All we can say is guys, do you have any way to liven your blog up at all? It just feels like walking into a cold, empty room.

見ないで!ひとり言 by jpmeyer and Hinano – APPROVED

Oh, there’s always someone to ruin the fucking peace. If the OEG got a video game adaption, Gordonator, Alafista, Kodomut and so on would be the end-of-level boss stages before reaching Danny Choo at the end. It never ceases to fucking amaze us that these people are so highly worshipped in the blogosphere yet their blogs are so fucking dire it hurts.

Your features suck, nobody gives a fuck about the food you eat, your ‘figure releases’ are no different from any other blog, you only ever review jpop, anime OST or Seiyuu CDs and your writing is without substance. Tell us, why should we read your blog aside from the fact it has a semi-professional layout? You get your readers, comments and fame because you’re associated with Danny Choo. Oh, and your ‘About me’ page is just a load of fucking bullshit. Let us rewrite it for you: is a place for me to gently touch upon anime and japan-related culture in the form of posts mainly comprising of pictures. My blog does not cover “Everything otaku from Japan” because the closest I’ve gotten to otaku is watching Genshiken and looking at figures that 85% of the time, I will not buy.

I reside in singapore and I use the word “Otaku” like it’s going out of fashion in hopes that people will consider me as one. I am actually just a figure collector and not even a good one at that, I paid a lot of money for a camera I can’t really use as well as some of my friends, but it makes me feel like I have status. I took a degree at a university and then I got a job that had nothing to do with said degree because my grades were sub-standard.

I like anime, and I think that 4-10 episodes a week is a sufficient amount to watch, despite the fact that real otaku (That I wish to be like) watch that many in a single evening. My favorites are those from my childhood, because I’m too busy blogging to actually watch anything.

I know the basics of a few languages, but I pretend I am the authority on them by misusing the words and claiming that “Language changes with society”.

I LOVE DANNY CHOO. I read his blog and it was awesome! I wish I was just like Danny Choo, my blog was even designed to look just like him! I know everything about his life, where he lives…I wish I could do the same! But unfortunately, I will never amount to his success as he is slowly fading into the background anyway.

Contact me on this large array of social websites. Sorry if I don’t reply! – I don’t actually care about you personally, I just need to look as popular as Danny Choo does! ”

Fuck you alafista, you’ll never be otaku because you care more about immitating another wannabe. You are fucking eliminated. by Alafista – ELIMINATED

Well it was a silent night before we had to storm through alafista. Prick.

Anyway, that’s all for this week. Next week (Round 8) will be our last round of 2009 because we have various events to attend and the new year to celebrate. But we will be back in the new year. The awards will be here on Wednesday, but like the eliminations, they will stop until 2010. See you soon.



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38 responses to “Round 6: Silent Night

  1. “think of it as guidance instead of an attack.”

    When I got down this far I found myself thinking ‘who is this and what have they done with the usual angry OEG staff?’. Then I read down further and I was straight back to the OEG I know and…love?

  2. I read this blog because it’s fun but this post is not that entertaining, and OEG admits it. And why featuring blog that you can’t read in the first place? I think OEG is trying to buy some time here. Oh, and next week is round 7 :)

  3. Alafista is like Sankaku, but without the porn, which is one hell of a warning light. I just wished they didn’t clog up the ‘sphere with their rehashing of news articles that hundreds of other sources have already beaten them to.

    • This. When I first found Alafista I kind of like it because it seemed more on-topic than sankaku whose posts often have nothing to do with japan period much less anime, but Alafista basically turned into the cleaned-up Sankaku, and the truth is Sankaku has been far more useful to me. Plus Alafista uses the words ‘coolsome’ and ‘kawaii’ in regular conversation, which makes me hate life.

      • “Plus Alafista uses the words ‘coolsome’ and ‘kawaii’ in regular conversation, which makes me hate life.”

        Lmao! Best quote yet.

  4. They might ramble about whatever they feel like, but they ramble with experience! Some ramblers are more equal than others :P

  5. what happened to round 7?

  6. I chuckled. Instead of commenting here, there’ll be another blog entry (as promised).

    I just wonder how you managed to judge more about meidocafe.. for its immense popularity maybe?

  7. Yi

    I usually don’t like commenting on my opinions about your verdicts on any particular blog, because the blogs featured are nice people. But I agree with you about Alafista on almost all points. I also agree with zzeroparticle and 21stcenturyboy on their points as well.
    I have little respect for a blog that either merely rehash content or post two lines of “I saw this and it’s interesting.” The blog has little individuality, originality, depth, or interaction. It is nothing more than a feed aggregate for news spliced with occasional tweetlike posts.

    • Yi

      After thinking about it… I realized I was kind of harsh with words.
      Respect is not the right term, especially since I don’t even know the person. Perhaps interest is a better word. His style of blogging is just not for me.

  8. This might be slightly off topic (but not really, and I don’t care if it is anyway), but why are so many people obsessed with Danny Choo? I mean, sure I have him on my blog roll, but that’s because I’m too lazy to take him off. I never go to his site, and on the rare chance that I do, I just find a bunch of useless pictures. One post was just one picture of a figure…that’s it, and he got like…100 comments? Really? It’s a picture of a figure? How much can you say about it?

    Or take the latest post about ramen (yes, I just looked at said latest danny choo post, simply for the sake of this comment). As usual, there’s no actual content, he simply just suggests a ramen spot, but everyone jumps at the chance to to talk about how much they like ramen, or how nice the ramen looks in the picture. No one cares about what you have to say! At least I sure don’t. If I were Danny Choo, I probably wouldn’t either.

    I submit that Danny Choo is the most overrated anything in the universe. So he has a good camera and takes cool pictures, big deal. Everyone is stupid. I’m going to bed.

    • You know, it’s kind of funny. There was once a time when Danny posted stuff that was half-coherent and somewhat informative if just a bit boring. Now? Not so much and I’m understating this transition a lot.

    • I would have take him off of my blog roll too and would not have dedicated a section for his 5 latest update posts if I weren’t keen on the amount of hits I got from just the linkage. Heh, does this mean I am a hypocrite? Maybe it does but meh, I don’t care. Hits are always welcome. Called me an attention-whore and see if I care

    • I don’t even have the nigger (Danny Choo) on my blogroll at all. I just have the guy’s feed so my feed can be broadcasted on his site just so i can get more traffic, but his site hasn’t brought me any traffic at all! >=(

      AnimeNano gets me more traffic than this shit XD

      I autta remove his feed. >_>

      …Yes, i understand what you mean when you ask why everyone’s obsessed with Danny Choo.

  9. I’m still wondering if you guys are just trolls or actually serious here.
    Ever since you clicked your own link to my blog to get my attention, I’ve been checking this blog now and then with a bit of excitement.
    So, I’ve been moving closer and closer to remove your blogs live feed as it was hard for me to see this as anything but hate speech. With this I mean: You kind of promised intelligent dicking around on people you does not fit your preferences, but instead you gave me just bullshit upon bullshit about Danny Choo. And as the first 12 year old started to whine, you instantly threw away the little bit of maturity you did bother to bring with you in the first place.

    The recent posts sucked.
    Now, I really like this one, even though it’s still pretty Choo-themed. A little more intelligence in your next post and you’ll at least increase the chance of my return after your break.

    • Yi

      “Ever since you clicked your own link to my blog to get my attention… A little more intelligence in your next post and you’ll at least increase the chance of my return after your break.”

      Someone has a big ego and a false sense of self importance.

      • “Someone has a big ego and a false sense of self importance.”
        I don’t know whether I should boo at “false sense” as an oxymoron or some other clever-word. If that “false” weren’t there to make your sentence totally meaningless, I would’ve totally agreed.

        Now, being a hypocrite is reserved for the people not having an actual mission with what they do – like what I am doing right now, but if OEG is going to change a substantial amount of peoples minds about this word, I think they’d need to use some better methods than just making up bad names for Danny Choo together with all his other haters.

        • Who are you again? Are you on the list?

          You can go if you want. You’re not exactly a showstopper as far as the OEG is concerned (If you are on the list).

          At the moment you’re just complaining and arguing semantics (poorly).

          So basically, we hate to break it to you but we don’t really care if you read it or not, you can leave any time, either way works in our favour.

          • So should I take that as a confirmation that you’re only really interested in throwing mud at Danny Choo?

            About the “semantics” thing, I find it rather ridiculous too. Was the point of Yi’s comment that one is not allowed to comment if one has criticism?

            I know you care if I read it, or at least you should – because you’ve uttered that you wish to change something. And honestly, I’m amused by reading it, that’s why I am asking you to keep up the pace. Too much kindergarten in the last three rounds was the reason why I didn’t comment before now.

            And my blog is on your list as – and for that matter, virtually unrelated to this “games” subject. You probably picked up my link at random from dannychoo’s website which I am occasionally commenting on when he bothers to actually write something himself. I can’t really find any other reason, unless you made your bots go through travel dictionaries about Taiwan.

            I’m asking you to tell (argue to) me more about the word “otaku”, because it’s something Wikipedia won’t give me a very deep view in. And I mean: In the way that you are actually giving other arguments for a participants elimination than just the fact that their website shows the slightest relation to Danny Choo.

            • Yi

              “About the “semantics” thing, I find it rather ridiculous too. Was the point of Yi’s comment that one is not allowed to comment if one has criticism?”

              Ridiculous? I would think my comment was pretty obvious. I don’t see how my comment would lead to any such a conclusion. If anything is ridiculous, it is you conclusion. Where did you get that I don’t like criticism?

              My point was that you are assuming OEG is actively pursing your readership and actively wanting to entertain and please you specifically. Read what I have quoted and read my comment. Put 2 and 2 together.

              Actually, I’ll do that for you. You seem to think you hold a special importance to OEG or the blogosphere and assume that any referrals to your blog must have been because someone is actively trying to get your attention. That’s clearly a big ego/ sense of self importance, and it is definitely false because it’s just undeserved and based on a faulty assumption.

              Also, I didn’t want to mention this earlier because I didn’t want to get into a long drawn out dramatic flame war; I prefer to drop a line now and then to gently poke fun at certain comments/ people and be done with that. But “false sense of self importance” is not an oxymoron. Unless I’m misremembering the definition of oxymoron, I don’t see at all how that is one.

              I just don’t see how my comment could in anyway elicit the kind of response and conclusions you came to.

              Read it again:
              “Someone has a big ego and a false sense of self importance.”

              And please explain how you got an oxymoronic statement that Yi doesn’t approve of any critical comments.

              • Yi is quite right. In fact, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

                You want a definition of otaku yet you claimed you’d been reading this far. Why didn’t you read the post we made entirely about the word itself?

                “I know you care if I read it, or at least you should”

                We don’t care about people that are too stupid to read and interpret information (This is enforced by what Yi said above), your readership is not required here.

                • I just don’t see one post as enough, when you’ve dedicated a whole blog to the word.
                  As I am stating in the comment a little further down on the page, this is just my 5 cents. Sorry if you find the form I put my feedback in offending. It’s kind of an attempt to talk your accent.
                  My only suggestion is for you to focus less on that damn Choo. It bores me, but if you have a gut feeling that my opinion differs from the main interest, then it is indeed just a suggestion. Ignore it if no one else agrees with me?

                  Just remember: You did promise in the about page that you weren’t just out to troll people. I’d personally have a brighter view on your credibility if you can keep that promise.

            • Yi

              Oops… Sorry, I kind of sounded like an asshole.

              Don’t take my comment too much to heart. Happy holidays.

              • “I just don’t see how my comment could in anyway elicit the kind of response and conclusions you came to.”

                Same goes to you. It was your assumption that I thought myself as more important than anyone else. I am just giving my 5 cents. Really. And when you start throwing one-line mockery at me, I take it as an expression that my 5 cents are unwanted.
                Sorry that we misunderstood each other.

  10. wah

    Sup faggots. I see you never added me to your list. Probably because I’m too powerful, or something.

    Anyway, your burns are lame as fuck. Take some trolling 101 classes from Something Awful, ok?

    • oh lol. Too much of a hero, I’d say.

      The OEG-staff didn’t really update the list since then anyway, so…
      Some fellow bloggers are missing in there, too ;_;

    • I have not been added either, but I don’t really care much…what I am wondering is: Where is Baka-Raptor, one of the more well-known blogs out there.

  11. wah

    Guys the issue here isn’t who got added or not, the issue is that these guys suck at trolling. 95% of what they say isn’t even insulting.

  12. Wat.

    But jpmeyer and Hinano are rather popular and… … …

    They didn’t notice the Hinano posts.


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