The ‘Otaku’ Elimination Game Weekly Awards 2: 2009/12/06

We’re back for another rousing game of “Generally mock the blogosphere” and we’ve had some real laughs reading the feedback from last week. We could taunt you further, but we’ll just tell you to take it with a pinch of salt they’re not particularly serious awards, just a lighthearted jab at the blogosphere week. ’tis the season to be jolly, after all. But be warned, it’s heavily watered down this week. Nothing of interest was happening anywhere!

This week’s award categories are…

Most obvious troll attempt

Best Post

Worst Post

Best Quote

Funniest Moment

Most Obvious Troll Attempt

wah has to win this one. Look at some of the comments he dropped:

“Sup faggots. I see you never added me to your list. Probably because I’m too powerful, or something.

Anyway, your burns are lame as fuck. Take some trolling 101 classes from Something Awful, ok?”


“Guys the issue here isn’t who got added or not, the issue is that these guys suck at trolling. 95% of what they say isn’t even insulting.”

He couldn’t have been more obvious if he tried, really. Insulting us won’t make us rate your blog. Now praise, that’s a different matter. We’d like some heavy doses of that from you first.

It’s so sad that the blogosphere seems to be so obsessed with trolling that people will just assume out of habit that you are doing it. And you wonder why we don’t take your comments and posts seriously.

Best Post

…Nope. None. Not that we saw anyway. And we saw yours, so don’t ask. Yes you.

Worst Post

Danny Choo’s take on the greatest contribution to the rest of the world. This is just basically a list of “What you like most from Japan”. Why is animation the first choice? It’s one thing to love it, but has it really changed the world? Maybe it has changed the face of animation as a whole but not the world. There are many books on Japanese inventions you could buy and find things that really have changed the world.

Before we go into a history lesson, let’s point out a couple from Danny’s list:

Eroge (Dont play them but the girls are gorgeous)

Dakimakura (Art tapestries)

What a moron. Only a fool would pin a pillow on the wall instead of actually sleeping with it.

Best Quote

Melona shoots acidic milk, whereas robots shoot milky acid. Big difference.Baka-Raptor

The more you think about it, the truer it becomes.

Funniest Moment by SiRiRu

Basically, as if we hadn’t pillaged her blog enough, SiRiRu took it upon herself to not just criticise her blog, but to completely upstage Seinime and bludgeon herself into the ground with her own words. It was very funny but slightly extreme. Then we looked at the Higurashi picture and it just made it funny all over again.

Truely archive worthy, Start transmission:

“I figure that the OEG already bashed my blog into death anyways. Further damage can be done too, right?

Just as the title says, I will bash this blog even further into death, and right back straight to the trash heap in hell where it first came from(if I can do better than the OEG). Here goes.

This blog sucks. I know that. There is worthless content that others have reviewed and covered. Why review it again? It’s repetitive and useless. It’s annoying and unsatisfying. The audience obviously wants more that these random pieces of crap that they don’t care about. All they really talk about are spoilers, spoilers, and more random pieces of shit. Who needs that?! Overall, the posts are fucking shit and full of useless spoilers that others don’t need at all.

Really, what’s with the content in this blog?! It’s just an empty desolate wasteland that no one fucking needs. No one even looks at this blog on a regular basis. What’s the point in trying to post if no one looks at it? There are tons of other blogs that have better stuff than this piece of trash. Their appearance is better, their content is better, and it’s more appealing. This blog is shit compared to other blogs.

And really, the writing is extremely childish. I use the same repetitive words over and over again and the grammar is sincerely horrible. No one wants to read this bullcrap. And I need to stop trying to act mature. I’m not mature, I’m just a little kid that’s doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. In fact, I can’t even use the tiniest amount of logic to solve anything.

This is a failure in the aniblogosphere. There a million other fucking blogs that are better than this. Waste your time reading it, it just has the same stuff other blogs have already reviewed a few years ago anyway! They have better content than this, too. No one needs this blog, it’s just another piece of trash in the trash heap in hell.

Uh, yeah. I’m done bashing myself. Tch, I didn’t have any self esteem or self respect since I was born, so what people say about me or try to talk trash about me doesn’t really hurt at all.  I’m only stating the obvious. If you have anymore to add to this short list, please tell me and I’ll add it in. I don’t mind. Still, I think the OEG did a way better job than this. I mean, their post was much better and was definitely more lengthy. Lol, I bet the OEG are just gonna kill me more just for doing this, and then laugh at me, and then humiliate me in front of their 1,000+ daily viewers, and then humiliate me more, and then just kill me with a nuke. Ah well, what’s done is done. I’m surprised I have no regrets in doing this. Or maybe I do or just don’t know it…hm…Uh, anyways, thanks for enduring this rather short but horribly and speedily made post. Make comments on it and what I should add to kill myself even more. Thanks!”

We want to take a sympathetic stance, but we think of the birds pecking away at Rika and it’s just too funny; it’s almost metaphorical for the OEG. We are the birds; we shit all over your blog and then peck your organs apart.

In seriousness, it’s not all doom and gloom. SiRiRu, we can’t fault your points but remember that as terrible as your blog may be at the moment, we can openly say at least it’s not pumping the blogosphere full of shit. You can look at Sankaku Complex trying to start stupid controversy and spread lies or you can look at Danny Choo, Alafista, Kodomut and so on who spread bullshit propaganda that they know nothing about around, and these are the people who think they are faultless when it comes to blogging. Ridiculous.
So that concludes this week and the end of the awards until the new year. We leave you with this final thought: “Is gordon really a paedophile? You call the shots:



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25 responses to “The ‘Otaku’ Elimination Game Weekly Awards 2: 2009/12/06

  1. “It’s so sad that the blogosphere seems to be so obsessed with trolling that people will just assume out of habit that you are doing it.”

    Oh man, you have no idea how much I keep getting this shit. All you have to do really is use a bit of sarcasm and be snarky, and half of the readers will automatically think you’re a troll. The term is misused so much nowadays that I think someone should make a ‘Troll’ Elimination Game or something. But hey, it gives you a great way out of a valid argument! Just label it as a troll and you can pretend it doesn’t exist. Duck and cover.

    • I thought trollling involved a certain personality. And not the 4chan kind of personality.

      Sadly, wah is definitely worse than a troll :V

  2. Oh and about Gordon, that’s a pedo if I have ever seen one.

    Kljigen, I know you read this. You totally should blog for him.

  3. Is gordon really a paedophile? You call the shots

    We report! You decide! (Answer is, of course, undoubtedly).

    I’d probably hand Baka-Raptor Post of the Week too, but I think that quote covers it nicely :3

    • I did win the award. “…Nope. None. Not that we saw anyway. And we saw yours, so don’t ask. Yes you.” is one of my lesser-known internet handles.


    why on earth are u doing this? The definition of an otaku is not something for you to judge. Don’t play “judge of all non-japanese otaku and their blogs.” Critizing blogs is okay just don’t be a total fag about it. What I’m saying in nice mean words is…
    YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING WORSE THAN THE PEOPLE YOU “ELIMNATE” FOR THE VERY REASON OF YOU DOING THIS. YOU ALL HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THIS. Besides I know a Japan-born kid who buys gunpla and crap, watches the raw eps online, and ultimately is an otaku generally perceived WHILE LIVING IN LA god damit leave the poor anime fans alone


    actually a TEG wouldn’t be all that bad. I wouldn’t even complain. Especially cuz critizing troll is legit and is not as judgimental than OEG


    Oh yeah and all the comments that u made to Danny, I’ll make sure he hears them ;)

  7. lol @ latest comments

    Oh, I’d sleep with a dakimakura anyway :V

  8. that were some words of wisdom from Baka Raptor.

  9. I don’t know what trolling is anymore. I don’t know what an otaku is anymore. Heck, I forgot my own name.

  10. Gordon: Took pictures of random small child = Huge pedophile.

    Lock him up.

  11. Now that I’ve won a “Best” award, I suppose it’s my obligation to whine about the whiners like digitalboy did last week.


  12. sup gais,
    just dropping by since im in the list

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