Round 7: The Lucky 777 Jackpot! Our Last Round of the Year

We made it this far, and as long as the OEG moves on to 2010 we’ll have shifted onto a new decade, quite the milestone, we think.

Ever since we started a few months back it’s been a rollercoaster ride and whilst we deviated from the form slightly, we’ll be back on track. Particularly in phase 2. Anyway, we know quantity != quality, but we promised to clear the list considerably and considerably clear the list is what we shall do.

In this round, we will not have 4 competitors, we will not have 5 and we won’t even have 7. No, this week were clearing an incredible 27 blogs. That’s right, 27
. We also have a special gift at the end too!

It would have taken us simply too long to write down the titles of the blog and link them and so on, so we’ll just dump the list right here:

We basically chose a lot of blogs that we couldn’t find anything in particular to write about in-depth, this should get rid of a lot of boring entries from our list in one fell swoop.

But before we start, let’s make a few things clear. The response to the weekly awards has been similar to the response of the OEG as a whole: about 50/50 postive/negative. But we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, it’s meant to be taken in a reasonably humourous vein. We have people defending Gordon from the label of paedophilia and it’s just funny really. If we wanted to sell you that idea, we wouldn’t post a picture of his crotch near the face of a girl and say “Look! Gordon is raping children!”. What made you take those jabs seriously?

And for the “trolls”: Not only is it stupid, it also never works. Ever since we featured Sankaku Complex we must have gotten ourselves a substantially less-intelligent fanbase, we don’t even know if we’re being trolled or not and we just think “Wow, this person is stupid” and move on. Maybe replying if we feel it’s something worth mentioning to everybody else.

Anyway, it’s our christmas special and to praise the fallen bloggers of the great OEG obliteration of 2009, we ran in swords drawn and screaming for blood.

Hallucinogenic Java

We’ve had coffeebugg in our crosshairs for a while now. Anyone who comments on Danny Choo is waiting to get picked off by the OEG hitmen on the slightest misstep they make. Coffeebugg always comments on no matter how weak or fucking terrible the entries are, he will comment and give his unwanted opinion. Danny Choo does not love you, your comments are but a number and an ego boost to him, just the same as every other blogger with more comments than he or she can reply to.

If you want to know why Coffeebugg’s site sucks, it’s this: Imagine, now imagine what it would look like in 1998, sans the “Under construction” flashing gifs on various pages. The banner doesn’t fit in the specified area which looks totally shit, you’ve mosaic’d out whatever it is you were looking at on screen (Why?) and your sidebar is full of useless rubbish. “Miku Clock”, who the fuck cares, really? The weather in some place in the Phillipines, do we honestly want to know? And these are all stacked above your flickr feed and blogroll, and while those both might be terrible, it’s still stupid. What would your affiliates think of the fact that a clock rates higher than them?

Considering how much time you spend on Danny Choo, anyone would think you would at least know how to make your blog look nice. The only visual aspect you’ve taken is a smattering of orange. There’s also ads absolutely everywhere, if people want to know the latest of what’s on Play Asia or Deviant Art, they will fucking go there, they don’t need you to hold their hand every step of the way.

ECCHI’s NIGHT was supposed to be some sort of big blogger meetup, you could only take 1 companion (Wouldn’t want to run out of seats) and a variety of topics would be discussed over dinner. Only 4 people apparently turned up after expecting more, we wonder if that’s including coffeebugg.

We could go on forever but then…why? Let’s get to the point. Coffeebugg has made many, many comments on Danny Choo, and while we don’t want to trawl through them all (Would you?) we will say that he avoided the use of the word skillfully and we even found this on his write up for his “Otacool” room:

“How many years you have been an otaku – I’ve been into building Gunpla for more than a decade now Though I was introduced to Anime early on through Macross, and Voltes V. It wasn’t only until recently that I started collecting figures. Though I still don’t see myself as being one.”

Interesting, very interesting. It proves to us that not all Danny Choo followers were born without a brain. Being modest goes a long way, and Coffeebugg proves this. We’re going to approve you now, Coffeebug. From here on out you’ve made it to phase 2 of the ‘Otaku’ Elimination Game. We’ll give you (and everyone else) details of what to do at the end of phase 1.

Halluciongenic Java by Coffeebugg – APPROVED

Remember, we’re judging your ability to blog too, next round. So take our advice and step it up. WordPress might be a better choice if Blogger isn’t working out for you, and you can import your posts right over.

Riuva by tj_han

RIUVA: The Research Institute for Unicultural Visual Arts. There is only one reason we picked this blog and it’s as pure to our original modus operandi as possible, but in a way totally unrelated to Danny Choo.

We’ll say it simply: tj_han seems to think he/she is the god of all things “Otaku” and yet uses the word so incorrectly, makes references that aren’t correct and generally fails hard. Here’s a noteworthy post (Or not, depending on how you look at it):

Riuva’s guide on “how to talk like an Otaku” (You mean ‘Otaku’, tj) some quotes from here are gold. And not in the good way, more like a cheap gold watch.

“In other words, do not admit you like shounen. It’s ok to like stupid harem like Love Hina or even dirty dirty Yakin Byoutou. But if you want to be part of the anime-viewing aristocracy, pick the right shows to wear the badge of. For me, I have always said Last Exile and Gatekeepers and now Ghost in the Shell SAC. Others like Jpmeyer goes with Sakura Taisen and Pretty Cure, Darkmirage has his Maiotome DVD specials and Jason has Shana and AMG.”

We often wonder just what it is that makes so many people think that mainstream = uncool. Mainstream is not something to be overkilled (Despite the fact that it frequently is) but it is not something to be hidden either. Anime is anime, and we’re telling you now that just because a lot of people watch it, doesn’t mean it isn’t good. There seems to be this stupid act of naming only obscure series as favorites just for the sake of acting higher than your fellow fan, this is dumb and it’s something ANN seem to do all the time in order to gain some kind of advantage, but just end up looking like elitists.

tj_han, you claim that mainstream series won’t make you look otaku, yet the entire paragraph that you said wasn’t mainstream is filled with them, you even referenced Mononoke-Hime at the start of the post. Do you know how many awards it won?

Otaku is Otaku and the only way particular types of series will divide that is when you pigeonhole yourself into a particular kind; people who only watch the mainstream anime (That you listed as not mainstream) will only be labelled as casual fans, people who only watch shounen series will only be labelled as boys that never grew up, people that only watch magical girl series will only be labelled as small children, but when you conglomerate them all; that’s otaku. Put that tape in the cassette deck and stay up all night, nobody cares what it is as long as it’s enjoyable to watch.

Moving on, how about tj’s next post? 10 ways to get an anime loving girlfriend. A more comical (we hope) view of how to get with the opposite sex. This is of course coming from a failed anime blogger, so the irony couldn’t be greater. Let’s divide and conquer those points in as few words as possible:

1. Get a big camera and profess to be a “photographer”.

Look at the blogosphere photographers at the moment and you’ll soon take that back. Only DC and a handful of others have partners.

2. Write an anime blog or be the owner of a website.

This doesn’t seem to be working in your favour very well.

3. Be an active member of forums where youngsters (who wants to date old people right?) with similar interests to you congregate. Like SGcafe.

Isn’t that place just full of singaporeans speaking bad Japanese and talking about Korean MMORPGs?

4. Trash the SOS-dan, Da Capo and other COSPA merchandise. Or at least wear them only until the collar stretches. And the shirts should remain the original colour. Make sure you change your shirts daily too! No, just because you wore it for a mere 5 hours does not mean it’s in “half-clean” mode.

We can’t argue with this, but surely the merchandise would attract female anime fans?

5. Do not show any girls your moe collection, doujin or hentai series. And don’t talk about them too, at least not too much. By too much I mean anything more than a passing sentence of the “Yeah, every guy has them” type.

“Moe collection” ? What the fuck are you talking about?

No, no, no. Fuck this. You’re just throwing words around left right and center without a fucking clue as to what they mean. You are not otaku, you will never be otaku and you have no idea what it means to be otaku. You are the quintessential example of why we should eliminate you. Get the fuck out of here.


Just go, never come back. You’ve got nothing going for you. You can’t even pull off ‘nerd’ correctly without fucking it up. You are not good at anything at all.

This is just insulting. Let’s move on.

Legendary Hodgepodge by Fatbastard

Once again, you may not know this blog by looking at it, but if you’ve ever read the comments on you will probably have seen the name FatBastard crop up many, many times. Everyone tries to be friends with Danny, and they all have their own way of doing so; some imitate, others outright copy him and some people talk to him as if they’ve been friends since childhood. FatBastard is one of those who falls into the latter category. Hilariously, DC doesn’t even seem to notice half the time.

Sometimes we really think that Danny Choo is infact the sun. He gives life to a number of near-lifeless vegetables and everything seems to fucking revolve around him. We can’t think of a better example of this theory than FatBastard; of which his internet presence is such tedious drivel it is about as interesting as metadata.

While many people like Otakudan have annoying watermarks of their name on their awful figure photographs, FatBastard’s watermark is: on

In other words, FatBastard uses Danny Choo to identify himself. Sad. (Especially seeing as most of your comments on DC go unnoticed anyway). FatBastard also posts small stories surrounding his figures, creating a small storyboard and adding captions and a small plot. While we don’t have a problem with this in theory, the stories were terrible and even a small child would punch you if you presented it as a bed time story. Step it up, your latest cute tale with Rin and Totoro made us wonder if you’d even watched Kodomo no Jikan at all in the first place.

The question here really is this: Is FatBastard really Kodomut? However, we didn’t see any use of otaku so all we can do is approve him. He won’t last the next phase though.

Legendary Hodgepodge by FatBastard – APPROVED

Anyone finds him using ‘Otaku’ incorrectly, report it to your local OEG branch immediately.

Phoenix Hawk’s Deep Core

Another Danny Choo commenter. We listed a bunch of these but it just got stupid in the end, what could we say without repeating ourselves? A broad generalisation is almost never accurate, but in the case of DC, we might just see an exception to this rule.

What makes fmphoenixhawk so special? Well, for a start he’s stuck in the past. Despite being a livejournal blog, FMP still finds the time to make it look worse by taking us back to the days of geocities. Why not add some frames while you’re about it?

Let’s summarise; dull blog, worse colour scheme, not otaku but doesn’t appear to claim to be one either. We’ll approve it for now, we need more people in the second phase.

Phoenix Hawk’s Deep Core by FMPhoenixHawk – APPROVED

Maybe we’re feeling merciful…


Sola1412 – “Otaku under the same sky”. Whichever sky “Not Fair” (Blog owner) was talking about was clearly a different sky from one the rest of us live below. In his own words:

“A common otaku that love anime, manga, game, and etc. Just another otaku under the same sky.”

No. You’re not. And if want to stop reading this, we didn’t approve you. Your search buttons are fucking stupid and a waste of space, all of your blogging buddies are at the bottom of each page yet the affiliates that (quite frankly) don’t give a shit about your patronage are right near the top. Your feed button is too big, if people want to subscribe they will do so, they don’t want to have to accidently click on it.

You are not otaku, you have zero diversity and by the looks of things you’re only a fan of about 3 series, all of which are so overkilled in the blogosphere that nobody is going to care what you have to say about them. Your blog name is also incredibly forgetable. Also, take your figures out of their boxes once in a fucking while, they’re no good behind plastic.

Sola1412 by Not Fair – ELIMINATED

Searider Zander

You will probably know Searider from the hilarious drama we got from him in the comments recently. We can’t remember if he said he wanted us to read his blog, remove his blog or something. But we do know that he said we should care about his readership. We’re tempted to ask “Why?” but we never really got a real response that wasn’t just question dodging.

Nevertheless, we got some nice quotes from him:

“I just totally lost the last bit of respect I have for these guys.”

This is shorthand for “I’ll attempt to degrade them by pretending I had respect, and then taking it away”. We’ve seen stuff like this over and over and we see straight through it each and every time. We don’t care even if you did have respect for us, a small thing like respect isn’t going to bring this show to a standstill, so until then we’ll keep on storming through.

We also don’t care about your readership, you may find comfort in saying “You need my readership or this place will have no meaning!!” but look at this blog. We don’t tag anything, we don’t use any search engine optimisation outside of that which WordPress automatically uses. If we cared about the quantity of readership we would have rectified this, but we care more about the more intelligent of those who actually sit back, watch and appreciate this for what it is. You are not one of these people, and if you are – prove it.

We can’t deride Searider completely though, recently DC found out about the wonders of JQuery and added a photo labelling function similar to flickr. Only the labels are not informative at all, it’s painful to look at and each label gets added to the comments too. Searider made this remark:

“What an immense amount of spam this new feature generates.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Anyway Searider, you’ll be glad to know that you’re approved and you’re moving onto the next phase. Congratulations, now we’ll constantly have your readership.

Searider Zander by Searider – APPROVED

Through Eyes From Afar

Yet another DC Commenter (YADCC) and another one with some quotable stuff:

On Melonpan:
“To add to that, instead of just destroying his stuff, he also posts pics of every part of the process up online. I think he a real attention-seeker and will do extreme things – like being an open otaku in a generally conservative society or just destroying all his stuff and letting the world watch – mainly to gain attention.”

Too true.

The Envoy is interesting, his blog isn’t really dedicated to anime/manga/figures/etc. but a strange mix of other topics. He claims to be otaku, but anime related posts were either about K-ON or Danny Choo. Disappointing. We’re failing you, Convoy. But your blog is original, so we can’t really fault it. Try to make it more interesting though, spruce up the colours or something.

Through Eyes from Afar by The Envoy – ELIMINATED

Amidst the Blue Skies

If we could choose anyone to win the “Most likely to be a serial killer” award, it would be Kuji. He is living proof that Melonpan is not the only psycho in the great blogosphere. Oh wait! Melonpan rejected himself from the scene! Hah! Let us start again, Kuji is a fucking psycho. Where others choose boobs, Kuji chooses guns. Where some choose fanservice, Kuji chooses jet fighters.

His posts scare us, but we can’t help but thrive on the idea that there are just some crazy fucking people out there. We looked through his blog posts:

Video of a man who’s arm is ripped off by a tiger, while he lies bleeding from just about everywhere.
X-Rays of a man with a TV Remote in his rectum
Video of a window washer nearly falling to his death
Video of a Woman electrocuted in the face (We’re not making this up)
Various people falling over
Various vehicles colliding

And our personal favorite, when two submarines collided, Kuji replied with the following:

“Two submarines collide in the Atlantic, FINALLY! Feb 16, ’09 1:47 AM
for everyone
Damn, this could be the best February of my life (except for the Valentine’s Day part -_-)! First, two satellites collide with each other, and now this!”

Sounds like a great day.

Kuji doesn’t claim to be otaku, and there’s no way he is one. But if he were, we all know what kind he would be.

If anyone wishes to comment on Kuji’s blog, please do it within the safety of our blog. Remember to zig-zag when you walk, wear reflective clothing and a bullet proof vest and keep away from any universities in Virginia USA.

We’re passing you, OK Kuji? Don’t kill us. Please.

Amidst the Blue Skies by Sabekujikaneda – APPROVED

Oh and get rid of that fucking music. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Random Curiosity

It’s rare that The OEG doesn’t have a bad word to say about a blog, and such is the case for Random Curiosity, but in the same vein it’s also it’s downfall.

There’s no doubt, RandomC doesn’t fit in our criteria. Omni doesn’t seem to consider himself otaku or even give a shit about the word. Basically, it’s an episode blog through and through. On the good side, it does this very well, the writing is eloquent and so on, however there seems a distinct lack of personality in the writing. However considering how annoying most people in the aniblogosphere are, that’s probably a blessing in disguise.

Random Curiosity by Omni and a bunch of others – APPROVED

Animatic Figmation

You can pretty much guess what a blog named like this is going to contain. When you also consider that it displays feeds from, and SC you can tell this wasn’t going to be in our good books.

Where to start really? Look at the fucking design, the banner sucks, the design is almost painful on the eyes and rivals FMPhoenixHawk for the “Geocities lookalike” award.

Look, persocomsan. Why? We have so many questions for you and most of them start with “Why”. Why did you pay money for a domain name and then make your blog look like a piece of shit? Why did you copy every other blog out there? Why do you use the word otaku? Do you really not know what it means? How can you not know what it means when you label yourself as such? Why are you using a word you don’t understand? Did you even look it up?

We don’t understand this, are people really stupid enough to call themselves a name without looking it up? Surely you must have researched it? Isn’t that normal?

Stop. Stop everything. Stop the blog, there is no use for it. Do you really think anyone wants to see your photos of your figures? You buy the same as everyone else, so in the end the audience will only ever go to the blog owner with the best camera and the best photography skills. Is this what blogging is about? We present a challenge to you, persocomsan: Find us something your blog has that we can’t find anywhere else. Otherwise, give us a reason as to why we’d care about your opinion over somebody elses. Tell us exactly why we’d read a blog that can’t even use correct terminology. Do it. We dare you.

Animatic Figmation by Persocomsan – ELIMINATED

Atarashii Prelude

You can tell this place is either Singaporean/Malaysian/Indonesian/Australian/Canadian right from the word go and we don’t even know where Shinn is from. We looked at the about page and found nothing apart from dreadful misuse of ‘Otaku’.

You’re just the same as all of the other anime blogs out there that apparently cover “Otaku” culture. You don’t cover “Otaku Culture” you cover some vague representation of anime fandom. Don’t ever get the two confused.

And upon finding out that we were correct about the above (Australia), we found this post particularly amusing:

“Rather than targeting specific sites and content, in which CP has always been the primary concern, Lawful Evil Internet Guardian Stephen Conroy saw fit to expand the filter to block out anything listed under the Refused Classification category, which is essentially a blanket term for questionable content, which includes, among others, fetishes.

Ordinary Internet users here are freaking out already as it is, but for the otakus, this no different from pulling the plug on the chronically ill, since a lot of otakus such as myself are kept alive with ℳℴℯ❤ fetishes and the like being constantly injected into our bloodstream via permanent intravenous therapy :oops: I shudder at the inevitability where I wake up one day to find (especially) 4chan, imageboards and other anime/manga related sites shut out before me. I always knew I would succumb to death by ℳℴℯ❤, but with the way things are unfolding right now, I would sooner die by deprivation of.”

Well, that’s just what you get for living on an island of fucking convicts. We hope that the Australian government takes it all away from you. Imagine being able to completely forget about an entire country that takes up the majority of a continent. OEG Bliss.

We hope you die of deprivation, we hope you crumble under the stress that the fabric of your pitiful existance slowly unthreads and falls apart. We hope you stay in your loopback, never to infect the internet with your terrible blog ever again. Get out, stay out, take your boring figures with you, take your copycat blog too in fact, take your life. Merry fucking Christmas.

Atarashii Prelude by Shinn and some others – ELIMINATED

Here’s a tip, use 4chan speak and we’ll think you as a moron, paste it all over your blog and we’ll eliminate that shit. Nothing otaku ever came from that place, there’s no place for it in the Otaku scene. Keep to being “Weeaboos” or whatever it is you call yourselves.

Ace’s Weblog

Your standard affair here, pics of figures and so on from a filipino/australian hybrid. Particular themes running through were the 4koma involving the Nanoha cast in figma form. It was dumb, it was stupid, but we kept reading them anyway.

Ace walks a fine line; a razors edge, if you will. Such heavy use of “Otaku” but we were hesitant on penalising him for each one. We didn’t see anything that quite made us angry, so strangely enough, we’re passing him.

If you want some comments on your blog; it’s boring. You said it yourself and we’re agreeing. You have the power to change that, but remember that Danny Choo is not a good inspiration if you want people to acknowledge you as someone who at least knows something about his fandom.

Ace’s Weblog by Acesan – APPROVED

Actar’s Reviews

We know you’re tired of listening to us say the same thing over and over. We’re tired of saying it over and over too. But think about it; the fact we say it over and over again is a strong indication there is a big problem in the blogosphere. We’ll summarise in a neat list exactly where Actar went wrong:

    Pictures of figures (Been done many times before by people with better cameras and better photography skills)
    Always covering the same old anime
    Sucking the dick of fansubbers constantly
    Misusing ‘Otaku’ constantly (Eliminated.)
    Talking about AFA but not talking about more important events
    Talking about your life (Nobody cares)

You made a comment about being the eleventy-fifth billion person to talk about a haruka mousepad. Did you ever think that you’re the eleventy-fifth billion person to talk about anything? Take a look at your blogroll once in a while and identify the problem instead of just trying to get views.

Actar’s Life by Actar – ELIMINATED

Dumb Otaku

First of all, we’d like to say we concur. But not on the ‘Otaku’ part.

It’s heavily ironic that someone who’s blog teaches Japanese can’t even be correct in the title of his blog. The first thing people see is that title, it’s in your URL and you got it wrong. Just like you failed JLPT.

We’ve got nothing more to say, your blog speaks volumes about your incompetence. We don’t have a problem with people that don’t speak Japanese just like we don’t have a problem with people who aren’t otaku, but we do have a problem with people who promise something and can’t deliver. You are one of these people.

Dumb indeed. We’ve got no time for people like you.

Dumb Otaku by Percent20 – ELIMINATED

Rhythm Emotion

Once again, we’ll be quick. It was hard to find flaws in this blog. Lene seems to be within the female population of bloggers who aren’t completely devoid of intelligence. We can’t say that your blog is a particularly interesting read, generally the colour scheme is boring and the layout doesn’t exactly leave us thirsty for more, but nice work on not misusing “Otaku”.

Rhythm Emotion by Lene – APPROVED

Oh yeah, get your stormtrooper boyfriend to take out Danny and Gordon. We’ll pay to see the video. No word of a lie.

The Deathseeker

Not otaku. Claims to have been interested in the ‘Otaku Culture’. Incorrect. If you want criticism, read what we’ve said many times over and you’ll understand. Until then, failed. Keep the layout and colour scheme, it’s much more lively than other blogs out there.

The Deathseeker by Panther – ELIMINATED

The Great Blue Sky~

What can we say about Argyle? Well, he instantly uses ‘Otaku’ wrongly so there’s a fail right there, not to mention the excessive use of capital letters is annoying at best. Overall, we’ll fail him, tell him he’s not otaku and so on, but he doesn’t seem like a bad person, so at least we can’t fault him at that. Sorry Argyle, but there are many informational posts on the OEG that you can read and become educated by, we recommend them highly.

The Great Blue Sky by Argyle – ELIMINATED

Valiantho is one of those blogs that for some reason, we just enjoyed. We didn’t see any misuse of otaku, but if there was any, it would have been too minor for us to care about. Valiant simply just seems like a guy enthusiastic about photography, anime and figures with no surrounding bullshit, no opinions crafted as facts, just the stuff he does, and he does it well, and we’re cool with that. by Valiant – APPROVED

Algester’s Mind Dump

Another eroge blogger. For the most part, eroge bloggers seem to have their head screwed in the correct way. Aside from a few pieces of annoying 4chan talk, we can’t see anything wrong here, he reviews eroge and he does it well.

Algester’s Mind Dump by Algester – APPROVED

Desu ex Machina

We can’t complain about this place too much. After all, Kevo took the time to add us to “Links”. Now, quite why we’re not in the blogroll confuses us, but we’re kind of glad that were aren’t stuck with those people. But wait, Sankaku Complex sits above us. This is just a lose-lose situation.

It feels cheap of us not to rate Desu ex Machina properly, but we can’t find much to criticise about it. It’s not the most interesting of reads we’ve had in a while, and the plain white isn’t making your content seem any more interesting. With a name like Desu ex Machina we were expecting something dark.

All in all, not bad. No improper use of ‘Otaku’. You’ve either listened to us, or never had it there from the beginning; either one is good enough for us. See you in phase 2.

Desu ex Machina by Kevo – APPROVED

Heavencloud’s Blog

“Just a diary of a unique guy”. Well, we’ll be the judge of that. If Gordon started doing this, we’d probably stab something…or just employ Kuji as a hitman.

We’ll say it now, we failed HeavenCloud. His last entry was in July, and while we don’t mind dead blogs, there’s only so far we’ll go back. As for melonpan? He was an example.

Everything about this blog makes us go “Oh?” and then “Oh..” as we find something good…and then suddenly bad. The good included the fact that HeavenCloud seemed like a sensible eroge blogger, the bad is that he put 4chan as one of his “favorite links”. It was no use anyway, this place was too dead.

HeavenCloud’s Blog by Heavencloud – ELIMINATED

Project Saber

Oh dear. Given the Singaporean obsession with Fate/Stay Night (Way to overkill a great franchise) a name like “Project saber” was only going to anger us further. “Figure reviews” “Figure haven” who cares really?

Either way, we’d like to credit reltair for one thing: “I basically watch every anime series that airs as long as it is even remotely decent”

Nice attitude. We can’t argue with that, only that recently anime has been fairly awful in comparison to other years. Roll on 2010.

Surprisingly we couldn’t see any kind of misuse of ‘Otaku’. We do have some advice for you though, Reltair: Look at what we said, look at what it really means to be otaku, you have potential but you’re sinking down the Danny Choo path quickly. Recover from that, and you’re on a golden road.

Project Saber by Reltair – APPROVED


Okay, so we know it says “School Life” at the top of the blog but this blog is stupid. The content makes no sense, the author “Terry” talks about being otaku when he actually fails at being one. The comments are stupid too, it’s like he got his school classmates to write them. Stupid people are attracted to stupid blogs, which is why we’re not touching this with a barge pole.

Shinyui by Terry – ELIMINATED

e-jump’s weblog

So recently, e-jump stuck his head in our comment section and made himself seen. I’m sure he’s expecting a nice, indepth few paragraphs written about him. Well, here goes:

You are not otaku.
Stop following Danny Choo, he doesn’t care.
You didn’t have to post about the bus service to Comic Fiesta.

Sigh, why do we even care. e-jump’s weblog is just a single tree in a forest of trees that look exactly the same which makes it completely forgettable. You also take spy pictures of Danny Choo, we think that’s rather unhealthy. Next.

e-jump’s weblog by e-jump – ELIMINATED


The use of Japanese excited us, we hoped it’d show promise but “All things otaku” was simply too much for us to handle. Just Singapore, figures, K-ON youtube videos and so on. Snore.

「モモ☆月神社」 by モモ moon reader – ELIMINATED

Tim Maughan Books

Not an otaku blog, it doesn’t try to be an otaku blog and so on. In fact, we’re going to eliminate this because we just feel like we’re getting in the way by roping him into the OEG at all. As for the rest, too bad.

Quick question though: Why do you need writers? Surely a blog is either a collaberation or it isn’t, it’s supposed to be personal to an extent. Whatever. Eliminated with the best of intentions.

Tim Maughan Books by Tim Maughan – ELIMINATED

Moe Sucks

Aside from the fact that E minor seems to think that Moe is a genre or something, Moe Sucks seems like a cry for attention. It’s good that they “went there” but on the other hand it seems somewhat misguided; like they went for the jugular and didn’t know what to do once they’d got it. We recommend commenting on Danny Choo with some of your views. A lot of his followers would hate it.

They also made a post about us. We don’t eliminate those who aren’t otaku, we do that in the next phase. And that’s where things get interesting. Either way, you’ve gotten your “otaku card”. Happy Christmas.

Moe Sucks by E minor et al – APPROVED

And that concludes it! Remember, if you weren’t on here, don’t complain, it means we wanted to spend more time looking at your blog or we had something extra to say. In true festive spirit we sped up the game and made the following rounds much more interesting. Roll on 2010!

But we’re not done yet! Snowflakes fall from the cold winter sky instead of the usual shower of blood and the OEG enjoy the rest of the year with a twinkle in their eyes and a spring in their step, for Comiket 77 awaits us!

And in true spirit, Dan. No, Radiant. We’ve decided to remove all uses of your real name and replace it with just “Radiant”. Merry Christmas!



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54 responses to “Round 7: The Lucky 777 Jackpot! Our Last Round of the Year

  1. Orcinus

    I was really anticipating to see you guys tear Actar’s nads with your teeth, like, go at it at length and really give him a cat-skinning.

    But maybe perhaps he’s too awful for a ceremonious execution.

    • It’s just too much of a waste of their time to do something like that. It’s not like we need to read more of what we already know.

    • The thing is, the entire premise of a blog is for one to express his or her own opinions. If you don’t like the styles/content of a particular blog, don’t read!

      You have a option to ignore the things you don’t like. People make blogs not to obey or conform to the whims and opinions of the select few who deem them to be ‘unworthy’. Sure it might not live up to your expectations, as crazy as they are.

      Besides, the whole rating system of the OEG is biased and unjustified. The comments here are nothing more than someone’s opinions. What makes these opinions the golden standard of blogging? Not everyone exists to please you.

      • Anon

        The OEG isn’t taking down or blocking any blogs; it’s providing us with a list of blogs that we shouldn’t read. A literal blacklist.

        We’re taking the option of ignoring the blogs listed because we don’t want to read them.

        TL;DR: Don’t complain. Your comment works against you. The OEG is a blog. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. That’s what you said yourself.

        Therefore: Get out.

  2. RIUVA eliminated for that? You guys need to buy yourselves a new sarcasm detector.

  3. My notes:
    I’m having a hard time figuring out whether RIUVA is bad or not from reading the stuff he writes up since it’s never really all that funny even when he’s being sarcastic. Among the bloggers who peddle in sarcasm, a certain dinosaur beats him by leagues and miles. That said, I do respect one of the writers on there though.

    Phoenix Hawk: OH GOD THE COLORS!!!!! D=
    I guess he only got in because he is/was a DC commenter? Lack of content doesn’t help either and I can’t say the colors make reading it an enjoyable activity.

    No surprises about RandomC. I don’t know how they muster the energy to keep the flow, but props go out to ’em.

    Hooray for Reltair!

    Moe Sucks has gotten a lot of mileage with me, so glad they stayed in.

  4. Well, im doing Comic Fiesta posts because i’m one of the affiliate team.
    Well, if you care anyway.

  5. Nice post, but I would have thought Shinn deserved the title of otaku. I don’t know him THAT well, but what I do know of him, he seems pretty goddamn obsessed. I also think his blog is a lot of fun, and I kind of wonder how much of it you guys read.

    Otherwise, very nice round. Also,

    >>>>>Otaku is Otaku and the only way particular types of series will divide that is when you pigeonhole yourself into a particular kind; people who only watch the mainstream anime (That you listed as not mainstream) will only be labelled as casual fans, people who only watch shounen series will only be labelled as boys that never grew up, people that only watch magical girl series will only be labelled as small children, but when you conglomerate them all; that’s otaku. Put that tape in the cassette deck and stay up all night, nobody cares what it is as long as it’s enjoyable to watch.<<<<<

    Paragraph of the week.

  6. Heh, I kinda feel sorry for tj_han because I like his rants – they’re one of my initial sources of inspiration and all. But it wasn’t really unexpected to see him get roasted, considering the terminology he uses on RIUVA.
    Anyway, I think this post has been the best so far. Keep it up and merry Christmas.

  7. I’m confused.

    Omni doesn’t seem to consider himself otaku or even give a shit about the word.

    I know you approved our blog but what exactly makes it seem that JP and I consider ourselves otaku or even give a shit about the word either ?_? This should probably be commented on the last post you wrote but /lazy. Also so sad you eliminated Shin! Aside from his really stupid yuri fanfics, all his posts are comedy gold!

    • Hey, I love his yuri fanfics. And he is indeed comedy gold.

      I can’t help butu wonder of OEG got him confused with someone else. I can’t remember any post on his blog that I felt like I’d read before.

  8. Ah, it finally happened. I’ve been waiting for this day. I think I would have gone into shock if I hadn’t been eliminated. Well, I could argue that I don’t use the word otaku anymore (I personally went through and removed all instances of the word some time ago unless I missed one somewhere) so I don’t really think there’s a problem with terminology at this point in time, but there’s no point in defending myself because you’ve done nothing offensive. I accept your challenge, just as soon as the holidays are over. If I can’t come up with something that can’t be found anywhere else I will retire the blog and disappear from the blogosphere.

  9. Next time I’ll have to read what OEG says carefully before venturing in certain blogs (the color in Phoenix Hawk is almost seizure-inducing) LOL

    • tetraacetylethylenediamine

      I thought people were just being facitious when they mentioned how bad his color scheme was, but it’s true. I think I started going cross-eyed when I tried to focus long enough on his page to actually read something.

  10. coffeebugg

    Approved? Me? Funny, I would’ve thought I was one of those who’d get an outright elimination. ha ha, indeed boring blog is boring.

    And as for the WordPress suggestion, I’ve been giving it some thought ever since after seeing the horrendous ads that Blogger is force feeding its subscribers and users. Didn’t know one could import posts directly.

  11. canon

    You didn’t mention that Shin is a pedophile.

  12. I can’t possibly read this whole thing now, I’m way too tired. I’ll be back to read it later.

    So this was a pretty much pointless comment.

  13. Thanks, guys. I appreciate you taking the time to read me and offer some feedback, however brief. The fact that I just blogged about you has nothing to do with the fact I passed today (I just realized it earlier after I finished writing the post haha).

    Great stuff as always, and I hope to see you in the next round. Keep on fighting the good fight and providing us with some good entertainment and insightfulness. Happy Holidays, have a nice 2010.

  14. Also you guys didn’t even mention/reference/make fun of the whole Chihara Minori water bottle incident on Atarashii Prelude earlier this year! Come on…

  15. Shinn should have been booted out on account of being a creepy pedo.

    And you guys really fell for tj_han’s posts. Those aren’t funny, yes (and should have been axed right through just for that) but he’s being extremely sarcastic with those “otaku help” posts.

    Blind fury doesn’t make for good judgment, you know.

  16. Man, until this whole thing started I had no idea how many truly terrible anime blogs existed. I’d say that you have destroyed my innocence, but instead I will go back to pretending that they don’t exist.

  17. Kuji is the best blog out of the bunch! Just look at the headlines @_@

    Thank you for approving him.

  18. Can I make a slight suggestion for long posts like these? Would be great if each blog review had its own URL we could use to link people specifically to those segments.

    • Helpful Anon

      It’s simple. Tell them to [Ctrl] + [F].

      Doesn’t require any effort.

      eg. “Hey, go to this link *clicky*. [Ctrl] + [F] for ‘Java by Coffeebug’.”

  19. Yes, RIUVA sucks, but tj_han readily admits it. The real tragedy is that he clings to the delusion that he was once a superstar.

    Atarashii Prelude, on the other hand, is consistently and impressively funny. Shin’s Photoshopping is as good as it gets. His humor is clever and original, unlike the memetic trash many bloggers copy from 4chan. Too bad he’s a pedophile.

  20. Frownyface

    you guys are 100% sheer cruelty :(. Because of it, you guys get 1000+ hits. Once again :( I just summarized this entire fucking blog in 3 sentences. This blog doesn’t deserve the attention that it does.

  21. Frownyface

    “plz flame me” oh yeah and Why doesn’t everyone just ignore this. I bet that if you ignore the blog for some months. The bloggers will get bored and dissapiate. ” ai cantz spelll”

  22. Protect your children! Shin will be out for them now. And you didn’t link Reltair’s blog. orz

  23. You guys are so hard on Shin :/

  24. happywinkingface

    you guys need a nice little list that show which blogs u have eliminated. ;)

  25. Pingback: Look Ma I’m Copying Off 4chan – Every ‘Otaku’ Elimination Game Post Comment Section Ever | Jinx!

  26. Huh, oh well, I didn’t start a blog to seek the approval of anyone or to win any contest. It’s just a side thing to my Figure Review series for those who bother and want to follow me.

  27. Hehe, jpmeyer reminded me of this and I thought it was reasonable. I don’t feel like explaining but I’m sure you guys should know that those otaku selfhelp posts were of course not meant to be taken seriously.

  28. do my blog next, remember to make fun of the ads and that I’m lazy.

  29. IHateHer

    Now I don’t agree on everything you guys say…

    But I want you to rip apart

    I hate her.. everything about her.

  30. lol funnily enough I’ve met with three of the bloggers mentioned here.

    Shinn (
    A nice kid, his sarcasm and photoshop jokes are always a joy to behold tho. And by right I don’t think he’s an otaku, or what you classify as one. More like he’s an avid anime watcher, and also loli downloader. Having massive failure in Australia due to the bandwith limit there. Now back in Malaysia for his holidays. He’s quite happy now that they are not tracking his pedo tendecy here.

    He was an avid figurine collector, but work and life has caught up with him. Now he’s more into photography. Still can see him bitching about animes tho. One of my tutor for photography (due to him using the same camera as me)

    Valho (
    As with e-jump, once an avid figurine collector. Now an avid photographer. Never been seen without his “nana-chan” (Canon 7D). Due to him being a graphic designer, his pictures are also have some creative touches to them, making him one of the favourite photographers for cosplayers to ask for photoshoot.

  31. Yi

    Shin is super funny though, but that’s not really the issue here.

    Anyway, glad to see so many blogs done. I admit, I was doubtful about whether we would ever see round 2, but now I see that I was wrong.

  32. Eleventy. lol. Makes me think of the very 1st page of The Hobbit and how I couldn’t take it seriously.

  33. teenoie

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  34. I_Luv_Tachikoama

    Deticated to one person mentioned in the list:

    STFU when you just idolise Dannychoo and buy stuff using your parents’ money only.

    If you are that rich, buy a new video cam. Your youtube video sucks.

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