Round 8: The OEG is back for 2010

Welcome back!

It’s been a while since our last post (As we mentioned would happen) but we’re glad the sheer size of our last entry kept people talking and waiting for more. A lot has happened in a few weeks and we had to put in some work in keeping up with the latest.

All in all though, it was quite hilarious. Ray from Tsundere Banana took the time to speak about us for 10 minutes in his podcast. It made us think. It made us think “Why do people still talk with their mouths full?”.

Personal digs aside, the podcast was a retaliation because we made a forgetable comment aimed at moritheil, it was basically working under the “You send one of ours to the hospital, we send one of yours to the morgue” principle, but it didn’t live up to our expectations.

If you want the jist of the situation, a post was made on some blog about us and about the word ‘otaku’. Morotheil left a comment acting as if he was the final say upon the word. We shot him down in flames and basically repeated what we say each week. Apparently we’d made a BAD MOVE because Morotheil couldn’t comprehend the fact that someone would say like “Hey, you. You’re wrong, sit down and shut the fuck up”. And bitched about it in one of most hilarious acts of passive-aggression we’ve ever seen. It was basically something along the lines of “Sigh, I am better than you”. Not unexpected, but ridiculous all the same.

Moritheil basically writes his dull opinions in his dull blog by using “big words” in order to make himself look as if he’s a seasoned writer. We think ANN would like someone like you. Verbal dihorrea and ignorant? You’d fit right in.

Oh and we laughed at how he said we “stood up to him” and were getting cocky just because we put him in his place never mind the fact he’s a small fry in the blogosphere. This is basically because in a previous post a long time ago, he made a comment about us saying that we got something wrong. We replied with our hands in the air saying something along the lines of “Yep, we messed up there, apologies.” and we think Moritheil must have mistaken this for some kind of submission of power or something.

The difference between you and us moritheil, is that if we are wrong, we admit it and don’t complain when others criticise us for doing so. You on the other hand reacted like a moody teenager and then acted like you were the overseer of the blogosphere and we took you down hard. Don’t let it happen again, especially for someone who was offered the “Barnstar of integrity” award on your wikipedia page. “open mind and willingess to change his mind based on new evidence”? Don’t make us laugh!

The Liar Starscream story was a good read, what happened? And more importantly, why did you jump to that conclusion in the first place?

Anyway, more important issues are at hand:

We did understand most of the podcast and it raised some issues that we’d already covered previously. But seeing as you guys were too lazy/stupid to read back and gather relevant info, we’ll repeat ourselves.

“Elitists”? – Yes we probably are, but we’re kind enough to turn a blind eye about most things we see, so it goes to show we’re not just doing this to randomly hate on people on the internet. Besides, people have been doing that since the days of Usenet so we wouldn’t waste our time.

“Probably big fans”? – No, definitley big fans. We’re doing this because we’re big fans, huge fans. Otaku if you will.

“Are you guys 100000% Japanese blood?” (And other stuff about how “real Japanese” appreciate the outside interest and so on). – Ironically enough, while this doesn’t work well for your argument, the origin of the OEG stems from the Japanese hatred of “fake-otaku”. Us two guys writing this stuff aren’t native Japanese (But live and work in Japan) and we could have quite easily ignored the whole thing if we wanted to. But no, you label all of us as right-wingers and manage to collectively judge every Japanese otaku out there.

Who’s the “right-winger” ? Who are the facists and the dictators? Those who seek change and stand up to fight against injustice or those who make sweeping judgements against us, labelling us and putting us in boxes in order to gain a fallacious moral highground? Label us as militant if you wish, but you know and we know that we would not change anything with a reasoned debate.

People are different, otaku are different. Just like some people have both left-wing and right-wing values, some of us otaku couldn’t care less if people on the internet are misusing the word and would rather let the good times roll, while others will bleed hot lava over the issue. Think about that before you question our legitimacy by making large, sweeping judgements and instead take us at face value. We know you understand what this blog is about, so it’s upon you to take the correct action.

What a dire tone to start out the new year! Moving on..

We saw the “What every comments section of the OEG is like” and it was both fucking hilarious and spot-on. That one is going in the archives for sure. Sorry we couldn’t say more about it to eclipse the awful shit above, but it was excellent.

On with the show! Some of you thought 2010 meant Phase 2. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten that far yet but thanks to the number of people shifted, we don’t have much left to go through. For those who we approved: Begin preparing for phase 2. Now is your time to shine, get ready. It’s coming soon.

This week we rolled back to our original 4 choices:

Star Crossed Anime Blog
Meimi132 no Itonami
Mega Megane Moé

Star Crossed Anime Blog

We liked this blog. That’s not to say we like boring, dull things, but we couldn’t argue with the no-nonsense approach to blogging that psgels (Is that their name) takes. It’s anime, anime, anime. Episode reviews, previews and so on. We would argue that 11eyes is one of the biggest pieces of shit letdown’s we’ve ever seen, but it can’t have been budgeted very well. We’ll lay down our swords there.

Use of ‘otaku’ isn’t minimal but whenever it’s brought up there is a real hint of cynicism and disgust. We appreciate this. Sure it’s not favourable but we’d rather that than misuse.

If we were going to pick holes we’d say that your writing style doesn’t exactly give you much of a personality and nothing on your blog is anything we’d consider to be “eye candy” but other than that, we can’t see why we should eliminate you at all.

Star Crossed Anime Blog by psgels – APPROVED


Fangzhao is one of those who featured us. Admirably he managed to cut the shit and leave a simple “FUCK YOU” as the entire body of his post. We found this much easier to digest than all the ridiculous shit people write about us.

“”Constructive criticsm” is definitely not part of their vocabulary.”

Finally! Someone who understands. Everyone ought to take a long, hard look at that quote right there.

We’ll admit, we don’t really find the blog interesting. Maybe it’s the fact that the theme is the same as ours that makes it a little bit difficult to take in. Either way, we couldn’t get into your writing style but it doesn’t seem particularly irritating or terrible. We also like the sly digs you make at us every so often.

Mikotoism by Fangzhao – APPROVED

Meimi132 no Itonami

The work of the OEG is not a clean job. Marching through the remains of the buildings; cold lifeless hands reach out for us behind the rusted doors they once used as shelter. All but brickdust and desperation remain. Cities burned to the ground, women and children slaughtered like cattle. The wind cries through the shadowed halls, nobody left in the damp corners to heed it’s warning.

There is no doubt about it, meimi tried to be a nice person. But as soon as we saw her we kept shooting. We shot until a red mist hung in the air covering everything, giving our faces an angry dusting of claret. This is our battlefield.

It’s futile. Some people are futile. Meimi is broken beyond fixing. Never since gordonator have we seen someone hanging off Danny Choo’s nuts so much. In Danny Choo style her posts are horrible, irritating fangirling over the most ridiculous of topics. What made us laugh the most is “A girl’s guide to ecchi”.

Let us settle this right now. Nobody said that girls cannot exist in the otaku world or even the anime fandom world. And if you’re going to make a blog, that’s fine too. However, do not ever, ever EVER put “A girl’s guide to ____” or “The female opinion on ____” or ANYTHING to that effect. What difference does it really make that you’re a girl? It makes no difference. The moment you use your gender to promote yourself is just asking for a divide to be made. Do you want to be treated equally? Yes? Then shut the fuck up about your gender/race/sexual orientation. The more you mention it, the more you’re putting yourself on a pedestal and the more ridiculous you look.

All she had to say is “I’m a girl”. From that, a reader might have thought “Oh, that’s interesting, I wonder what a girl’s point of view is on X” but no, you rammed it down everyone’s throat. You told people your real name, your appearance, the university you are studying at, everything. Just in case we didn’t have enough to stalk you with.


Meimi, you are such a fucking attention seeker that it is honestly unreal. Your blog is not a dating profile, we don’t care if you’ve fallen in love or not or when your first kiss was. Whatever you seem to write you seem to leave a sense of mystery about it as if you want people to ask you more. This kind of behaviour is so attention seeking that there is probably a personality disorder for it.

You wrote 100 things about yourself, who the fuck wants to know all that? You’re putting yourself on display and advertising yourself, your behaviour is that of prostitute and that is not a “generic female insult” that’s the fucking truth of the matter. Look at what you’ve written and tell us that you haven’t put yourself on display. You are desperate for attention, desperate for someone to say “Meimi, tell me more about yourself” but nobody cares. This whole blogging thing is a farce, 90% of the time the only reason people express interest in another blog is because they just want other people to read theirs. It’s mutual masturbation and it means nothing. Do you honestly think you’re part of the 10%? There’s no way you are.

Look at yourself, not only are you an attention seeker but you’re an awful person, you’ve just told everyone you lie and that you’re a convincing liar. You told people that you’re “crafty and clever” so basically you’re manipulative. You claim you have friends but considering that you lie and you’re manipulative we highly doubt that.

You’re a loser that can’t even hide under the otaku umbrella because you’re not one of those either. You failed in all corners. You claim you’re always happy, but you must be crying on the inside from knowing that you’re attention seeking and manipulative, constantly deceiving everyone with your mask.

The face of lies and deception.

Emily Coles (Meimi) has provided you OEG readers with enough information about her. Find her and make sure she never taints the otaku name again using whichever means you see fit. It should be easy, she’s given enough information to work with. Bonus points if you dress up as Danny Choo while you do it.

Meimi132 no Itonami by Meimi132 – ELIMINATED

Mega Megane Moé

Mega Megane Moe. It’s a bit of a mouthful to pronounce but we kind of liked the site. The appearance is really nice and it’s just so easy to navigate around. We can’t remember what CCY thought of us (We’re sure we remember that name in the comments) but he doesn’t gloss anything over, just one man and his interests. He doesn’t misuse ‘otaku’ and his writing is interesting to read. The time to go through a long entry feels like no time at all, which is all but a bad thing. All in all, an underrated blog and CCY seems like a decent enough guy to be able to pull off the “Celebrity blogger” thing without being annoying. We say go for it.

Mega Megane Moé by CCY – APPROVED

So that’s all for this week. However…


The eyes of the OEG are always watching you. As Radiant found out via email, we know things, things about you, things that you shared publically elsewhere. We don’t publish them, we wait. We wait like zen spiders; waiting for the moment we just might have to use it. And if we don’t? Maybe we’ll give it to someone who wants it. And those people, are not as unknown to you as you may think.

We see everything, we’re in your fansub IRC Channels, watching you bitch about us; we were agreeing, yet laughing behind the scenes. We’re on your blogroll; you added us, remember? We’ve spoken to you on MSN, on twitter and you had no idea; we didn’t even mention the OEG. We commented on your MAL and we even helped you with your iPhone problems. We are landmines in the blogosphere and we’ve been sat there for a while now, waiting to blow up in your face.

Some of you were too stupid to leave an open proxy server on your PC after declaring it as “free to use for friends only” in the comments of different blog. We’ve used this since the game started before we told you about it and you’ve only just acted on it as of writing this. Sad.

And you, you know who you are; no we won’t hold your TNT order for you while you’re on vacation, no matter how much you beg us. It got stupid when you emailed us your home address (Thanks for that by the way) and said you’d pay for postage.

Watch where you tread, watch who you trust. You may think there’s no harm in throwing your home address and phone number out as if it’s nothing, but for all the people who will send you something nice, there are those of us who will keep it and sit on it. We disappear a few months later and you don’t even remember us. But we remember you.

So watch yourselves, every time you think you got off easy, every time you said “Wow I thought they hated me”. Think about who you know, who you’re in contact with, and then ask yourself “Who are they again?”. Because it might be us, but then it also might not.

Anyway, moving on once again here’s something we did overlook. Atarashii Prelude. We had heard of the waterbottle incident. We have to say that it’s sad Setsuna retired to ‘atone’ for his actions. Personally, we say that it was probably the most otaku thing somebody has ever done in the aniblogosphere. Setsuna defends that he did it “for the lulz” if this is true then it makes us sad, but if you were really that obsessed with her then we would have been cheering from the sidelines.

“Setsuna: I didn’t think of it as a troll. I didn’t intended to troll. Let me say, if I intended to troll, believe me, I would have done it. You know how I could have done it? So easily… I could have done it immediately after taking that photo, simply by using a proxy and posting it on 2ch, and the whole thing would have been a bigger shitstorm.”

Someone doesn’t know 2ch very well…

The reactions to the waterbottle incident is a sad sight indeed. So many people who would call themselves “otaku” were saying “I’m otaku, but this is going too far”. That’s like saying “I’m a murderer, but killing children? That’s horrible.” You are or you aren’t. Pick one.

The OEG works very simply: we eliminate people who incorrectly call themselves otaku, you cry because you “aren’t otaku” and claim not to care or say that we are wrong. This is the absolute truth of the matter.

If we set up a blog doing the complete opposite to the OEG by praising blogs and calling them super-otaku, very few people (if anyone) would get angry. Why? Because you don’t care about the use of the word, you just care that it’s a label that doesn’t get stolen from you. You don’t care about the word, you just care that somebody is sucking your dick about it.

Look at Meimi, she proves that virtually every blog is just a cry for attention for someone to take notice of your opinion, it’s just an exercise in enjoying the sound of your own voice, nobody really cares about your opinion, they just want their opinion to be heard too, it’s the reason there’s a “URL” field in the comment form of every post.

Why do you care about hits? Because it shows how many people apparently give a fuck about you and your opinion; it’s an ego boost and nothing more. Here’s how the OEG works: we reduce your comfort zone to ground zero, tell you the message and you listen. We don’t care what you think unless you agree or want to know more, and we’ll be the first ones to say it. Your lack of respect isn’t gonna sink this ship. We weren’t even going to allow comments until we saw the support we got and realised it might change the views of some people.

To the true otaku out there; the unspoken voice, the underdogs and the unsung heroes. You know who you are, we’re asking you especially to stand up and be otaku and to go absolutely crazy with it, through your blog especially. Take back akiba from Danny Choo and the singapore invasion, whose mass corporate dreams will rip through our electric town like napalm through asphalt, turning it into “Shibuya for nerds”.

Fuck that shit. 90% of those blogs out there are verbal masturbation and circle jerks, as many of you have pointed out. Stand the fuck up and cast them out of this thing once and for all, punch a hole through the animeblogosphere and break the cycle, because we don’t need those people.

See the list? See those still living in the crevases of Danny Choo’s anal cavity? They’re the survivors of this, burn their blogs to the fucking ground; embracing violence if need be. Do what you can to make sure they stay within their little world and keep them the fuck out of Akihabara, send them to the photography scene and let them piss off the pros. Just keep them out.

Danny Choo and your supporters: your time is coming soon.

We’re a vicious Alice in a fucked up glamourland and we’re carving trenches into false smiles with our last shards of plastic. We choke, breathe in the noxious fumes of your bullshit and choke again. Your blog sucks because you suck, you’re complacent, mellow and fucked and you hate what you’ve become. You spend your money on your “gold” only fit for the bargain bin to make yourself feel better, but all that glitters is gilt.

And it’s not just Danny Choo, so many people think that buying x amount of figures and taking x amount of pictures has made them some kind of expert on the subject. Ask these people about O.F.F and they will look at you with dead cattle eyes, not knowing what the fuck you are talking about.

Grab the eroge, spill a seed. Define your purpose, ‘otaku’ will bleed.
Dance to the screams of the otaku millionaire, we’re burning the books in Akiba Square.

See you next time!



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40 responses to “Round 8: The OEG is back for 2010

  1. Guy

    Look at Meimi, she proves that virtually every blog is just a cry for attention for someone to take notice of your opinion, it’s just an exercise in enjoying the sound of your own voice, nobody really cares about your opinion, they just want their opinion to be heard too, it’s the reason there’s a “URL” field in the comment form of every post.

    Why do you care about hits? Because it shows how many people apparently give a fuck about you and your opinion; it’s an ego boost and nothing more.

    This amuses me, because it’s posted on a blog. Well, it’s mostly true, I agree, definitely.

    But hey, you just blog about how blogging is all about attention and liking the feel of someone giving you a virtual fellatio…
    It’s the same as a couple of months ago a friend of mine complained about Twitter and “Micro-blogging”, on Facebook, and then got annoyed when I tried to point out to her the irony…

    You’re no different OEG, you don’t really have an agenda, beyond getting a virtual fellatio, and you as well seem to care and obsess about how you get mentioned, because you too are nothing more than a group that craves attention and an ego-boost.

    You don’t need to own up; you’re here, blogging.

    • Read again. We do have an agenda. Why do you think we started this? Just so people could say “Hmm yeah you’re right” ? No, we’re trying to change something, which is more than your blog is doing. Mellow as fuck and weak as piss. No time for people like you.

      • Guy

        You claim to have an agenda. Heck, you may even have this agenda, but to be honest, it’s just like you pointed about the other bloggers, it’s a small tiny issue. The real issue is the readership, the love, the ego-stroking.

        Also, I’m oh so insulted by your critique of my blog. “Mellow and weak”? I’m not trying to elicit an emotional response from my readers, this is not a blog dedicated to shock images/videos such as goetse and tub-girl (and the amazing BME Pain Olympics). As such, these words are ill-fitting.

        My blog discusses anime, books and other things, more than that, it discusses certain things by using anime, movies and books where these things appear as examples. And the goal is to discuss them, cover and share my thoughts, and provoke thoughts from my readers.

        Also, why so petty, why the quick ad hominem retort? Is it because you try to be edgy and cool? How teenagery, how late 90s. Or more seriously, how much of a facade (I am being charitable here, assuming the edgy prick is a facade, and that you (who usually pens the replies and posts) are actually more mature, and are being conscious about this mode of typing, which isn’t truly reflective of your personalities).

        P.S. The “Beware the internet” sentiment may be apt, because people do need to be careful with what they share online, but boy, so petty and small, the way it was phrased. And also borderline grounds for removal (from WordPress or any other free blogging tool), so take it to heart.

  2. Ah, I’ve missed reading this site over Christmas~

    Shouldn’t someone as clearly obsessed with anime as psgels be considered an otaku? Do you have to state that you are an otaku to actually be one? That’s something that’s bugged me with regards to those you are passing so far.

    • Nagisa

      I think the level of devotion to anime (eroge, manga, etc) in Non-Japanese Fans (NJFs) doesn’t come close to what you have in Japan. In fact, it can’t reach that level since the vast majority of stuff is inaccessible to NJFs due barriers in language, geography, and so forth. NJFs may get obsessed with a certain show, but how obsessed are they? Most NJFs don’t listen to weekly radio show, for example, read articles about the production, go on pilgrimages, attend seiyuu events, or the hundreds of other things related to a franchise. Hell, most NJFs don’t even know the the staff of an anime, beyond the director and some seiyuu.

      Lastly, unlike in Japan, NJFs don’t offer anything back–we just leech. I mean, other than some cosplay photos (which is hardly a unique contribution), what creative talent have we really given back? DeviantART and the shit sold in artists alley doesn’t count. Where is our version of Comiket?

      To a large extent, non-Japanese fans are just leechers, downloading shit off the internet made by others without even giving money back. Why spend the time, money, and effort to acquire a rare doujinshi (let alone draw one), for example, when you can just download it? .”Hardcore” figure collectors can take professional-looking photos, but when is the last time someone sculpted one? When Danny Choo uses his artistic bloodline to actually make something, maybe then he’ll have some street cred. I mean, really, how can you call any NJF otaku when people bitch about $30 being too expensive for a DVD set of their supposedly favorite show? That’s some devotion there. Your love for anime is about as large as the price for a meal for two at Dennys.

      But you know what, I don’t think not being otaku is a bad thing or really something anyone should aspire to be (I certainly don’t want to be one). Just like what you like. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a casual fan. But even casual fans shouldn’t be parasites.

      • Marshal Kaibigan

        Your view is so subjective it hurts.

        You know only what you see, right? So if you’ve only seen a mass of leeches then you know none of those that give, yes?

        I can understand your point. Casual Fans shouldn’t be parasites but, painting everyone under the same brush is unfair, isn’t it?

        What you say is generally correct. A fan sees something he or she likes and that fan takes it. Most of what he sees is provided to him by the few foreign blogs or news sites. Never will he see it through local media; newspapers, television, posters, radio…

        So it clicks in his mind; “I can get this through the Internet, what I need.”

        That he can and, since most of what he wants is provided for free in his language, he takes it for free. There is no other option for him to procure obscure ‘Anime-X’ or ‘Random-Eroge-Z’ other than a free download. It’s impossible because, most are never licensed abroad. You will never buy it in your country, let alone purchase it English.

        But as ever, there are exceptions to this rule. Crevices so deep and unseen that your tainted brush can never reach.

        I am one such exception to the rules so blatantly covered across the masses. I am one of those wearing a different colour.

        Yes. I buy from Japan. I use deputy services such as Crescent Trading to buy directly from Japan. Because I am above that of an average fan. My thirst can’t be quenched by simple downloads. I need to feel it in my hands. I must have it my hands.

        Of course, one cannot interpret that which is not within one’s language so it is necessity that forces me to download translations. For Eroge, for Anime, for Manga ~ but that does not matter. I have it in my hands. It is in my possession. I am satiated for now.

        To address another of your points; we do not give?

        The majority of the masses have little above-average skill to be worthy of producing fan arts. It is common knowledge that the East has been better than the West in the fine arts but, as ever, exceptions to the rules exist. Because the rules are guidelines. The rules are subjective views, subjective opinions. Opinions given birth by oppurtunity, chance, and circumstance. Don’t take to conjecture ~ there are infinite possibilities in the world, each governed by the choices we make; which are of an infinite nature themselves.

        The reason you don’t see those that give back is because the majority cloaks the minority and, whatever is easiest to the mind, is said. The mind forgets the minority and paints all with the colour of the majority.

        Heed my words; there are people whom exist that give back but you will rarely see them enough to believe they exist. Just like that of spirits, ghosts, unnatural forces. The majority of the time, you never notice it; that of a different colour but, if you strain your senses and ~observe~, you will see what’s really out there. You will see the hidden colours, the hidden shapes, harmoniously integrating with the world as we know it.

        But enough Philosophy. Just know that there are people that exist of far greater value than you can imagine. Of far greater skills, wealth, imaginations, abilities, aspirations.

        We aren’t all the same.

        POST: By the way, mangaka aren’t exactly borne from an otaku mindset. They have the ability but are rarely as fanatic as you think they are.

        • Anonymous

          Wise words.

        • Ac/Cl

          > It is common knowledge that the East has been better than the West in the fine arts.

          Sorry. Just had to express my discontentment. Do you mean: “The East can draw anime/manga better than the West”? Because THAT is true. Otherwise you’re ignoring millenia of famous artists who are myriads of times better than your average DEEN-level animator.

          • Marshal Kaibigan

            Yes; that’s what I meant.

            I mixed up the categories. Apologies.

            I’ll rephrase it to “The East has been far better than the West in stylised animation.”

            Fine Arts is something entirely different.

        • Nagisa

          Who said anything about manga authors?
          I did mention doujinshi and fan art, not because I expect it to be good, but because it takes an investment of time with low rewards. This shows obsession. On the other hand, selling prints of “popular character #2” in artists alley doesn’t. It’s one thing to draw a character out of love and another because other people will buy it.

          A small minority of NJFs buy stuff (including myself). So what? They’re still not otaku.

          • Guy

            I did mention doujinshi and fan art, not because I expect it to be good, but because it takes an investment of time with low rewards. This shows obsession.

            Just like long-term regular blogging.

          • Marshal Kaibigan

            I don’t remember mentioning the word otaku once in my main post. It was only placed in the sub-post.

            The false impession comes from your conclusions.

            Obsession is all relative to the counterparts. That small minority of NJFs you spoke of would be considered ‘otaku’ in comparison to the majority of NJFs out there. Then when compared to Japanese Otaku, they’re a long ways off.

            Everything is relative.

  3. >>>Danny Choo and your supporters: your time is coming soon.

    One can only hope a conflagration descends upon them and purges the unworthy. Or something of the sort.

    As far as the picks this week goes, I don’t see eye to eye with psgels, but for a one-man blogging project (as far as I know), it’s pretty good in the amount of detail the author manages to convey.

  4. Looks like the game is back on track. The criticisms are as delicious as they freshly come, so now we’re talking. As for Scamp’s comment: This is a question if otakuism multiplied by attention whoring makes a person an otaku, right? I’d like to see that answered, too.

    You seem a bit forgiving guys this new year. Or are you?

  5. I’ve gotta say, this is a great post, but I find your threats quite a bit disturbing. It’s one thing to purge the otaku from the sphere, it’s another thing to fuck with their lives outside of blogging. Don’t become 4chan and start fucking with people just because you can.

    • Meant to say ‘purge the non-otaku’

    • This. I generally like what OEG is trying to achieve, but threatening to mess with people’s real lives because you disagree with them on the Internet is just not right.

      Heck, many people probably leave enough personal information online that you can send them to jail based on the evidence. Doesn’t mean you should try.

      • Umm, I must say I do not approve of messing with peoples lives either. If the OEG goes beyond harsh criticism and start invading people’s privacy, that is a crime and everything the OEG has built will be undone. And I hate to loose such a good source of entertainment like the OEG ;)

  6. I found the reaction to Setsuna’s actions slightly more hilarious than sad. All the Malaysians and Sankaku Complex and things went like “omfg ur a discrace to malaysian otaku where is your self dignity”.

    I don’t know about you but I would find it an honor to be a disgrace to Malaysian “otaku”.

  7. Hahahah OMG lol, I enjoyed that! Wud never have found it if someone hadn’t pointed it out to me though. I feel kinda happy to be included, even if you don’t like me lol. Still means publicity for me, so in actual fact, your doing me a favor by linking me. :grin:

    Oh, and I don’t like hentai. And “You claim you’re always happy, but you must be crying on the inside from knowing that you’re attention seeking and manipulative, constantly deceiving everyone with your mask.” WOW you really fail at reading between the lines. I’ve never been attention seeking, tried to avoid attention at all costs in rl. Crying on the inside? I think not. Crying at tv/movies/books/some anime sure.

    There was something else…..Oh yeah! I do kinda feel my (what you say I don’t have)otakuness on the wain atm, which I feel bad about… but theres so much stuff to see/do/watch lol.

    (That picture of me is oooold lol. It was on bebo… on facebook now lol…. not on my blog though….hmmmm…..)

    • You are right about me being manipulative though, which is a good observation, seeing as I wrote it…lol. I can be, very much so, when I want/need to be. Ain’t too often though.

    • Nagisa

      “Oh, and I don’t like hentai.”

      Speaking of “misused words.”

  8. I missed you guys. Welcome back.

    Once again, spot on.

  9. y’know OEG, the state of being hip and trendy is stinking things up. I hear bimbos on the subway bitch about how not getting shit done the way they want is getting in the way of them “becoming urban”.

    Trying to appeal to normal people, or trying to put one over them is all about those folks trying to “be hip and urban”.

    All these public stunts of so and so people are basically them trying to be hipster or trying to be a high street version of a “hipster”. (There are some really ).

    Whaddya know? I’m now ranting about those people in Singapore.

    >>whose mass corporate dreams will rip through our electric town like napalm through asphalt, turning it into “Shibuya for nerds”.

    “Shibuya for nerds” reeks of urbanite lingo. Once it gets around, there’s a lot going down the sink.

    Heck, why even appeal to those high-street urbanites anyway?

    Reading Riuva, you can’t help but get the idea that the people who write there are under great pressure by the mainstream folks and mostly by the urbanite dream. It’s why mass corporate pandering seems to be the best move for them to do. Mass corporate pandering feeds the urbanites.

  10. Ummmm….BAM.

    That’s right, I gave you a BAM, mainly because you absolutely destroyed Meimi (even though I like meimi and am subscribed to the site). But you demolished and it was great, so that’s one BAM moment for you.

  11. Yi

    Some harsh words about Meimi.

    “What difference does it really make that you’re a girl? It makes no difference. The moment you use your gender to promote yourself is just asking for a divide to be made… The more you mention it, the more you’re putting yourself on a pedestal and the more ridiculous you look.”

    Meimi’s site is not a blog I frequent personally, so I don’t know nor want want to comment on if she actually does this. Still using gender in such a way is more than a bit obnoxious. That’s a very fair point.

    I am hoping that this whole deal would stay off real life and anything personal. It seems that Meimi kind of opened the door on this one, but I still wish attacks on blogs could stay strictly about blogs and in blogs.

  12. Ray

    Thank you for your responses.

  13. Ray

    I meant to say, thank you, OEG for taking time and responding to my audio column in detail.

    Enjoy this season.

    • Not at all, thank you Ray for saying such kind words of us.

      • Ray

        You know, I already took down the audio column.

        I wish you had remembered the part when I said: “please leave some thanks in their (your) comment section.” And that I actually feel much (ok, I guess you don’t think so) of the same way about things.

        I apologize for not reading your site and taking you folks more seriously. I’m sorry.

        Please, enjoy the season.

  14. Heh, glad you liked the comic. I can quite well relate to what you wrote about Meimi, although my experience is more on the notorious GAmER-GRLLLL-type.

    Also just for the record, I don’t know who OEG guys are and I’m not part of them. This is before people come asking because I’m in the site banner.

    • Anonymous Coward

      “I can quite well relate to what you wrote about Meimi, although my experience is more on the notorious GAmER-GRLLLL-type.”

      Indeed. It’s one thing being a minority and giving a rarely-seen perspective to a fandom – I’d like to find a male blogger who isn’t a massive pedophile (excuse me, they like to be called “lolicons”, don’t they?), for example – but another to just whore out the minority status.

  15. doriinatrix

    Huh. It’ll be interesting to see what comes from this, if anything at all. Good post, as usual.

  16. After reading that final thought … I support you and your ‘mission’ 100%, if there was any way to get involved I would.

    But alas, I shall leave you guys to your work, and I hope for more posts in the future.

    I say, if you support the OEG, put them on your blogroll, show the world your support.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    I’m curious what the OEG’s take on Hulu (and other posted-by-anime-licensors-online-for-free services) might be, if any. I am aware that support for the industry is nil through these methods (aside from advertising). But is it just considered some sort of moral masturbation (as in, “I’m so much better than those people who download fansubs!”), a good way to get newbies into the hobby, or what?

    And that new banner is badass.

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