Round 9! Finally! Some Interesting Bloggers for a Change!

So we’re at our next round, and we’ve got a nice lineup for you today. However we can only apologise for how much the next few rounds will no doubt drag slowly past. We want to get onto phase 2 desperately but we want to go through with phase 1 100% first. Let’s answer some comments.

We saw the conversation/debate/whatever between mt-i and some others. It’s nice to see some real knowledge and insight being passed around. Let’s take some quotes and expand on them and so on. Anyone reading who doesn’t know anything, absorb it all in. This is the more truthful side of Akiba that most people don’t see.

“No, they do realize it’s more than that. Akihabara is notorious nationally and internationally. Various interests have been trying to leverage that popularity to create some sort of IT/entertainment hub to showcase Japan’s soft power while driving away the less savory aspect of the otaku presence (anime is fine, hardcore eroge and U-12 idols not so).”

In addition to this, the otaku market is extremely hard to sell products to, many otaku are very picky about what they do and don’t like (Which is where the majority of singaporians fall flat) and it’s difficult to reach a widespread interest. If you remember the real “idol burst” in around 2005/2006 especially with AKB48, it was almost as if the businesses could only bring things to akihabara and not pry the otaku away because it was basically a heaven nobody wanted to leave.

Around that time was also the Densha Otoko (Train Man) movie adaption. In addition to the drama, Akiba was getting a lot of recognition for it’s otaku side. Basically, all eyes were on Akihabara. Of course from there it was just a matter of time before these references started popping up in manga and anime.

Either way it doesn’t really matter to us because in the end “every dog has it’s day”. Shibuya had it in the 90s and so on. It was going to end soon.

But that’s history. We’ll come to the present.

“So yeah, while Danny Choo is certainly capable of giving a skewed image of otaku to his gaijin followers, I wouldn’t give him so much credit as to believe he can single-handedly turn Akiba into another Shibuya.”

We don’t think he’ll turn it into another Shibuya; there can be only one. But you can blame Danny Choo however for his misrepresentation of Akihabara. It’s become “the place to be seen for geeks”.

For example, Akihabara seems to be catering a lot more to foreign interest. This isn’t an entirely bad thing because Akihabara has always been a place people visit just to see it. However, this foreign interest is extremely one sided. The formula is like this:

  1. Danny Choo heavily pushes already-large companies such as Good Smile Company, Cospa and online retailer
  2. These companies begin to open their doors to international interest (english language versions of webpages and so on).
  3. These companies heavily dominate the international market, leaving little room for other companies.
  4. The outside interest in otaku increases, with people beginning to take trips to Akihabara from all over the world to buy from Gamers, Animate, Brocolli and so on because they saw it on Lucky Star or some other anime.
  5. These companies also grow extremely large, inadvertantly they expand and need extra real estate.
  6. Smaller shops can’t compete with the larger shops, they close down.
  7. End.

All while this was happening, there were real otaku out there losing places to get their exclusive goods. The good shops close, the small ones, the local businesses you could trust.

Why do we hate the word ‘otaku’ being misused? Because Danny Choo made that word cross borders, and now it’s becoming a marketing ploy. You put “otaku” on your shop, more people will buy your goods.

That word meant something to us, now it’s being used as a cheap hook to earn more cash for those who don’t deserve it. Our pride is being used to hammer us into conformity and weak consumerism. Yes otaku was all about buying those goods, but it was about buying those goods you wanted. Not having to choose out of a limited selection of products what to spend your money on.

Where do you come in? You’re the bloggers that are listening. There are many of you, many more than we anticipated, and as long as you’re otaku or at least even a fan, don’t buy from these cash cows. Come to Akihabara and wonder around. Find a shop that doesn’t have a flashy website and a third rate blogger from abroad trying to promote the fuck out of it.

Let them know the strength of the international otaku, let them know that otaku will be otaku and otaku will buy from the places not matter, not the places with the best marketing campaign. Fuck the ‘Otaku’ revolution. This shit has been ours since day one.

Moving on..

What do we think of legal streaming services? No problem with them really. If you brought every single DVD of every anime you’re watch then not only would it certainly cost a lot of money, it would also mean you’re behind everyone else in terms of story progress. There’s no problem with fansubs and so on. But the fact is, if you like the anime enough, of course you’d want the actual product. So buy it. Same applies to anything.

We don’t know the details of whether or not it helps, but we are aware that fansubs are basically illegal. Look at it this way, the more you support these official streaming sites the better chance there is that they’ll show more anime at a higher quality and so on, which puts you in less legal danger. Either way, it’s your choice and we don’t care how you watch it, just watch it. And if you like it, buy it. The moment you measure your anime collection in MB/GB/TB is the moment something went wrong.

As for “waining” ? It was Meimi’s word, not ours.

Wow! We spent a long time talking. On with the show. We decided we’d treat you with 4 well-recognised bloggers today, separating the good from the bad. We’re pulling teeth here and the blogosphere just got a root canal.

Lost his wisdom teeth: otakudan gets named and shamed
Sinking canines into neck: We go for the jugular with Hau~ Omochikaeri~!
Don’t run with incisors: DigitalBoy walks on the edge with his dangerous use of the word ‘otaku’
Deep Molar Inspection: We try to work out why NovaJinx was on our list in the first place

So let’s go!


Now, we’ve seen some really stupid people. Otakudan is really no exception to this. Now wait a moment, you may think we’re going to say “He’s so stupid he doesn’t understand otaku. ELIMINATED!” but no, it extends way beyond that.

Otakudan commented on the OEG. So he knows what the OEG is about, he understands it, he understands what we preach. But no, he messed up. Look at this:

“do my blog next, remember to make fun of the ads and that I’m lazy.”

Dan seemed to have completely overlooked the fact that we would of course be eliminating him on his use of ‘otaku’. How egotistically stupid can a single person be?

Dan. You are here. You are in the OEG blog. Now tell us, why do you call yourself otaku? We demand an answer. Do you think it’s a title you deserve? Did you not know the origins of the word? If so then why use a word you don’t understand?

Dan’s blog is terrible. We have a favour to ask you Dan. Seeing as you know the writer of that ridiculous “otaku encyclopedia” ask him what the fuck he was thinking when he wrote it. We saw previews of that book on and it was both incorrect and ridiculously pretentious. How dumb is this book? Well Danny Choo has an entry. Why is a man who has nothing to do with otaku featured? Oh and he wrote a comment on the inside sleeve:

“You can’t possibly be called an ‘Otaku’ without this book. I speant hours trying to think up words they might have forgotten to include – only to find them all  well documented”

We can think of many we’re almost certain wouldn’t be documented, but seeing as we didn’t want to waste our money on fiction, we haven’t read it. If anyone has got it, we’d like to request a list of everything in there. Followed by you burning it in a fire. We’re guessing the “moe” definition is skewed too, because nobody ever seems to get that right, despite the overuse.

Given our overall message and the general point of this project, to have a name like ‘otakudan’ is pretty fucking pretentious if we say so ourselves. In fact, everything about his blog is pretentious. Otakudan has his own logo-come-mascot which he uses as a callsign to promote his blog. Sorry dan, but glasses, ears and a devil tail just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you should use something a bit more fitting like a huge penis.

Ever since Danny Choo posted his own writeup on his blog, others have imitated him. Dan also jumped on this bandwagon and gave himself the third person description of his own accomplishments. This works when you actually have done something meaningful with your life, but for everyone else, it’s just lame. You can also use some of his especially created banners if you’re desperate enough to want to link to his site.

When it comes down to it, Dan’s blog is just another generic Photos, Figures, Anime etc. blog he shows his boring room full of figmas, english translated anime DVDs and pictures of the same characters we see everywhere. Snore. You can also buy things from his amazon store such as DVDs and figures, but that would just be encouraging him.

Otakudan’s blog is terrible, the writing sounds like he’s thoroughly depressed, the layout is dark and hideous, when he isn’t blogging he’s sucking on Danny Choo’s ballsack. He’s not an otaku by any stretch of the imagination, and neither is his encyclopedia writing friend, nobody cares about Dragon Ball anymore, and for someone who gives tours around Akihabara, you sure are ignorant. If we had you on the list, we’d eliminate you too, but looking at your blog, it’s incredibly dull and would only bore our readers.


Otakudan by Otaku Dan – ELIMINATED

Next up we have someone with a clue. Dan don’t jump to those comments just yet, you might just learn something.

Hau Omochikaeri

Micchi runs a blog named ‘Hau Omochikaeri’ which specialises in providing eroge news and reviews to his english speaking peers in a frenzy of romanised japanese and cheerful emoticons.

Sometimes you can’t help but respect a guy for the way he goes about his shit, and in this case the guy is Micchi. He runs a one-man show keeping his blog off the ground while his unhelpful co-authors Zen and nemuiwanko clutter up the place. Once you get over the constant whoring of Da Capo and the Nendoroid posts, Hau Omochikaeri isn’t a bad place at all, and despite being from Canada, Micchi knows his shit. Unfortunately he has the Danny Choo feed on the front page, but it’s right down the bottom, Hah! We can overlook that.

In all seriousness, Micchi is proof that you can be affiliated with Danny Choo and not be a complete retard, which draws us to a very interesting point. If we see a user affiliated with Danny Choo, we try and find their Danny Choo account to get an idea of what kind of a person they’re like outside of their blog, where we stumbled upon this gem:

Basically, it was a post about 2D dating. This was a real eyeopener to us because we saw so many people who call themselves ‘otaku’ recoil and heavily criticize the true otaku. Whether you like it or not, this is real otaku. There is no “gone too far”.

Micchi  in Toronto (Registered on 2008/09/18)
Eroge blogger

“Staying true to the original connotations of otaku in the Japanese realm, I don’t consider myself to be one. I just like anime, manga, eroge and 2D characters, but I won’t go overboard like this. It just seems really really sad. I will make passing remarks about my favourite characters’ birthdays, but that’s the extent of it.”

Give the man a medal and put him in charge. While we can’t agree about how ‘Sad’ it is, Micchi has fundamentally summed up exactly what needed to be said by anyone who isn’t willing to fully commit themselves. Give yourself a pat on the back Micchi, there’s no way we can fail you with a comment like that. Excellent. He also uses 15 different passwords, not bad! Yet unfortunately claims not to understand TCP/IP. Don’t worry, Cyberchaos doesn’t either, and he works in the industry.

2D dating seems to be a tough pill to swallow for people who thought of themselves as dedicated fans, disregarding it as “sad” or “too obsessive”. Every real otaku has at least thought about it, even if they went on to stalk seiyuu or follow idols around the country. It’s not a pre-requisite, but if you found yourself hovering over that box ready to tick it, you can consider yourself at least partially otaku.

Hau~ Omochikaeri~! by Micchi – APPROVED


If you’ve been following our comments at all, you’ll know of Fuzakenna, or more importantly, you’ll know of 21stCenturyDigitalBoy or “DigitalBoy” for short.

OEG has been a rocky ride of drama, laughs and suprises, and we really got some of them from DigitalBoy.

He first came to our attention by falling into our spam filter by pasting his URL into our comments too many times, and proceeded to ask us why he, the self-proclaimed biggest otaku of all time did not end up on our list. We of course were expecting somewhere either pretty fucking impressive (Unlikely) or something totally retarded (Much more likely). Needless to say, we came across the latter.

We’ll tell you it how it is, DigitalBoy; we saw your blog, we saw your face on it and we wanted to punch our monitors or start figuring out if PoIP (Punch over IP) was really possible with the latest in haptic technologies.

Then it struck us, of course it was all a troll attempt. There was no way we could honestly take him seriously. And the sheer overkill of the word (comparable to Danny Choo) was nothing more than an attempt to fly up our collective noses and generally be an annoyance. We toyed with you for a while; we said you ‘weren’t worthy’ just for a laugh really because we knew you wouldn’t take kindly to it and it would be ironically funny to miss the most stereotypical example of what we despise.

Then it all came crashing down.

One comment in particular struck us deep.

“I approve of the OEG as well, but I actually wish they’d be less angry and more codial just so that their point would really sell home. I’ve been fighting the good fight to nail out a proper use of the term ‘otaku‘ for a while now, and I’d love for people to start ‘doin’ it right’ but no one is going to listen to you if you be a troll about it. Oh well.”

Then came more

“I’m just pissed that I’m not on their list. With all the posts I’ve done in trying to better the use of the word ‘otaku’ in western fanbase, you’d think I’d be right there. ‘Not notable enough’ my fucking ass.”

The more we looked at the situation, the more we found something more interesting to take away from it: It seemed that all this time digitalboy was essentially fighting a similar battle about the word ‘Otaku’, and even more interestingly, the more time we spent on his blog, the more we realised that comparitively, he fits the true meaning pretty damn well.

DigitalBoy, surprisingly you have a dose of potential within you. Do not ruin it, do not walk down the Danny Choo road. Some people say ‘Merchandise makes the fan’ and to an extent that’s true, however many people seem to confuse this with ‘Figures make the fan’ which is absolutely incorrect. We all love figures, but for western fans it seems to be a slippery slope, when eventually they end up buying characters they don’t even know or have any real inclination to find out, and there is no way that can be considered otaku.

Don’t think you’re losing face here digitalboy, believe us when we say you are soaring above everyone else who claims to be otaku. The scene needs more people like you who actually give more of a fuck about the anime and less about the social scene surrounding it. Oh and we noticed you enjoy cosplaying; don’t buy into the fallacy that otaku do not cosplay. Sure most choose not to, but there are still those that do, it’s personality dependant and anyone who says otherwise needs to stop drawing examples from Genshiken and Welcome to the NHK and using them as fact.

You can praise/blame DigitalBoy for the fact that there is a phase 2 at all. There were times we thought “There really aren’t any true otaku overseas” but we were wrong, and of course; we’ll see you then.

Fuzakenna by 21stCenturyDigitalBoy – APPROVED

As digitalboy quite rightly said: you don’t have to be otaku to not be eliminated from phase 1. And with that in mind, let’s move on.


It goes without saying that NovaJinx isn’t the most suitable of people to be featured on the OEG, but we seemed to have piqued enough interest of his for him to write a number of posts about us. We try our best to answer these (as we did in this edition) but we’re always open to interview sessions.

NovaJinx claims not to be an otaku, and that’s fine with us. You don’t have to be playing eroge every moment of your life, or listen to drama CDs on the train constantly (but it helps). We don’t consider you as otaku, so you probably won’t last through phase 2, but we can’t help but appreciate your effort at not soiling the word by using it incorrectly, and we thank you for that.

Ironically, NovaJinx blogs much more skillfully and interestingly than the fake ‘otaku’.

Jinx by NovaJinx – APPROVED

What a week! We are really impressed by the people we featured this week. It’s nice to have a phase where (almost) everything is OK and all seems right with the world! What a cheerful note to end this round on! See you next time!



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44 responses to “Round 9! Finally! Some Interesting Bloggers for a Change!

  1. Heh, I commented on the very first post of yours and got added. But anyway, thanks for your comments. I was kinda expecting the “copied memetic trash” to guarantee a fail but looks like I was lucky.
    As for visiting Akihabara, the language barrier is just too great to most of us. I’d most probably be frustrated out of my mind alone in Japan. If there was a blogger group trip or something, I’d totally be up for it though. Japanese is just too tricky language (as if I can say that as someone who speaks Finnish) for a humble factory worker like me to try to learn just for the hell of it.
    I don’t think of myself as otaku so the “mission” of OEG isn’t really something that touches me personally. However I am always eager to find out more about the social history of our ‘sphere and the anime fandom as a whole. Especially the topic of the connection between Japanese and Western fandoms intrigues me. In that regard your project has proven extremely valuable. Not to mention that the whole ‘sphere has become more active and interesting again.
    Looking forward to phase 2.

  2. So basically, Danny Choo:Akihabara::Sex and the City:New York City?

  3. What have you done. Now Digiboy will be flaunting this victory for the next 6 months and his ego will envelope Earth with its burning passion and lack of sleep.

    • HAHAHAHA!!!

      Of course my ego is big, but this isn’t an ego boost. It’s an affirmation. I already knew that I was one of the biggest otaku in the sphere. This is just someone nodding their head in agreement.

      I’m glad to see that the OEG didn’t mention the fact that when they would have visited my blog, almost every image on the site was probably down LOL. I thought for sure that that situation would come up, but I guess they came a little before or after that.

      Anyway, OEG, thank you, both for your advice and compliments. I will never follow the bullshit Danny Choo road because my passion is all about LOVE and not whatever his people celebrate. I have to ask about this, though:

      “Oh and we noticed you enjoy cosplaying”

      I’ve never cosplayed before. I’m not sure how you got this idea. I do want to cosplay, though, and I’m glad to see that you support the hobby as a whole. I will be most likely cosplaying as Katsura from Gintama since he’s the only cool male character with hair as long as mine. Look forward to it!

  4. Danny Choo: “Mac otaku” FAIL

    Actually want to thank you, because of your blog and reviews of these guys I am now reading a couple of the better blogs. Nice to have a few references of current anime besides the “I”m going to watch this and not that” crowd.

    As for Akihabara, who talks to anyone there? You wander around, hope you are in the right building, point or pick-up, pay and leave happy. And eat, but that’s not the subject here. There is something about being surrounded by thousands of figures while anime blasts in the background that transends words. Just my experience.

    • I absolutely hate being alone in a country where I can’t understand the language for shit. I’ve been to Russia and I still remember how much it sucked that all I could do was camp around in the hostel. I don’t like feeling like a stupid tourist. As for shopping…well, I always buy anime-related goods online. I’m a closet fan if you will. Standing around in a shop in Akiba pointing at stuff like an idiot would be way too uncomfortable to even think of. Also, being the only white guy around adds a nasty modifier to that – something I totally noticed in Singapore. Makes me feel like I’ve found my way somewhere where I totally am not supposed to be.
      When I went to Singapore, my main goal was not visiting AFA and burning cash (did those anyway but nevertheless) but to meet people, talk with them and have a good look at how the scene works over there. My thoughts on Akihabara are no different from that.
      Although at least in Japan being identified as a completely Japanese-impaired foreigner doesn’t get you the same kind of nasty attention as in Russia…

      • Actually felt the same being an Asian going to Germany. People stare and you kind of feel awkward about going around getting something you want to buy unless you’re in the more populated, tourist spots.

        Nevertheless I would love to be able to walk around Akihabara and check out the toy scene there. I enjoy trawling toy sites and looking up what they have for sale and being to see the actual shelves themselves would be an awesome experience for me since we done have that huge a scale of Japanese toy supple/merchandise here although still somewhat better than in European countries which would heavily depend on online stores.

        I also agree with Aoineko’s comment about when you go to Akihabara, you go in, get the thing you want and leave with a smile. Call me shallow but even for just a stopover at Narita airport, buying a GFF from a store there while waiting for my next flight was the highlight of the entire trip for me. The mere fact that I was able to buy something straight from Japan already a fulfillment. That’s how I felt. And that Gundam stands on a pedestal in my office right now, proudly on display for having been picked up from a Japanese shelf with my own hands.

        Dunno if people would get/understand that feeling but I get that when I get an item I’ve been meaning to get from the country it originated from, IN the country it originated from. Of course the rest of the time, I’m dependent on online stores, proxy buyers and the like to get the few items I do like.

        Anyways, I think this was one of the better rounds. Gives the readers a better idea of what OEG’s on about this whole time.

  5. If I can milk dry a cow, and sell the milk for cash, I would go to Akihabara and visits the local small stores that you mentioned. Since all I can afford buying at the moment are just from my local stores, the choices are limited. Like you said, they are monopolized by the said giant companies. I am still going around trying to find my Bleach figures :(

    And digitalBoy, you made it! lol I can’t wait to read what you have got to say about that! XD

  6. Holy mother, honestly. It’s getting better and better.

    There would actually be enough material again to blog this, but thanks to a lack of time it probably won’t happen (as usual).
    So, OEG, you’ll get a direct E-mail since this’ll be faster and easier for me. Look forward to it, or don’t.

    This post and the latest Award simply deserve a clap. *clap*

  7. Thanks for picking up on the conversation/debate/whatever. I guess I see more clearly where you’re coming from. Living in Saitama-ken, I do some of my shopping in Ikebukuro, and the atmosphere there is really different from Akiba. A lot less vibrant and lively. Thinking about it, it probably has to do with the big names running the show on Otome Road with little room left for smaller and more passionate operations (well that and the fact that fujoshi seem to be more secretive than male fans in general). So yeah, that’s not something we want to see happen in Akihabara. I still find it a bit dubious that international fans could be a major factor in steering things one way or the the other, but it’s obviously better if as many people as possible push in the right direction. Amen to that.

    (Let me point out by the way that international fans who can’t fly all the way to Japan for all their shopping needs can get by pretty well using services like Mangaoh Club. Even though it’s a small shop, they ship everything internationally, their catalog is pretty extensive, and they take custom orders when necessary. None of the big names has been able to put something similar in place, afaik. They don’t have a lot of English on their no-nonsense website, but it’s probably easy to navigate nonetheless.)

    Anyway, grats to the approved blogs!

  8. Yeah, digiboy! You da man!

    Now, I’m REALLY taken aback on the sudden tenacity of the OEG here. I mean, from what seemed to be the FAIL on judgement last year, you came back with WIN quadrupled to the Nth power. I can’t see any hole on anything you saw from Round 8 and 9, and it stays that way, without any question.

    Also, it’s kind of assuring that you guys really how to approve of someone because he/she simple loves something, and not because he/she can show how he/she loves that same thing. Those are two different things. Digiboy here is a friend of mine. He writes stuff, I wrote with him, and the more I stick around him, the more I find out that behind that successful troll facade is a simple person with a rabid, if not, raging, fandom, and he’s willing to trample anyone or anything that questions his way of life. I had the same logic back then, but I mellowed down. He, on the other hand, just keeps it on like the dog he is, and I think he wouldn’t mind. I wouldn’t mind. You guys wouldn’t mind it either. Only shows we have more than one way to say we’re otaku. We just have to make sure it’s the correct way.

  9. Never eat an entire cheesecake in one sitting……..ugh……..oh fuck, maybe I should have said something relevant……uhhhh…..Fuzakenna! is winning the whole thing (he better).

  10. i wasn’t quite in favor of your execution when this game first came up [ nevertheless i still read the rounds everytime they came out ] but ever since the last few rounds [ most esp. the eighth and ninth ] i’m beginning to see you guys in the more positive light now, and thank you for making things much more clearer now in regard to your noble crusade.

    i certainly won’t mind being eliminated by the game [ that’s if i ever get spotted by your aniblog-radar ] cuz i know it knows very well what it were fighting for.

  11. Draneor

    I never quite understood why people buy figures of characters from games they’ve never played. I guess I could understand if they really liked the sculptor, but then wouldn’t they be buying garage kits rather than mass-produced PVCs? At least for me, if I’m not buying out of love for a certain character, it has no meaning.

    • Orcinus

      It’s news type. The news sites are good at exerting pressure and it trickles down to the sheep types.

    • Exiled_Gundam

      As for me, rather than sculptor, I’m more interested on the actual items itself. If the figures look nice, of course I’ll buy it, even if the figures are original designs. Some people have tendencies to collect too.

      Didn’t buy GKs due to lack of skills to complete them.

    • Orcinus

      Well, if you think about it, there isn’t much pressure against people buying figures of characters they aren’t sufficiently familiar with. And that’s where compulsive buying behavior comes in.

      • Draneor

        I don’t think there really needs to be “pressure”. I don’t happen to understand it, but hey, they’re not harming anyone so each to his or her own. It may not be how I choose to spend my funds, but I also collect more than just figures.

      • I think it’s fine to buy a figure of an original character or illustration that you really like, but if it’s an actual character, I couldn’t ever purchase the figure not knowing who the character was, because I don’t know what kind of personality they should have or whether it will turn out that seeing their show/playing their game will make me turn out to dislike them. I always assume that at some point, I will have seen absolutely everything, so it’s not like there’s a character I know I’ll never encounter.

      • Orcinus

        When I encounter something unfamiliar like what happens with Mark and Touhou, I try to research and get the feel of the character before I pass judgment.

        For me, it makes it more meaningful when I buy something that way.

    • Agree with Orcinus on the news hype. If the rest are buying them, “then it must be good”. But at the same time, I agree with Exiled Gundam in the idea that if one likes the item, regardless of whether the item is popular or not, that person would most likely buy it.

      My personal example would be the Touhou Project. Never bothered with the game although my friend talks to me about it at length. Never bothered with the merch until I saw one single item that caught my eye. I liked the design. Pre-ordered it. Will I ever play the game? Highly unlikely. Would I be happy with my purchase regardless. Very much so.

      But at the end of it, yes, it can be quite annoying to see someone who buys everything related to some game or series and then when you ask him/her about it, the person goes “ummm…errr…”

  12. Ac/Cl

    Is it just me or have the comments become much nicer lately?

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  14. E

    Pumping out three posts a day and being more excited about hitting a particular stat then the release of a favorite anime, even making blog posts about blogging, and in general much more interested in writing posts than in watching anime…

    To imply that someone who devotes most of his time and effort to blogging rather than anime an otaku is… interesting.

    Perhaps if we all make a post about why we are otaku and link to OEG constantly, maybe even brown nose a bit, we’d all be well on our way to become a true otaku.

    • Draneor

      Correct me if I am wrong but the first round is not about whether a certain blogger is “otaku.” It’s about getting “rid of all the posers who don’t deserve to call themselves otaku and have abused the word to such a level that they’re not important anymore.” Basically, it’s a qualification round to see if bloggers meet the minimum standards to even compete. Merely passing the first round does not mean a blogger is an “otaku”–it means they’re not bull shitting.

      On a personal note, I don’t really see being “otaku” as a badge of honor or the linguistic totality of describing one’s social identity. But as I’ve learned by reading this contest, some people apparently do, to a certain extent. I guess I just don’t define myself that way (I’m more of a fan and a collector, really. In that I like certain things and want to acquire more of them).

      • E

        I was addressing a specific implication OEG made here.

        “There were times we thought “There really aren’t any true otaku overseas” but we were wrong, and of course; we’ll see you then.”

        In my interpretation of otaku based on OEG’s definition, and taking into account the other blogs featured here, Digitalboy is not an anime otaku… At the very least, his main passion is not solely about anime and manga. His passion lies in blogging. Other bloggers have been failed for being more passionate about figure photography then the characters the figures portray. Similarly, Digitalboy is more passionate about getting his hits up and hearing himself talk rather than actually enjoying a particular series. He likes writing editorials and dissections first and anime is merely the medium through which he does so.

        It takes a lot of time to fit writing even a single post into one’s schedule, let alone sometimes even 3 in one day. His posts should be especially time consuming judging by the amount of words he writes. Or maybe he is just that good at time management… I don’t know.

        Don’t get me wrong. I think some of his posts are fantastic and I like reading them. They’re analytical and such. I’m also not saying that otakus would never write long essays. But at some point, it just feels like he’s just writing. (Particularly those posts about blogging).

        It is also somewhat telling when he desperately tries to get his blog to be reviewed and seen as an otaku blog, even writing his own post justifying it.

        He does not misuse otaku at all, so I’m glad he was passed. But to go further to imply he is a real otaku… I’m not so sure. I may very well be completely wrong on my read, but those are just my thoughts.

  15. Pingback: Choo-Macek Pair Versus Fandom « On the fence

  16. that’s it, that’s all you have to say. it is nothing but a copy-and-paste of other things you have said about other blogs. You guys are sad, you determine who’s an otaku just by their attitude and humor. If you really talked to me in real life, you would say “this guy knows his stuff”. How about this, lets have a conservation on skype, if you have the balls. I really don’t care for danny choo’s blog, I have not visited his site for about 6 months. I will admit it that I did once liked his site back in 07 but as I grew older, I notice that it is nothing but an advertisement for GSC and an ego boost. I don’t even remember the last time I mentioned DC on my blog, hell there are a lot people how want to ride danny’s coat tail but I don’t. If I was giving the option to be one of his “buddies”, I would straight out refuse.

    • Draneor

      The fact that when you refer to “my wife” on your blog it’s not referring to a 2D character might have something to do with it. ;)

      On a serious note, why do you want to be otaku? I’ve seen several bloggers get upset that they aren’t considered one here, but I don’t recall anyone saying why they thought it desirable to be one.

      • the thing is, it pisses me off that people call themselves otaku but they have been a fan for 4 – 5 years. I have been seriously watching for 16 year of my life(I’m only 21). I’m not proud that all I know is anime and I hate it. I have been working to get out of that lifestyle but anime is a special part of my life. I learned to accept that part of myself.

        • Draneor

          There are plenty of Japanese people that have watched anime (for example, Sazae-san) for their entire lives–most of them are still not otaku. How long someone has watched anime doesn’t really have anything to do with it.

          You seem a pretty typical North American anime fan. You watch AMVs, go to conventions, buy anime magazines (up until recently), and discuss anime on the internet. On the positive side, you buy some licensed R1 goods. We need more fans like you who pay for what they like. You’re a cut above the typical, leeching North American anime fan.

          As for whether you’ve misused the term “otaku,” I’ve reviewed all of the posts you’ve tagged “otaku” and posted select comments below. I am not an otaku, but nevertheless you called OEG out for a fight and, although I have no relation to this blog or the anime blogging scene, I’m bored.

          According to your “Steps to Otakudom,” your journey began when you bought an issue of Newtype USA. You then discovered and starting building Gundam kits. After you watched Genshiken, you realized, “I’m otaku.” With that in mind…

          You brought up boxsets versus singles without giving an opinion. Do you care at all about how an anime is released (package and video quality, extras, etc) or is anything fine? It’s OK to be a consumer and care about price, but actual otaku in Japan are often more picky about what they like (of course, lol R1 quality).

          In your entry on “Anime Convention Tips,” you mentioned taking a bag to carry the manga and DVDs that you would buy. Why go to a convention and buy stuff you can get at Best Buy, Borders, and online? I realize dealer’s room aren’t exactly full of rare and elusive goods, but you can, on occasion, find some items that you can’t buy domestically or easily import. Still nothing close to rare stuff in Japan. All of that is really besides the point though. Buying official merchandise is good, but it doesn’t necessarily make you an otaku.

          You wrote a post about “hentai” and tagged it “otaku.” You seem to be aware that you’re misusing the term and yet you apparently don’t care. Personal pet peeve. Please stop.

          Character songs are not “a recent trend” (Ranma 1/2 had them). Virtually everyone on the internet downloads music, but please buy more than seven CDs if you like anime music.

          Going back to conventions, you offered “tips” such as ways to prevent hotel sex with random strangers and the dangers of drug use. It’s good advice but doesn’t have anything to do with being “otaku.”

          When you attempted to define moe, you wrote: “I find it interesting that the concept of moe has become a product that can be marketed. Just look at the maid cafes and cute idols that swarm Akihabara.” As for the sexualization of high school age girls in anime being a recent trend, see Urusei Yatsura. Actually, the whole entry is pretty bad and I would recommend deleting it. I think trying to define “moe,” except in a personal way, is a futile effort. As for what it is, I know it when I feel it.

          You have a nice room, with a dozen figures and a couple Megami posters plastered on the wall. You indicated that it was an “otaku room, “but it looks like a pretty normal room to me.

          Not watching Macross Frontier because it’s popular doesn’t make you otaku.

          You unabashedly posted a picture of Konata masturbating to Kagami. I’ll give props for that (in a 4-chan-like way). However, you didn’t draw it and instead continue the typical English blogging practice of stealing fanart from Japanese artists without asking permission or even linking back. Celebrating “Konata Day” is kind of obsessive (but not on her birthday?), but did you do anything more than post stolen fan art online?

          “Otaku Cleaning Time,” “Old Otaku Stuff,” “Otaku Style,” “Otaku Work Out,” and “What kind of girlfriend would an otaku want?” “Otaku” isn’t anime fan slang for “cool,” so stop it. Please.

          There’s nothing wrong with being called an anime fan if you love anime. My comments were harsh, and I often say dumb shit myself too. There are things I’ve written I wish I could take back. When I first became an anime fan, I went through a similar phase. But I think it’s in your best interest to stop arguing you’re otaku, do what you love, and just enjoy it.

  17. Yi

    I think I will have to wait until phase 2 to really know what I think of this round…

  18. I’ve been a lurker of this blog since the first round because I was pretty much skeptical about your mission, but right now, all my doubts are cleared. This post (along with some of the comments) is my current favorite. :D Please keep on doing what you are doing! Can’t wait for round 11!

  19. Hmm…now that I re-read this, as a pointless comment I might say that I actually do listen to drama CDs a lot. I mainly do factory work and other blue collar stuff (plastics, printing and forest management) which only occupies my body most of the time and drama CDs are a great source of entertainment in that kind of job.

    And yes, I’ve said that I don’t practically possess any level of competence in Japanese but years of anime watching kinda teaches you the basic lingo for understanding at least generally what’s going on.

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