Round 10 – We’re in Double Figures!

Welcome back! Round 10! We’re in double figures already. Sorry for it being so late, we were busy and it had to be left until morning, then we decided it’d be easier just to do it the following night when we’re all sat down together.

We didn’t do awards last wednesday because…well, after the first two wednesday awards it became tedious and nothing much was happening anyway.

We were truely amazed and flattered by the amount of support we got following round nine, and we’ve never seen someone’s ego inflate as much as DigitalBoy’s.

Everyone’s looking to the future now, waiting to see what phase 2 holds. We’ve seen some interesting development in the blogging scene, a large number of supporters and a growing amount of talk regarding the financial situation of the anime market and the economic climate of Akihabara. Most of us in the OEG don’t know much about economics and any we try to pass on would no doubt be lost in translation or otherwise incorrect at somepoint. Someone made a comment something along the lines of “I don’t want smaller shops having to close down just so gamers can display more figmas” This is basically our entire philiosophy too: we like our subculture, we like it a lot, and we don’t want to see pollution of it via word misusage (See: Danny Choo) or via large companies taking over. Equality all around.

It’s not easy being otaku for all kinds of reasons, but we stand by it and put up with all kinds of social pressures because we’re passionate about what we love. But as long as we’re buying, there are people trying to manipulate us, make us buy what they want and not what we want, and as long we’re passionate about our interests, we’re passionate about defending our culture. And that true passion is fundamental, because nobody can take that away from you, nobody.

OtakuDan got incredibly annoyed with us because we didn’t pass him:

“it is nothing but a copy-and-paste of other things you have said about other blogs”

good reason for that: your blog is nothing but a copy and paste of other blogs. Your interests and choice of merchandise are nothing but a copy and paste of other bloggers, you’re horribly unoriginal, and it doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been watching anime, a lifeless fan is just a lifeless fan.

And don’t be ridiculous about skype. We don’t give out our names on here, what makes you think we would start a conversation on Skype with some deadbeat fan who wants to tell us how much he knows about some bullshit we don’t care about?

You’re not otaku, but you claimed you were. We failed you, that’s just how it goes. You’ve got no passion at all, anyone can study the facts and the trivia just like anyone can splash money on a large number of figures and manga but it doesn’t make them any more otaku for it. We’re talking passion here, and we see it in both introverted and extroverted people, but we looked at your blog and we didn’t see a thing. You only have yourself to blame.

Oh wait, Draneor just blew a hole through Dan. We don’t have to carry on after a comment like that. You might want to sit down, Dan; that looked painful.

Let’s get on with the show, it’s round 10 and we’re clearing house so we can move onto phase 2.

Bokutachi no Blog
Memories of Eternity
Temporal Vortex


HappySoda is a blog that took us by surprise, not in a good or bad way, it just took us by surprise. With a name like HappySoda we were expecting a blue/green pastel background with a dancing soda can mascot, but instead we got a blog so dark and poorly arranged that even Visible wouldn’t touch. Maybe it’s a fashion statement in the blogging world. Anyway, credit where credit is due, Super Rats doesn’t misuse otaku.

HappySoda by Super Rats – PASSED

Bokutachi no Blog

For those hooked upon the OEG drug, you can blame Brianandrew from Bokutachi no Blog. To this day we still wonder just how he found out about us so quickly after our first post, we leave that to your imagination too. Since his initial anticipation, we wanted to top him and give him an awful review just to meet his expectations but in the end, we couldn’t find anything to hate, no traces of “otaku” and aside from that we really couldn’t find anything to fault. Not anything we won’t cover in more depth in phase 2…

Bokutachi no Blog by brianandrew – PASSED

Memories of Eternity

In case you didn’t get it the first time round, Memories of Eternity is an initialism for “Moe”. The real question is whether or not Eternal is an eroge blogger or not. Either way, Eternal was one of the first people to post on us in a non-biased fashion while others were raging at the very thought of us. The OEG has (slightly) changed since those days, so it wouldn’t be right to make any judgement at this point in time. Proof that there are some real nuggets of gold to be found in Toronto. We bet Eternal is a friend of Micchi’s.

We liked the alternating banners too, with the “Because ______” slogans.

Memories of Eternity by Eternal – PASSED

Temporal Vortex

Not a bad blog really, since we started planning phase 2 more we haven’t gone into much detail as we’re simply saving it up for the next phase. Foomafoo seemed to misunderstand what we were about when we took several handfulls of bloggers, maybe this has been made clear now, maybe not. If it’s the latter, then just read over our many posts and so on.

Temporal Vortex by Foomafoo – PASSED

A super-quick round, I think you’ll all agree. As we said, it’s all about phase 2 now so we’re trying to get people on board for that, and get rid of the rest. We still have some interesting entries to come up; how a girl figures, Gordonator and of course the main event; Danny Choo. From here to phase 2, the pace will be relatively similar, it’s time to chill out and let the OEG run it’s course for phase 1. See you next week!



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13 responses to “Round 10 – We’re in Double Figures!

  1. Winterblade

    Well, wow, wasn’t expecting a week full of passes (rather, expecting a week full of fails), I’m expecting to see some fireworks next week then :D

  2. To this day we still wonder just how he found out about us so quickly after our first post, we leave that to your imagination too.

    I think it might have been my tweet that notified him…

    Anyway, this round wasn’t entertaining at all. You didn’t say anything in particular about the blogs, just passed them. Boring. But I guess that’s the silence before the storm in the second round.

  3. wow all green. wasn’t expecting that

  4. I knew about the OEG from brianandrew.

  5. Eternal passing isn’t a huge surprise. I do enjoy reading his musings about visual novels and that mega-post he made on Honey and Clover’s characters was also a real treat.

    Also, the blogs featured today have none of the obnoxiousness that we get from the DC crowd, thank god.

  6. Such kind words! I’m surprised, but pleased. Of course, phase 2 is when things will really get interesting, so I’m looking forward to it.

    FWIW, visual novels are my chosen niche in blogging and anime fandom, but I try to do a bit of everything. It’s just that I started out as a moe fan from the Key adaptations, so it’s taking me a while to go back and watch the old-school mecha shows and other classics.

  7. mefloraine

    Hmm, how many weeks do you think you have remaining in phase 1?

  8. For some reason I’m already WAY TOO excited for phase 2 to start.

  9. Quoting from one of your earliest posts

    “Scamp was the first to write a nice post about us in his blog”

    And then from this post

    “you can blame Brianandrew from Bokutachi no Blog”

    Forgotten the name of your first fan already :(

  10. Lame week…

    Oh well, hopefully next week you’ll tear some bloggers a new one.

  11. Scamp should be getting the credit actually. Besides, Bokutachi no BLOG is a team initiative. Either way, thanks for the pass, OEG.

    @Gargron: Calm before the storm?

  12. Poro

    I tremble at the thought of phase 2. Oh yeah, we passed! YAY! :) thanks. Oh yeah, Scamp was the one that found you guys. He should take all of that credit.

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