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24 responses to “9413

  1. Uhh…what? Blogger Level Upper?

  2. thenightsshadow

    What was this?


    So far, I got nothing. YouTube throws up some weird shit, Google throws up some weird shit about a movie where this guy is dying… Oh no…

  4. newonewo

    “it stops today”

  5. Orcinus

    The hell? It sounds like some random Kenji Kawai samples.

  6. what the fuck? all I hear is some weird noise. Is this some kind of a tool to brainwash us? =\

  7. I like mysteries ^^”

    Anyways, this mp3 is definitely meant to be played backwards. So I did. Didn’t find anything out from it, but it does sound like a regular song. Kind of creepy, in a nice way.

    Also, searched up 9413.
    “The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood Extra is a 1928 American short silent film which tells the story of a man who comes to Hollywood to become a star, only to fail and be dehumanized (he is identified by the number 9413 written on his forehead), after which he dies and goes on Heaven, where the number is removed.”
    – Stolen from wikipedia.

    Haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t say whether or not there is significance.

    • I have a feeling this might turn out to be nothing at all. Maybe OEG messing with us. Then again, who knows, they’re unpredictable in a good way.
      I hope there will be more clues soon. This is fun ^^

  8. NutsackMcgee

    red herring?

  9. 9413 is actually a secret code in Pokemon Heart Gold to get the legendary Macderpaderp

  10. My question is why is 9413 written in non-unicode format?

  11. Anonymous Coward

    It took you guys three weeks to make static? Tsk tsk. ;)

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  13. Well, 9413 is over 9000.

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