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24 responses to “4

  1. Okay, once again.. what the fuck?

    This now. completely. I’m kinda awake again.. 0_o

  2. Winterblade

    The Face of Terror… O.O
    (pixelated for your convenience/avoid lawsuits? (^.^)b)

  3. Orcinus

    There are two people holding hands. The smaller one is holding an umbrella in one hand.

    • Winterblade

      I’d disagree, judging from the top half of this picture, it seems to be a mouse wearing a suit, with its mouth wide open…
      but this may be one of those fangled duel picture things i suppose :3

  4. Must be a picture of Danny Choo. Would explain the pixelation.

  5. NutsackMcgee

    ill be really pissed if all this wanking around was for nothing. OEG been taking tips from Dan Brown?

  6. It’s a Japanese penis. You can tell because it’s pixellated and blurry.

  7. moemoekyun

    4 = death ?????
    who died ??? that’s the questions
    or this a message of game over ??

  8. OEG is officially dead?

  9. mefloraine

    Sorry, guys, but this cryptic stuff is just stupid.

  10. Maybe it’s just a countdown started.

  11. Poro

    fuck this shit…

    • Laithe

      Perhaps they’ve followed in Danny Choo’s footsteps and this is a contest where the person who decodes all this crap first will get an unwanted PVC figure.

  12. Well. If the picture is in 4-bit grayscale, that would explain the relation between the picture and the # in this post.

    4-bit grayscale has 16 different shades of gray.

  13. Anonymous

    3 weeks later…

    So, did OEG up and quit?

  14. It’s more like “figure this out, if you do, you’re hardcore enough to be called otaku”.

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