4f 7a 63 30 49 79 59 37 4d 6a 45 78 49 79 59 37 4e 6a 41 78 49 79 59 37 4e 6a 51 6a 4a 6a 73 78 4d 54 45 6a 4a 6a 73 35 4f 53 4d 6d 4f 7a 59 30 49 79 59 37 4e 54 41 78 49 79 59 37 4e 44 41 78 49 79 59 37 4e 7a 6b 6a 4a 6a 73 31 4d 54 45 6a 4a 6a 73 33 4f 53 4d 6d 4f 7a 59 30 49 79 59 37 4e 54 41 78 49 79 59 37 4d 54 41 78 49 79 59 37 4e 6a 45 78 49 79 59 37 4d 54 45 78 49 79 59 37 4e 6a 41 78 49 79 59 37 4e 7a 51 6a 4a 6a 73 33 4e 43 4d 6d 4f 7a 67 31 49 79 59 37 4d 6a 45 78 49 79 59 37 4e 6a 45 78 49 79 59 37 4e 6a 45 78 49 79 59 37 4e 44 41 78 49 79 59 4e 43 67 30 4b 0d 0a 0d 0a 0d 0a 0d 0a



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49 responses to “1734

  1. So it’s a computer script.

  2. So we can guess 9413 was solved?

  3. Meh, I’m bored now

    *deletes from google reader*

  4. One more week and I’m gonna declare them as ‘pretty much dead’

    so sad ;_;

  5. Anonymous Coward


    I’m sure the OEG is enjoying watching us get annoyed and trying to figure out this bullshit, but honestly. This isn’t Zelda. It’s boring. Oh well, it was interesting while it lasted~

  6. moemoekyun

    seriously I am your suporter but please don’t make us confused like this @_@

  7. I’m guessing the previous posts were solved in comments except for this one.

    If someone knows how to run this program script, probably will give the answer. That is if anyone cares about this game. I’m guessing not likely.

  8. Anon

    The text changed from red to green. Does that mean someone has passed or someone got whatever puzzle this might be?

  9. Green for St. Patrick’s day.

  10. Anonymous

    Take a hike and kick a bucket, OEG.

  11. Miha might be right…Changed from red ‘fail’ color to green ‘approved’. Nice catch miha :P

    Also, maybe they’re emphasizing color as a hint? Which is related to hex…

  12. Laithe

    Seems that 1734 is a Wiccan sect and one of the main ideologies is understanding the riddle of 1734 and practicing it, kinda explains the hex. Maybe someone else can get something out of this:

    The interesting factor of the “meaning of 1734” as Joe envisioned it, was that there is more than one meaning, more than one riddle, and more than one Mystery, connected with the etymology, and that people must first encounter the Mystery, and then figure out its meaning for themselves.



  13. f9 e5 a6 a7 a8 a9

    I sunk your battleship!

  14. Pyramid Head

    Relaying a message from a friend about The Game http://blog.yougotta.co.cc/?p=436

  15. Valence

    Hey, OEG. We love you. So yeah. Come back.

  16. Valence

    Screw this, even Sankaku complex is more entertaining now.

  17. moemoekyun

    don’t tell me you gave Up OEG ????

  18. I think they’re waiting for someone to solve this riddle/puzzle.


    Hazard mode?

  20. Someone’s got to call those guys. I think they were assassinated by Danny Choo =o

  21. With all the reports of Danny Choo ball-sucking in Europe, plus the Chaika-whatever travesty, the need for some healthy Elimination seems stronger than ever.

    Tachiagare OEG! www

  22. like I said, did they die or something? I’ve been waiting for ages for a new post, and yet nothing has appeared. Have they been sued? Have they been kidnapped by the forces of Danny Choo?

    Really, how could you stop the game halfway?

  23. Maybe they just got caught up with watching anime and forgot about everything else, like real otaku.

  24. statwiz

    or worst OEG sell himself to dannychoo
    how much dannychoo pay him if that really happen ?

  25. OEG is a group of people….I don’t think he would pay them anything, if you get my drift.

  26. Sage

    OEG… I am disappoint…

  27. statwiz

    I think OEG lost some of their contributor that gain info for the game maybe some of them gave UP so OEG need more contributor for the game. just maybe ;)
    and the code is a message if you want to join OEG you must contact them and inside those code is a contact number/E-mail of OEG’s boss but you need to solved it first LOL just maybe hahahaha

  28. statwiz

    well since I just come here when round 12 start but i read all OEG content already ^^(i didn’t know it will turn like this but i support this blog)
    (let’s waste some time till oeg back)
    let me share my opinion now
    I am anti-dc also (since otaku encyclopedia)
    I found dc since 2006 (when he build strike gundam and that gundam tutorial) well i visiting just to see what kind of stuff DC advertise. the only thing get me there and make login was some member news liek scenario by tenrou and some 4 koma that somehow never appear anymore now -_-(i miss tenrou)
    I really held read dc advertisement especially since he advertising tenga
    and what make me pissed off was otaku encyclopedia and it’s written here “dc the greatest otaku on earth” WTF same with all dc useless polls i remeber one of polls
    58-68-72-??% dc reader choose GSC O_o;;(by the way i choose alter,alter figure was my first PVC and it’s much better than figma or nendo)
    and what make me really became anti-was otacool (and it’s sequel) seriously dc isn’t a good businesman even if you featured you won’t get a single copy and dc(+kotobooks) take all the money for free for himself and now dc act make an anime (that he not even draw by himself i am sure the studio just use his BIG name) so all dc follower will watch it yeah will that anime work ?

    • statwiz

      and yeah. i never think dc as otaku he is a celebrity and businessman. somehow I kinda enjoyed watch his dance trooper hahahaha but since that otaku encyclopedia O_O;;; ‘dc greatest otaku on earth’ what the F? i am also pissed off but sadly people still act dc as “otaku” emperor X_X

  29. Sasa

    This is a pretty great troll. I’d like to see more Wiccan symbolic shit on here. :)

    But I was wondering what the OEG think about the whole minori deal on the TLwiki. Guess I’ll never know. ;p

  30. moemoekyun

    moe moe kyun <3

    God I love framing people up :D

  31. You know something is 100% dead when nothing changes for weeks

  32. vladimircaluya

    rest in peace

  33. Anonymous

    Lol. Even after all that boasting, you guys finally give up? Hilarious.

  34. Maku

    We’ll in some way the purpose of this blog is to expose how fake an otaku can be..

    So yeah.. Mission accomplished: Expose how fake Danny Choo’s “blog” is.

    Its an advertisement site disguised as a blog.. Trololol

  35. FujimakitoArikawa

    And here I was thinking something good would have popped on here after I’ve been working so hard trolling dannychoo.com and figure.fm I mean I’ve been B& 4 times already

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