Round 10 – We’re in Double Figures!

Welcome back! Round 10! We’re in double figures already. Sorry for it being so late, we were busy and it had to be left until morning, then we decided it’d be easier just to do it the following night when we’re all sat down together.

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Round 9! Finally! Some Interesting Bloggers for a Change!

So we’re at our next round, and we’ve got a nice lineup for you today. However we can only apologise for how much the next few rounds will no doubt drag slowly past. We want to get onto phase 2 desperately but we want to go through with phase 1 100% first. Let’s answer some comments.

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Micro Wednesday Awards – The First of 2010 + What is the OEG?

Wednesday awards are back! It’s short this week but we also have a special reminder of what the OEG game is, seeing as most of you have forgotten.

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Round 8: The OEG is back for 2010

Welcome back!

It’s been a while since our last post (As we mentioned would happen) but we’re glad the sheer size of our last entry kept people talking and waiting for more. A lot has happened in a few weeks and we had to put in some work in keeping up with the latest.
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Round 7: The Lucky 777 Jackpot! Our Last Round of the Year

We made it this far, and as long as the OEG moves on to 2010 we’ll have shifted onto a new decade, quite the milestone, we think.

Ever since we started a few months back it’s been a rollercoaster ride and whilst we deviated from the form slightly, we’ll be back on track. Particularly in phase 2. Anyway, we know quantity != quality, but we promised to clear the list considerably and considerably clear the list is what we shall do.

In this round, we will not have 4 competitors, we will not have 5 and we won’t even have 7. No, this week were clearing an incredible 27 blogs. That’s right, 27
. We also have a special gift at the end too!

It would have taken us simply too long to write down the titles of the blog and link them and so on, so we’ll just dump the list right here:

We basically chose a lot of blogs that we couldn’t find anything in particular to write about in-depth, this should get rid of a lot of boring entries from our list in one fell swoop.

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The ‘Otaku’ Elimination Game Weekly Awards 2: 2009/12/06

We’re back for another rousing game of “Generally mock the blogosphere” and we’ve had some real laughs reading the feedback from last week. We could taunt you further, but we’ll just tell you to take it with a pinch of salt they’re not particularly serious awards, just a lighthearted jab at the blogosphere week. ’tis the season to be jolly, after all. But be warned, it’s heavily watered down this week. Nothing of interest was happening anywhere!

This week’s award categories are…

Most obvious troll attempt

Best Post

Worst Post

Best Quote

Funniest Moment

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Round 6: Silent Night

We’re back again and we’ve got a can of Round 6 to unleash on you. Actually, we’ll be honest, 100% honest: In an act of prolonging the suspense and drama of the game, we decided we’d have a more chilled-out session this week. The blogs randomly selected were some of the less notable/recognised blogs in the blogosphere (Sorry loldebi!) but even if they were bigger we would have chosen less notable ones instead. It’s a quiet night as we approach the nativity period.

Just Another LOLBlog

2 old 4 anime?


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