The ‘Otaku’ Elimination Game Weekly Awards 1: 2009/12/09

Welcome back. Welcome to a new section that we decided we’d do just for the laughs, if you follow us on Twitter then you may have seen us mentioning this new idea.

Basically we look at the previous week in the blogosphere and issue awards to whoever or whatever fits the criteria. Now, we thought up the awards and we’re always looking for new ideas, so if you have any there’s twitter and of course comments to share your ideas. We got some suggestions and some we kept, some simply inspired us.

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Round 5: The Belated Bumper Edition

Round 5 is here! And this time, we’re getting experimental. We decided to do this week’s elimination in true blogging style; by picking subjects that ‘interested’ us. This week there is no random selection, we chose these on purpose because we wanted to. Of course, they were all part of the list and so on. For those saying “This will take years” don’t worry. It’ll only take years if we want it too, and at this stage, we really don’t want that. The pace will pick up soon, just keep following as normal.

Today we took out:

Sankaku Complex it’s minions and of course, Artefact himself.

Radiant Dreamer and his gallery

We made a special feature of Just Moe

As per request we walked all over Winterheim|hdd

We dissected The Scrumptious Anime Blog for all it was worth

And then we concluded our weekly reign of terror with

Wow! Look exciting? Well strap yourself in and hold on tight!

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Q&A Session: Your Questions Answered

For those awaiting Round 5, it will be here soon.

The Q&A was late, we remembered it at the last minute and decided to just let it run until the end of the week. The Q&A section was much more sparse than we imagined, but it was plain that not many people could individually stand up to us outside of their blogs or our comments.

We saw someone say on twitter shortly after we announced the Q&A that it made them lose faith/respect in us or something to that effect. At the time, we couldn’t help but slowly nod in approval. It was never meant as a gimmick, but it sure did come across that way, we saw that just as well as you did.

Anyway, there are questions to be answered, so let’s get to it.

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Round 4: What a Waste of Money!

We meet again! The 4th wave of terror is here and by the end of this post we’ll have our list slimmer by 16 entries. We think the OEG is getting harsher and more cruel. We wanted to stop incorrect use of the word ‘otaku’ by those not worthy and we think we’ve seen a slight improvement. However the usual suspects are still out there and still at large and it’s our job to take them down.

We wanted to reject these people, but judging by the reactions from the blogosphere they were already rejected before we got here. We’ll think out the idea of our christmas ‘Otaku’ Awards; it might give us a chance to kick some fakers while they’re down and pour some salt in their wounds.

Some people said we were too harsh with SiRiRu. We think we weren’t harsh enough. Rejection didn’t work so we’re starting to lacerate. There were some taboos we chose to ignore, such painstaking truths that we didn’t bring to light in the sake of kindness; now we’re turning it up a notch. Nobodies will be nobodies and will recieve the nobody treatment, but as for the rest…well, we’re going to tighten the thumbscrews and grab the battery acid.

As always, sit back, enjoy and let the violence begin.

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Twitter Feed Is Up

We now have Twitter.


Live feed is directly on the right.


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Round Three: Extreme Drama, Famous News Sites and More Irritating Mac users? Just as planned…

Okay, so once again we’re back. It feels like it was an eternity but it was just a week. Maybe we should start doing this more regularly. Bi-weekly?

The Q&A hasn’t got many questions yet so keep them coming in, we’ll answer everything we can.

So what’s new this week? Well, many of you will know about AFA, the biggest shitfest anime festival held in Singapore. If you don’t know about AFA, allow us to give you some knowledge.

AFA stands for Anime Festival Asia. Now, you would think that when talking about an entire continent, it would have to be one fucking impressive undertaking. But no, last time we checked, Japan was in Asia, and the AFA doesn’t come close to even the Akiba Game Fair in terms of quality.

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‘Otaku’ Elimination Game – Q&A Session Introduction

We talked about this a while ago. Basically, now is your chance to ask us virtually any question you have about the game, our ideals and basically whatever else you feel the need to enquire about.

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