Introduction: What is going on?

Because you’re here, we’ll make a fairly big assumption that you found us because your blog has been, or is waiting to be featured here. You may find yourself struggling to comprehend the situation; your dry mouth excerting a sound which can only be described as a combination of both “How?” and “Why?”.

Problem: You

Every scene has it’s bad eggs; its own selection of wannabes, morons, people who fail to use the terminology correctly and general half-wits. However, this has never been more prominent than in the english speaking otaku scene, a scene which has been bastardised for years now.

There are too many people out there claiming to be otaku and not being able to back it up. There are hundreds of blogs out there ran by people claiming to be ‘otakus’ but instead posting their awful photos of the same saber figure over again. Please, leave the scene and never come back, you are not otaku and you never will be. Do not ever give people the false impression that you are.

We don’t discriminate, we’ve seen our fair share of Japanese native otaku wannabes too, but they’re much less widespread and even if we did post their blogs, you wouldn’t understand it and they wouldn’t understand this place either.

Solution: The ‘Otaku’ Elimination Game

The above annoys us, greatly. So we decided that the best way to prevent the problem from happening again would be to make an example of and simply ridicule (or maybe praise) every anime related blog. Here’s how it works:

  • We looked through as many anime or ‘otaku’ blogs as we could find, we searched through their affiliates and partner links, we checked links in comments and basically did our best to find as many blogs and websites as we could until we were eventually running in circles and couldn’t find anything new.
  • We gathered a list of all of these blogs plus the usernames of those who ran them. Ranging from Danny Choo right down any old nameless jobbers.
  • Every week we pick 4 blogs at random and we ‘analyze’ each one; praising their merits and ripping apart their downfalls. For one reason or another, we’ll give the blog an ‘Eliminated’ or ‘Approved’ rating based on how much shit they talk and how far removed from ‘otaku’ they really are.
  • Rinse and repeat until everything on the list is either approved or eliminated. We’ll be watching the ‘Approved’ sites like birds of prey, waiting for them to fall too. So you’re never truely clear until you’re eliminated. Don’t fuck up.


“Why me?”

Because you claimed to be otaku when you weren’t. Or maybe you didn’t, in which case we probably won’t verbally abuse your blog as much, so let that be a warning if you haven’t been featured yet. We’re not completely harsh, maybe you’ll get through with a few compliments if you’re lucky.

“Can you please remove me from the list?”

No. Everyone is stuck on the list until they’re eliminated. Life can be tough sometimes.

“What are you trying to prove?”

We’re pissed off with people using the term ‘otaku’ incorrectly, and then throwing up some wikipedia bullshit about the technicalities of the word when someone calls them out on it. You have no real Japanese credibility and your point is invalid. To be an otaku is something that takes a lot of dedication and can’t be gotten just from buying figures. You’re either hardcore otaku, or you’re not one at all. There is no middle line.

“Are you just trolling us?”

No, this is a genuine project designed to make you people shut up for once in a while. We’re anonymous, but we’re not ‘Anon’ and we would never stoop so low as to associate ourselves with that or any other 4chan hideousness, even 2ch gets incredibly tiresome and awful fairly quickly nowadays.

“Where are your blogs? Who are YOU?”
We’re too busy watching reruns of かなめも to be blogging about the latest figma we won’t be buying or taking shitty pictures of Saber. Starting to really get the hang of what it means to be otaku now? You’ll pick it up as we go along, and if you’re the first? Well, life is tough, be greatful that you get to serve as an example.

39 responses to “About

  1. I dont get it. Doesnt Danny Choo win by … you know, being Danny Choo?

    And why isn’t your own blog on the elimination list?

    • FaS

      Well Danny Choo…has crazy backing and “regular” people who blog don’t. We have to dip into those creative juices even more-so than the ones who’ve been around longer. Plus they know how things work a bit more than others along with a consistent fan-base. I just started blogging again about a month ago & I’m just trying to get my fan-base back.

      This brings up another point – time. I’m basically full-time in college and STILL have to try to get something interesting out everyday. It’s hard work, and I’m still trying to develope a consistent ‘staff’ who can take up some of the slack. At the moment, I have 2 co-writers who are just starting and I’m verryyy grateful, but I could always use more people.

      And the reason why the otakuelimination blog isn’t on here is probably because it is irrelevant. Unless they have some other anime blogs I don’t know about (I haven’t made the effort to check yet either), but why blog about a blog…blogging about other blogs. That’s not the point of the OeG (from what I’ve gleamed).

      Anyways, people have been talking about the OeG FOREVER and I NEVER knew what they were talking about. But I think I’m glad I know now.

  2. Guy

    I think not defining the term ‘otaku’ on which your whole premise rests, and depends on us “getting it” through your examples is pretty weak.

    The whole blog is about people mis-using the term, and if you are unable or unwilling to define it yourselves, on the onset, then maybe you are guilty of this as well.

    Define, please :P

  3. Well, it’s an interesting premise. Just one thing –

    “The english speaking otaku scene, a scene which has been bastardised for years now . . . ”

    Since you’re talking about the term otaku as Japanese mean it, and Japanese generally mean Japanese anime otaku when they use the term “anime otaku” or speak of an “anime otaku scene,” the “English speaking otaku scene” was bastardized from the start. It was always a derivative of the original Japanese otaku scene.

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  5. If you don’t mind, please consider my blog, too. I really don’t have anything to lose whether I get eliminated or approved but I’d love to hear some straightforward criticism from you. Thanks!

  6. Why the fuck am I, the otaku gonzo journalist, not on the list?

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  8. Sinn des Seins

    If a majority of people use a word in a certain way, guess what? Despite its origins, the word has evolved and means something new.

    Take the word nice. It’s meant foolish, silly, timid, fastidious, dainty, precise, agreeable, and kind. How about awful, with its origins in awe-inspiring when modern usage is about as far from awe as you can get? Or maybe a word that’s changed for a third reason–call. It meant “to cry loudly,” then “to visit” (in large part because of the part where you stand at the door and yell for someone), and now it’s mostly used in reference to the telephone.

    So why not otaku? It’s not nearly so drastic a change as some words have gone through.

    tl;dr armchair linguistics

  9. tetraacetylethylenediamine

    I support this endeavor even though I fear that it will not help to reduce the number of “otaku” blogs filled with useless banter.

  10. Your last paragraph reminds me that I still need to finish Kanamemo…

  11. Arein

    What an interesting blog this is..

  12. d'

    i wanna see the danny choo elimination process
    godspeed ~

    im curious :x

  13. Yi

    Shouldn’t I be on the list too?
    I’m linked by some on that list and I get a few visits too from the blogsphere.
    I would think that my blog is a tiny bit higher profile than one of the recently featured blog and a few on that list.
    Of course, if you don’t want to include me, it’s completely your decision. I just thought it might be fun to see how my blog would be dissected and brutalized.

    • FaS

      Yeah, I can relate Yi, except my blog’s just a bean-sprout :P and I still barely know wtf “otaku” really means….

  14. sho

    finally someone took the time to do this

    lots of “otaku” fags running around, honestly tho, I don’t think the majority will even bother to read your critiques about their blog(s) and will probably just keep spreading aids either way :/

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  17. Fiona

    I’m interested in your blog elimination game. But I have a remark about the word “genocide” you use in the title. If I understand well the meaning (I’m not english) I think the word you use is uncalled-for (too much heavy meaning), why not replace it by fakeotakucide ?

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  20. Hei

    pretty sure that one of you guys is Owen S @ saturnine

  21. Mio

    Could you add this on your list? Thanks..


    • Maku

      Seconded, this guy pisses me off.. Who the fuck names himself moe moe kyun?!?

      And he seems to rant a lot about being milked by GSC and other companies that specifically target the moe loving fags.

      Also rants that those who sell highly priced exclusives are evil and calls ’em sharks. >__<

    • R38

      I third adding moemoekyun to the list all his posts are walls of text that are barely understandable.

      Honestly if he could type in proper english and not in a way that I can only read for about 5 seconds before I get a headache I might think otherwise.

  22. Kojima

    Nominating the people from Kokidokom, although it seems like you have a few already.

  23. Pikachuu

    My name is Pikachu….Pikachu Otaku.

  24. I have to say, you are doing a good job since I never realized that there are so many Danny Choo imitators out there. Well, this pretty much compares with retsupurae which mocks bad “Let’s Plays,” but instead, mocking blogs that misuse the word, “Otaku”.

    So yeah, I don’t have much against you anymore. ;)

  25. moemoekyun

    thanks god I think I am the only one thinking baout this otaku = trend by dannychoo
    hahhahaha awesome blog :D

  26. Mint

    Wahahaha even this simple things wanted to be taken seriously…wow U got nerve!!

  27. I use to have a blog called otakunaka, but I don’t use it anymore. Since I know otaku isn’t something you should be proud about…but this is interesting…

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